Redefining Business Finance

We leverage Decentralized Finance infrastructure to enable access to efficient capital for businesses

Businesses across the globe are struggling to access efficient financing as traditional finance is broken

Investors seeking risk-priced, capital protected and differentiated yields are unable to find attractive high quality opportunities

$ 2 Trillion
Trade Credit Gap
$ 6 Trillion
Global Business Finance Gap
$ 12 Trillion
Bonds with Negative Yield

Blockchain enabled platform for risk-priced yield and efficient capital raising

Casten is building the gateway for Institutions of various sizes to invest and manage their DeFi enabled structured finance products

Made for Investors

Higher Yield with Real World Assets

Investors can get access to both high yield and investment grade products that are immune to crypto volatility

Tech-enabled active portfolio management

Investors can access diversified debt products directly without the Intermediaries

Credit History Oracles

Our data Oracles bridges Off-chain data helping investors evaluate and understand borrower's credit & performance history


We designed Casten with built-in composability providing investors leverage on supported positions

Invest to get access to high APY products

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Access to fair capital

FinTechs can access diversified debt products directly without the intermediaries

Uncorrelated to markets

Our capital is available when the markets, and liquidity, are not. Lower your risk by removing your reliance on single-source liquidity from banks

Scalable, low cost capital that grows with you

Young, innovative FinTech companies should not be penalized for their lack of loan history.  We scale and grow access to capital with every FinTechs we work with

Diverse asset and duration funding

We help FinTech lenders pursue a broader liquidity base giving them unique access unlike traditional sources that fund a very narrow range of assets

Get access to customized capital faster than ever

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Built with the best

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