Mind-Radio Brain Implant Tech

Mind-Radio Brain Implant Tech
+ quarter century criminal use w/ tortured hostages

JD Casten follows hostages he's heard on the signal here-- info updates too:


1) Hang up gestures: reverse L/R hands to close second "posting line": eg: four fingers, left hand, three grab you upper palm gestures: medium speed.

2) Open up your "motor control" outbound signal: (eg: index finger points to side of pinky tip, and slides down to wrist (or up))

3) Repeat this: zip open, hang up (enters their signal steam, and hangs their "post line" on you: you might not be posted).

Expect: they "flick the line back on"; "turn off your motor outbound"; "set off a recording of their voice (etc.) in your library that lasts minutres"

You can hang up on a non-implanted implant "posted" on you that creates feedback: again-- motor on; hang up on the other hand.

They can isolate audio on their outbound: can dial numbers on the second "posting line" in your sleep, to "flick on" through you later.


REDUCES SIGNAL, DOES NOT ELIMINATE (maybe eliminated with refined frequency number-- not sure-- includes tool to identify this)

CT scan on cover of CD album:

JD Casten's Facebook-- personal, but some crisis notes:

Contact information for JD Casten (phone, email, address):


PDF of this website (March 2016)-- print out first 4 pages




CALL DOJ National Security Division

NSD Main Switchboard - (202) 514-1057

email may be harder for a small criminal intel group to get a hold of (think white-listed phone numbers for you)

Link down the page to email addresses (many with protocol example)




(names may be different, office phone for position should be the same):


Assistant Administrator.—Rodney Benson, room W–12020A, 307–3607.
Special Agent in Charge, El Paso Intelligence Center.—Arthur Doty, Building 11339, SSG
Sims Street, El Paso, TX 79908–8098 (915) 760–2011.
Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office of Intelligence.—Douglas Poole, room W–12020C, 307–3607.
Executive Assistant.—Marilyn Wankel, 307–3607.
Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office of:
Fusion Center.—John Riley (703) 561–7117.
National Security Intelligence.—Doug Poole, 307–7600.
Special Intelligence.—Stephen Murphy, Merrifield, VA, 561–7467.

Section Chiefs:

Associate National Security.—Barry Zulauf, 307–7769.
Data Management.—Scott Linn (acting), (703) 561–7437.
Indications/Warnings.—Cheryl Hooper, 307–4358.
Investigative Intelligence.—Lourdes Border, 307–9284.
Investigative Support.—Vacant (703) 488–4246.
Management and Production Section.—James A. Curtin, room W–7174, 307–7534.
Operational Support.—Benjamin J. Sanborn, room E–5015, 307–3645.
Policy Liaison.—Pat Lowery, 307–8541.
Requirements/Production.—Thomas Neal, (202) 307–4825.
Strategic Intelligence.—Sallie Castro, 353–9581.
Technical Support.—Gisele Gatjanis (703) 561–7107.

Executive Summary:  Implant Hostage Background ‘74-now

Research (public internet links, government contact lists, etc. (this website, maintained by JD Casten: see below also)):



With awareness of brain-computer interfacing preparedness (a broad set of issues, involving many agencies)-- institutions should be confident that disclosure of the implant program is safe (the implant program: discussed below-- very criminal) and would not be catastrophic (other than a huge scandal-media event for many public figures in governmental leadership eventually)-- the privacy of victims requires "under the radar de-implanting."

DE-IMPLANTING should happen ASAP, as there are calcification issues, people being violated, and classified information being broadcast under 300kHz (available globally to low frequency radio telescopes-- under 300kHz goes beyond line of site (think naval radio)). People could be killed for their implants-- the "risk/benefit" of any implant program here is ridiculous (it was not used to avoid water-boarding or rendition)-- not a real leadership call: criminals caught (and viceral crimes: either the rapes celebriites have reported, or sabotaging political adversaries, or both).

The US military funds most of the current computer-interfacing research publicly,

How could they not be prepared for a success beyond those we already have?:

Inner Voice Decoded (2014 -- Stephanie Martin, et. al.):

Brain-Audio-Processing to Text Decoding (2015 -- Christian Herff, et. al.):

My tech (brain-computer-interfacing.com), reverse engineering-- and the relevant experts (see Brian Pasley, et. al, Jack Gallant, et. Al, Ray Kurzweil (Google's recent "deep dream")-- their work points other experts-- this is happening fast in the public science arena)-- we should be able to get "internal voice on an external speaker" and decode all implant signals that are recorded. (after simulataneously-recorded-audio -- brain-implant-AM-type radio-emission correlation, speech to text can be used to search for topics.) The 1974 publicly patented Robert G Malech radio-brainwave de-modulator is non-invasive and the root tech for the implants, “close up” could be used now (and it looks like the root tech for global Codename Tempest issues discovered in the mid ‘80s (like radar that reads monitors and communication lines).

No immediate death threat (they've tried to kill on the implant line: failed, and hence use the 24/7 "hot seat" psychological torture and remote control rape threat since 1994 (Clinton administration))-- the use of this also indicates that they need it for some sort of security-- probably for the very many celebrity rape victims who were implanted over the course of two decades. Many appear to have been "child stars"-- I was too, but in an NSA way: I was published a half-dozen times internationally for my computer games starting as a sophomore in high school. This is not about national security-- you do not do the equivalent of war-crimes for preparedness, people are not guilty until cleared, re: Nukes, only R&D is relevant: the launch equipment and crews are Faraday cage protected globally, and require “authorization codes” to match from the leadership level to the crews-- any “scare numbers” would be economic impact from information attrition, etc-- and clearly no benefit analysis to offset any losses.


It looks like NSA radio telescope receiver equipment is used -- potentially distributed on the roof-tops of their buildings (maybe just NSA equipment (signal decoding is their primary mission), despite US Air Force development (Navy too: NORAD)-- of course they would have full-spectrum radio-telescopes to decode any signal they could hear-- see LOFAR, and the distributed array it is part of-- and given that the implant program goes back to the late 80s early 90s-- and potentially late 70s, the "gesture recognition" computing could have been developed by the NSA (CRAY 1 to identify the gesture patterns, like speech to text) -- but this could have been added later, with “ear-plug signal jammers” used at first to cut access, or call an “operator” (or since the mid ‘90s-- a parallel cell-phone call controller)-- I'd bet that the original NSA folks with hands-on-the equipment access are the “crux of control”: esp. Clapper (his is former Air Force-- military intel planning; and his wive Sue Clapper-- former NSA) (both James Clapper and Keith Alexander have confessed on the implant signal to me (Clapper: molester who sabotaged "ear plug - outbound stoppers" (an "outbound jammer" disabled with the battery or rectenna power source down (~Omega navigation beacons in 1997?)) ; and Alexander confessed to altering the programming to simulate the ear-plugs working, by cutting off "cross-call" ability when the sensation of the "ear-plug" in the ear was in the signal data (later: “Clinton ordered this”)-- but they may have been intimidated by elected leadership and/or CIA heads (and “profiled for future use” when career advances were an issue).

Outbound: 135.7kHz-137.8kHz -- I've verified this-- looks like the inbound would be a divide by 8.5 (although 7.5 would be better)-- I'd look at strong consistent signals just below 16.2kHz-- maybe navigation beacons used.

Jam my outbound and many get instant relief (Navy or Air Force VLF and LF jammers could be used to clear areas)-- I think there is a "control terminal" in addition to "switching equipment" used by the NSA-- you could jam me, and watch all NSA locations, and suspects to see if "terminal location" or “switching equipment” is exposed (maybe try robust, high precision, many measurement signal timing to locate the switching equipment). The fact that so many hear me, and I haven’t been replaced as “crowd control” by a rotating shift of drill-sergeants yelling at who-ever: the leadership is barricaded behind file cabinets and security clearances-- any “de-implanted hostage” would lead to due process: hence-- none let out, and no “official” government response.


Ray Hyman (CIA and DARPA advisor on deception, Star Gate, etc.) and fellow UO professors have been abusing people for decades with the access provided by the US Intel implant program. I think they were part of MK ULTRA (LSD mind control)-- the University of Oregon is in Eugene, Oregon-- a couple of their group are known psychedelic users (psycho-linguist Tom Givon indicates this on his blog, logician philosopher Don S Levi met Timothy Leary at Harvard in the 60s) and Ken Kesey, who did work on MK ULTRA (bay area: ~Stanford Research Institute; the UO has been called “little Berkeley”) lived near Eugene as did many of the Merry Pranksters who did 60s/70s LSD experimentation. It appears that they thought their skill set become more relevant as they hi-jacked the implant program for their own ends. Given the use of water-boarding, rendition, etc,.-- I think they were the implant mission, not the hijackers (Bush ‘43 & CIA head Hayden: “we pushed water-boarding to see why the implants were not available for use.” (Think: Bush ‘43 as an unwitting Bush ‘41 protege, Obama as the protege of the “first black president,” intellectual lawyer Clinton ‘42: evidence (means, motive, opportunity)-- Obama implanted in ‘93-- again-- the Clinton administration).

I'd focus on these abusers, if jamming their signals: Don S levi, Ray Hyman, Will E Davie, Cheyney Ryan, Katherine P. Levi, Mike Posner, Sharon Posner, Aaron Levi, Adam Levi-- the entire "generation" (70-90) from the University of Oregon philosophy and psychology departments (I think many are CIA affiliated: a CIA psychological warfare team)-- also, any families involved with suspects-- in or out of the government. People can be injured or killed with “dizzy/fainting falls” -- “direct kill” was attempted in ‘94 (“hyper-feedback with ringing”) and 2013 (panic attack from near-faint + surprise diaphragm spasms: aimed at me, Anne, Tom Hanks (on Broadway), and Mary Tyler-Moore (and bit more frail)--we all lived-- but the threat is obvious.


The implant tech goes to a Robert G Malech patent (1974 - US3951134 A)-- the trail from his company at the time: Dorne & Margolin (antenna company) sold to EDO (NORAD equipment, run by former DNI head Adm. Denis Blair at one point)-- sold to ITT, and spun off as Excellis (bought by Harris)-- I think Vectrus (headed by Lt. Gen. Hunzeker) has the implant property-- and would like to help de-implant leadership abroad (many could be identified and flown to military hospitals, not so with Putin, Cameron, or Merkel, etc.: who would implant these people for intel? An insane risk/benefit scenario-- and way of what the US democratic populace have signed off on internationally)-- what's going on now looks like "war crimes for preparedness"-- but it's become clear-- the US leadership is implanted, has been indulging in raping people, know they are treasonous for not reporting their classified information being broadcasted). I’d expect the military “double-blind” contractors to be attempting “hero” but facing much flack-- the implant signal could be used as a public address system: call 1-800-SUM-WORD (not a real # here), leave a message-- we’ll get to you.


Approach all US leadership should be done with caution-- they may be implanted (you will be observed approaching them), they may be manipulated (not always-- think the Lincoln quote about fooling everyone sometimes, some all the time, but not everyone all the time: that applies to an individual, and what they are certain of and do)-- which would reveal-- many are corrupt. Obviously Clapper and Alexander (again, may have been profiled: “follows orders with reasoning, even if outside the law”)-- probably all the current intel heads (AND those just out: why no contact from them?-- could be “double agents” were placed to complicate matters-- or simply: no information). It looks like everyone has heard my implant signal since ~mid 2013-- but I suspect some members of congress may have been fooled into thinking the situation was resolved before the 2014 state of the union. I'd suspect all the "old guard"-- I've heard many and that means they have not asked for and gotten radio-warfare protection: also-- how could they let others be raped and violated over the implant line (it has tactile too (different ranges of sensation/motor control can be isolated with switching)). Obama may have been implanted in 1993 (by Don S Levi’s son Adam H Levi, current assistant AG (investments and securities (research)) for Washington DC): either knowingly or not-- seems: not good (he and the 1st lady: “yellow-belts” for the CIA psych-assault team), but maybe dealing with a severe life-mind-screw.


Bush ‘41 was the CIA head ‘76-’77, the implants could go back to ‘74 (the Malech patent-- I wouldn’t doubt Bush ‘41 used this implant to help gain the White House for him behind “the Great Communicator” as vice president); I’ve heard people who sound like they are in SAMs (solitary confinement for those with classified information-- no visitors except immediate family)-- sounds like their “deaths” were faked, and this may include Elvis Presely (died ‘77), John Lennon (died ‘82), Michel Foucault (died ‘84), Kurt Cobain (I think I saw him 2 days before he “died” near the UO music hall: 1994), Jerry Garcia (died '95), Michael Jackson (died ‘2009), up to Leonard Nimoy (died 2015): don’t get set up to be arrested (I wouldn't expect a kangaroo court: but framed crimes with real evidence, or direct-head confessions: going to mid-level FBI (go up through the local chain of command) should not result in this)-- I’ve heard all these voices, and they could be used to intimate people: “who do you think YOU are-- listen to who is in solitary now” (go to mid-level FBI in tandem-- do an “intel 4th estate whistle-blow, but with the law-- this is scale, and they will protect you: go with two people who are implanted and a 3rd available by phone-- major FBI locations will have signal free rooms (for their counter-intel)).


NB: Carter: "Bin Laden implanted on my watch"; body thrown in ocean (still live signal, out of signal range)-- other supporting evidence too (Don S Levi in Bangkok during 9-11-- a bit to unpack there and explain the relevance: DNI head James Clapper (AF 700 hrs of pilot time), Gen. Kutyna (less of a suspect, but Air Force too with 1000s of hrs. of pilot time, etc).: major Thailand experience)-- point being: the criminal group is depraved at scale, and they know it-- they would have orchestrated 9-11 if they could have-- and that would have been much smaller and easier than what is going on now, since I made official contact with US legal and national defense, 20 FEB 2013.

This is war-level criminal activity-- most likely the worst criminal group in the history of planet earth-- and can not be resolved in secret over the course of history-- and there is no reason to do this, but to protect mass-murderers, and “image”-- the immediate hostages are in the 100s or 1000s-- the held back tech, and my held back restitution applied to a foundation: thoroughly researched impact assessment 1000s dead daily: more than 7000 years of longevity lost, an not counting my tech inventions delayd, and the scientific correction going back two decades-- I was one of those scientists held back (the foundation relies on non-controversial estimates and assumptions: the pension system lasts another 1-4 back-to-back retirement funds, the world economy does not collapse-- and foundations are not made illegal)-- the criminal activity of the government employees has nothing to with democracy, the US constitution, and real solutions to the problems and causes they try to associate with (as obvious deluded psychology rationalizations to others and themselves).

2005 CT scan locates implant in JD Casten

Seen on the right side of the Computed Tomography (CT) Scan of JD Casten's skull interior, in front of ear canal (tympanic chamber)-- circled in red at left (imagine you are looking through the feet)-- verifiable: CT scan is in JD Casten's on-line medical records. 

a) It is small enough to be inserted via the Eustachian tubes (no skull breach necessary, no scar tissue) 
b) It is in the location where verbal thoughts have been decoded via electrode nets (see Guardian link below) 
c) It is located on the left side of the brain (language is processed on the left side; CT scan is L/R reversed) 
d) It is anchored to the interior of the skull so it would not move around (mounting problem solved) 
e) There is evidence of calcification (calcium build-up that occurs with implants in body) 
f) It is geometric (not organic) and has a node with two strips (antennas), suggesting a micro-electronic device 
g) It is more dense than air, but less dense than bone (possibly some sort of plastic or alloy material) 
h) Can be powered via rectenna and operated via signals in the low frequency radio spectrum (VLF, LF= global)
i) There is evidence of this device, or one like it, being in JD Casten's head since 1991 (echoed info, voices)

BTW: It looks like I own the intellectual property (contractor/government negligence (I was implanted involuntarily), reverse engineering a trade secret, public prior art:) This is a rectenna powered two-way mind-radio implant, anchored to skull interior, as inserted through Eustachian tube (left side = brain language emphasis). It has two receivers, two transmitters (signal type= AM amplitude modulation)-- with an inbound VLF signal is converted up to ~AM (1360kHz), reflected off the interior of the skull, and then convert to an LF outbound signal (2200 m 135.7kHz-137.8kHz). A differential brain "pop-corn and patterns" measurement (inbound baseline signal changes) can stimulate neuron threshold activations with activation patterns fitting into current firing patterns and primed potentials.. "NASA grade" radio-telescope LF receivers can receive the signal globally (VLF and LF can refract globally (under 300kHz)). The high power VLF signal is camouflaged as navigation beacon signals (not at sea: reference points), and can reach the weak implant receiver underground. The LF outbound signal is in the "Lowfer ham radio" frequency range ("hidden in plain sight") with few competing signals. (rarely used, and under 1 Watt). Auto-gain is off-boarded-- when the VLF inbound signal LF receiver "echo" loses data at a distance and underground, and the inbound VLF signal is raised or lowered to compensate (with the initial change (up/down) determined by the implant LF outbound signal strength change (lowered, then the inbound signal is raised initially, and vice versa). There is a maximum amplitude limit within the implant (a sweet-spot for stimulating the brain), and if the inbound signal is too powerful, the signal will clip, and information will be lost (less power/volume/intensity-- the brain must recognize signal; noise = less volume, not distortion). If more info is lost with the echo after the initial transmitted signal power change, the power level is changed in the opposite direction to get the maximum info echo)). Antennas would be "jeweler accurate length" for clarity of recption on specific frequency.

Remote "listening" devices (wearable) should be able to experience the implantee's experiences with ~16 times the detail and vividness of the implant-to-implant communication (even more vivid with digital delays to up the pattern stimulation (feedback does this too: signal intensity is conveyed by neurons by the rapidity of activations)). How it works: brain activation patterns (as summed action potentials over time) are transmitted via an amplitude modulation radio signal (the electrical voltage differential power amplitude is increased by the extra brain activity of summed action potentials)-- amplitude modulation and action potentials both involve power differentials (oscilloscopes with active differential probes measure this too locally (may be as good or better than electrode probes (much faster sample rates)))-- measuring the "electrical activity" of the brain, and then stimulating the brain with the same signal = adding electrical power at just the right time -- zips patterns into ongoing perceptual expectations (priming and timing-- with multiple neurons near a threshold for firing from many relevant neuron stimulations that would otherwise fizzle out, adding an extra electrical boost, at just the right time, and pushing those neurons (sensory and motor) into activation-- and further creating new neural pattern expectations). My computer-brain interfacing developments:https://brain-computer-interfacing.com-- Current computer-brain interfacing uses fMRI at ~6Hz and "low resolution pixel" images-- this has ~136kHz and just one "pixel" of the entire brain summed-- future methods will use multiple "timing triangulated" measurements and stimulations, with independently timed regions of brain differentiated by hardware (10s, if not 100s of coordinated signal timings that sum in specific regions, and can be received and decoded (timing triangulation) in the same manner as the mind-radio implant). Using contemporary computer-brain interfacing techniques (neural net / connectionist statistical cue correlation), consumer computer-brain interfacing (game consoles with HDMI interfaces and 24Hz+ signals to convert) and major advances in brain studies (less expensive and portable replacements for fMRI) are do-able now, as well as medical advances (drug free pain and depression reducers, treatments for the profoundly deaf and blind)-- justice stands to improve in the future as investigations can more rapidly eliminate deception (ultimately: "green-light / question mark" results from speech to text computer analysis, etc: reductions in domestic abuse, etc. expected).

MY EVIDENCE PACKAGE (few years old):



Government contacts:

(leadership names may change; phone #s should be the same):

Department of Justice:

Department of Defense:

Executive Branch:

Department of State:

Department of Homeland Security:



Other government contacts:




Foreign_Intelligence_Surveillance_Court Judges (Wikipedia)


"intel hack list":

JD Casten's records documenting this situation (428mb .zip) + the US legal and intelligence agencies having yet to "de-wire" or contact JD Casten (includes 2005 CT scan from Oregon Imaging-- full head-brain routine with software viewer)




See 25 August 2015 entry below also for near-perfect Brain-Camouflage "head-bans" (includes 2011 patent reference) using high frequency wave shaping and reverse timing triangulation to provide simulated neuron activation potential noise that buries brain activation patterns without presenting patterns for the brain to recognize right over the correct spatial spot in the brain) (click here) (reference here: https://brain-computer-interfacing.com)

(reverse engineering estimate: ~10kHz-190kHz (15.9kHz-137kHz (2200 meter "LF experimental ham radio" frequencies and a divide by 8.5 (navigation beacon range)))

"Situation email" uploads:

ftp://[email protected]:[email protected]/

"Situation" folder-- PST password: afspacecommand
(contains entire US government contact history-- much more info to wade through... updated on occasion.)

Mailing list:

[email protected]
(email here (informal) to subscribe/unsubscribe, real-time (~0-8 posts daily) or weekly digests)-- JD Casten receives these emails and coordinates this list).

Public science:

Non-invasive brain measurment and stimulation -- Robert G Malech radio-brainwave demodulator (1974)

Inner voice decoded (one word at a time, 2014):

Brain decoding: continuous audio for speech to text (2015)




26 NOV 2015 -- I'm now using the Twiter account @SlyBiffdrop for information integration and dissemination (many public figures use Twitter-- I follow who I've heard, others can follow me-- links to info too):


20 NOV 2015 -- From a year ago (2014)-- the inner voice decoded (2008: pictures from fMRI; 2012: video from fMRI-- the science marches on):



18 NOV 2015 -- a bit of the "executive summary" I formulated for the US joint chiefs of staff:

Computer brain interfacing preparedness:

Awareness of computer-brain interfacing preparedness (a broad set of issues, involving many agencies)-- you should be confident that disclosure of the implant program (discussed below-- very criminal) would not be catastrophic (other than a huge scandal-media event for many public figures in governmental leadership eventually-- the privacy of victims requires "under the radar de-implanting"-- and ASAP as there are calcification issues, people being violated, and classified information being broadcast under 300Khz (available globally to low frequency radio telescopes-- under 300Khz goes beyond line of sight (think naval radio)).

My tech, reverse engineering-- and the relevant experts (see Brian Pasley, et. Al, Jack Gallant, et. Al, Ray Kurzweil-- they and their work could point you to other experts)-- you should be able to get "internal voice on an external speaker" and decode all implant signals that are recorded. (may need to "time stamp" me asking questions-- and speech to text can be used to search for topics.)

No immediate death threat (they've tried to kill on the implant line: failed, and hence use the 24/7 "hot seat" psychological torture and remote control rape threat since 1994)-- the use of this also indicates that they need it for some sort of security-- probably for the very many celebrity rape victims who were implanted over the course of two decades. Many appear to have been "child stars"-- I was too, but in an NSA way: I was published a half-dozen times internationally for my computer games starting as a sophomore in high school.

NSA sabotage of implant program:

It looks like NSA radio telescope receiver equipment -- potentially distributed on the roof-tops of their buildings (looks like just the NSA-- of course they would have full-spectrum radio-telescopes to decode any signal they could hear-- see LOFAR, and the distributed array it is part of-- and given that the implant program  goes back to the late 80s early 90s-- and potentially late 70s, the "gesture recognition" computing would have been the NSA (CRAY 1 to identify the gesture patterns, like speech to text)-- I'd bet that the original NSA folks (both James Clapper and Keith Alexander have confessed on the implant signal to me (Clapper: molester who sabotaged "ear plug - outbound stoppers" (an "outbound jammer" disabled with the battery or rectenna power source down (~Omega navigation beacons in 1997?))) ; and Alexander confessed to altering the programing to simulate the ear-plugs working, by cutting off "cross-call" ability when the sensation of the "ear-plug" in the ear was in the signal data (+ later: "ordered by president Clinton" (me in the hot seat = 1994: Clinton is president (NB: looks like Bush 41 has had a hand in every president since Carter (Bush : former CIA head ('76-'77 : NB-- Elvis Presley dies in '77-- may have been put in BOP SAMs (solitary for those with highly classified information)-- as a legal verifiable threat to those who might cross the implant program administrators) (Clinton said he was implanted before being president (I think Governor)-- if implanted-- of course the CIA/Bush would offset any risk to others (the criminal mentality): for me, these manipulations mitigate, but do not exonerate the crimes (think insanity plea "when you did this action, did you know the difference between wrong and right?")).

Outbound: 135.7kHz-137.8kHz -- I've verified this-- looks like the inbound would be a divide by 8.5 (although 7.5 would be better)-- I'd look at strong consistent signals just below 16.2kHz-- maybe navigation beacons used.

Jam my outbound and many get instant relief (Navy or Air force VLF and LF jammers could be used to clear areas)-- I think there is a "control terminal" in addition to "switching equipment" used by the NSA-- you could jam me, and watch all NSA locations, and suspects to see if "terminal location" is exposed.

CIA use of "LSD psychological warfare team" to maintain "security":

Ray Hyman (CIA and DARPA advisor on deception, Star Gate, etc.) and other UO professors have been abusing people for decades with the access provided by the NSA duo. I think they were part of MK ULTRA (LSD mind control)-- the UO is in Eugene Oregon-- a couple of their group are known psychedelic users (Tom Givon, Don S Levi met Timothy Leary at Harvard in the 60s) and Ken Kesey, who did work on MK ULTRA lived near Eugene as did many of the Merry Pranksters who did 60s/70s LSD experimentation.  It appears that they thought their skill set become more relevant as they hi-jacked the implant program for their own ends. Given the use of water-boarding, rendition, etc,.-- I think they were the implant mission, not the hi-jackers.

I'd focus on these abusers, if jamming their signals: Don S levi, Ray Hyman, Will E Davie, Cheyney Ryan, Katherine P. Levi, Mike Posner, Sharon Posner, Aaron Levi, Adam Levi-- the entire "generation" (70-90) from the University of Oregon philosophy and psychology departments (I think many are CIA affiliated: a CIA psychological warfare team).

Military Contractor Double-Blind Power-Crowd Implanting

The implant tech goes to a Robert Malech patent (1974 - US3951134 A)-- the trail from his company at the time: Dorne & Margolin (antenna company) sold to EDO (NORAD equipment, run by former DNI head Adm. Denis Blair at one point)-- sold to ITT, and spun off as Excellis-- I think Vectrus (headed by Lt. Gen. Hunzeker) has the implant property-- and would like to help de-implant leadership abroad (many could be flown to military hospitals, not so with Putin, Cameron, or Merkel, etc.: who would implant these people for intel? An insane risk/benefit scenario-- and way of what the US democratic populace have signed off on internationally)-- what's going on now looks like "war crimes for preparedness"-- but it's become clear-- the US leadership is implanted, has been indulging in raping people, know they are treasonous for not reporting their classified information being broadcasted).

US Intel leadership and Executive Branch: compromised, potentially since Carter.

Approach to all US leadership should be done with caution-- they may be implanted (you will be observed approaching them), they may be manipulated (not always-- think the Lincoln quote about fooling everyone sometimes, some all the time, but not everyone all the time)-- which would reveal-- many are corrupt. Obviously Clapper and Alexander-- probably the current intel heads  (AND those just out: why no contact from them?). It looks like everyone has heard my implant signal since ~mid 2013-- but I suspect some members of congress were fooled into thinking the situation was resolved before the 2014 state of the union.  I'd suspect all the "old guard"-- I've heard many and  that means they have not asked for and gotten radio-warfare protection: also-- how could they let others be raped and violated over the implant line (it has tactile too (different ranges of sensation/motor control can be isolated with switching)). Obama may have been implanted in 1993: either knowingly or not-- seems: not good, but maybe dealing with a severe life-mind-screw.

Bin Laden: implanted, 9-11 "motivated" by the CIA psychological warfare team harassing them

NB: Carter: "Bin Laden implanted on my watch"; body thrown in ocean (still live signal, out of signal range)-- other supporting evidence too (Don Levi in Bangkok during 9-11-- a bit to unpack there to explain relevance: Clapper (AF 700 hrs of pilot time), Kutyna (AF 1000s of hrs. of pilot time, etc).: major Thailand experience)-- point being: this group is depraved at scale, and they know it-- they would have orchestrated 9-11 if they could have-- and that would have been much smaller and easier than what is going on now, since I made official contact with US legal and national defense, 20 FEB 2013

See: war-level criminal activity-- most likely the worst criminal group in the history of planet earth.

08 NOV 2015 -- The smart-jammer program may have an error if you set "deCalibrate" to "1" ("0" by default-- this bug cropped up when I updated the frequency sweeper code, and did not test the prior decalibrate alone code):

DO NOT SET deCalibrate to "1"-- instead, just set the "oneFrequency" to the frequency you want, and then, when the QuickBoard LEDs cycle through the sweep, finger-press and hold the p5 button for 15 seconds, then wait 15 seconds: the light should begin to slowly flash on and off (rather than sweep). Press p7 for 15 seconds to start the "sweep" mode (for unknown frequencies, and finding your frequency (adjust range in program)), p3 to start the "constant block" mode (maximum outbound reduction: best with an identified frequency), and p5 to start the "decalibrate flash" mode (maximum inbound reduction with correct frequency).

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26 OCT 2015 11:57 -- also clear-- this situation would be over eventually-- look who is implanted-- the politics looks anarchic-capitalist (media figures more concerned with privacy (a libertarian issue hooked up to taxes too) + attempting to bankrupt the US government with legal liability-- think lost wages, pain and suffering and punitive multipliers, and the value of the time of the hostages: the most powerful and talented people in the world. When the military could jam my outbound and stop everyone from being violated by my outbound (there is NO evidence that the switchboard is accessible-- and if the location is an issue-- stopping my outbound would require anyone outside (Gen. Alexander, who has confessed to sabotaging the implant variable switchboard to allow outbounds, with an earplug stopping only calls)-- the real CIA, NSA, Pentagon could end this now-- they are managing this rape-hostage crisis-- with bogus claims to be doing the equivalent of war-crimes for preparedness-- with an obvious 10-year intel issue (Codename Tempest ~1985; Internet ~1995; post-911 DNI re-organization)-- the military is not concerned with getting hostages out of harms' way.

Also-- they could stop my outbound for an hour or so each day (I demand no signals, and being de-implanted)-- this indicates that the military voices have not even come close to notifying the relevant people (NSA, NORAD, NRO, etc.-- the radio operators, etc)-- the people who DO, not the leadership-- only the leadership that obviously have something to hide: raping stars, and a treasonous amount of disclosure of classified information, and current sedition to back it up. Just say: CUT ALL 135.7kHz-137.8kHz (2200 meter) receivers and (probably) that divide by 8.5 (VLF ~16kHz) for transmitters (both probably distributed at several locations).

News Papers-- please do general interest pieces on computer-brain interfacing-- include legal and national security preparedness investigations-- no need to disclose any classified info to cover this in depth-- this will be broader than the implant risk (and the Malech reader is a public patent)-- starting points (with links to other research)-- https://activationmap.com https://psych.technology

Ray Hyman sounds like former NSA head Gen. Kieth B Alexander (confessed implant program sabotagre); Don S Levi sounds like DNI head James R Clapper (confessed to being a molester-- caught a couple times when I was talking with Alyssa Milano (seems a rape target of his, potentially since she was a child actresss). None of the agencies involved need presidential authority to enforce the law-- and "arguments that delay and make the default continue" are orders to rape and murder. When the president says, "get me a bazooka to take out tourists from the east lawn"-- you do not answer "would you like a jeep to get there quicker."

I absolutely demand that no intel be allowed to disclose my inventions in association with their agencies (there is a periphery of support)-- seeing the military failure to physically stop the rapes (stopping the outbound: legal-- just need a ham radio license for the 1W 1 mile diameter legal limit on the 2200 meter)-- even though my government background is 11B-- I'm starting to think DARPA or the such associating with a scientific discovery is not cool to me either.

25 OCT 2015 7:55 update Again clear-- the "old guard" US leadership is holding back a staggering array of medical, justice, and national security technology-- holding back "the cure for the blind" and killing ~7000 of the poorest children on the planet daily (future losses from delayed implementation of my foundation) to do that-- they've all known for over a year about my foundation delay impact assessment-- the top tier-- for over a decade. Why are they killing children, omitting sedition and treason (scale disclosure of classified info-- some level A-- how could that not be?)-- why?-- obvious with all the starlets being raped. A bunch of "old white dudes" raping women and men through their sexual partners who are implanted too, etc. That includes full-timers (all the top intel-- only one or so is needed to end this).

Also-- it is getting clearer, with Carter saying Bin Laden was implanted during his administration (the tech could have been there (post 1974))--I hear a voice that sounds like Elvis from solitary (1977)-- heard John Lennon before (1980), and Michel Foucault (1984)-- many in solitary as a "security threat." Bin Laden was disposed of at sea-- this fits in with a "clean-up" operation, as the implant would still be live, but not traceable under the ocean. This, plus the Al Qaeda trajectory shift (people asking: "why?"-- the SA bases have been an issue for a long time)-- the date symbol (911 being an emergency police call-- might be a "dumb psychopath calling card pun"-- as with Don S Levi in Bangkok during the attacks ("cock for the big bang")-- more indications that the 9-11 attack was motivated and somewhat coordinated by US intel, by attacking Bin Laden (et. al.) with the CIA psychological warfare team (the UO LSD CIA folks like Ray Hyman)-- and helped them figure out the response (911)-- think: would that be easier to pull off than what is happening now? Some folks in congress may just be waiting for their trials-- but what do you think the full-timer intel criminals are doing now?


24 OCT 2015 Getting reports on the implant (for awhile now) that some public figures are calling in-- major celebrities: Patton Oswalt, Justin Timberlake (heard barfing), Kelsey Gramar, and Matthew McConaughey, Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards, Will Ferrel, probably Winona Ryder, Alyssa Milano, and others too.

This is obvious: the "long-timers" in government have "indulged" considerably with raping celebrities and are not anxious to turn themselves in, to the tune of treason and sedition. Again-- DOJ Intel & FBI Intel have basically ridiculed me on the phone (figure it out later "clues")-- while legal FBI, the ODNI GC, and Security Council took my information. This criminal network in the government ("criminal" by the definition of the word)-- has a wide infiltration of the intel leadership.

Any "auto-call-up" of recordings remotely? Other intelligence agencies "playing" all the recordings ever made, and re-recording them remotely? Those would be "real time"-- so, of course, buy time.

19 OCT 2015 I'd like to make this very clear. My intent is press full criminal charges against every member of the US government that I can (violating me directly and indirectly). If they are innocent, that will be determined in a court of law. This includes all branches of the goverrnment. You have failed to uphold the constitution and enforce the law... at scale-- and for me: I am the focus of the abuse-- and if I'm the only one pursuing the full extent of the law, so be it. This includes all former government officials with high levels of clearance, including past presidents, vice presidents, etc. It does not matter if my dad is still alive, etc.-- just what you've done to me.

17 OCT 2015 Another reason to maintain a simple old computer for the variable maintenance (again, not the signal processing and sample storage "muscle"-- and might be a TRS-80 from Tandy Radio Shack): they would not want a new switchboard to be re-programmed and expose the altered "code for corruption" (ear-plug simulated as working, hyper-feedback options, etc.) Given the what looks like an upgrade to the "muscle"-- the implants may have been upgraded, and may have more fine-tuned frequencies-- hence there could be more than 2100 (1 person 1Hz)-- but ~42,000+ imlanted, etc. This is hard for me to tell-- I've heard 100s of recognizable public figure voices-- and seen "on my mind hinting between the lines" on current news media shows-- but that can come from rumors too.

Also-- a divide by 8.5 (not peak to peak-- peak to half-peak (alternate polarity peak)) results in the LF 135.7kHz to 137.8kHz rang converting to 15.96kHz to 16.21kHz -- I'd look to see if the NSA or other intel uses this-- looks strong enough for the rectenna, and it too would need a fine-tuned length antenna-- I've seen heavy radio traffic by that range on some RF spectrograms:


Also-- Ray Hyman has connections to the CIA psychological warfare program (Stargate-- probably the LSD MK ULTRA (mind control) experiments that involved local Eugene author Ken Keysey too (probably in solitary-- BOP SAMs), I've heard a voice in the context that it was him). The CIA psychological warfare skill-set would be come very relevant when it intersected with the implant tech (the mentally ill used as weapons, simulated insanity (me), etc.)-- but I'm not sure: "our skill won the day: we control the implant" or "CIA has tools-- they are one."


16 OCT 2015 Note that I have many more updates (some of a more speculative, and real-time update nature) at my face book (linked above too):


Also-- the reciever equipment looks to be Intel (NSA)-- and the military is at war with them (high-ups, blitzing through abuse, to get evidence: FIRST USE-- MORE OFFICIAL RESOURCES-- MAKE THAT CASE TIME AND AGAIN)-- also where are the transmitters? Navy or Coast Gurad navigation beacons look to be a source-- but if the Russian Alpha NAVAID is used-- RUSSIA-- YOU NEED TO TAKE INITIATIVE HERE (liablity limitation-- you don't need that channel-- for navigaion or covert communication: I'd experimant with "one day off"-- wait-- "a week off"-- etc.)

AND THIS SHOULD BE CLEAR-- DESPITE HIGH PROFILE PUBLIC POLITICIANS BEING INVOLVED-- THIS IS A PRIVATE SECTOR GROUP USING GOVERNMENT RESOURCES-- AND I'D SUSPECT INTERNATIONAL COUNTERPARTS (e.g. US INTEL is not at war with the miliatry-- the US INTEL leadership is a private interest group in their "last stand" ditch atttempt to remain in control before being executed for treason).

15 OCT 2015b I DO NOT THINK that "auto phrase recognition" has been used-- I think the switchboard equipment, etc. was locked down, and abandoned (mid 2013), and the criminal group is simply using agent gesture control now.

working on "profiling" the equipment used, and methods: given this goes back 20+ years, what would be simplest way to explain what we hear and experience?

-- another reason an old computer (like the Xerox Star) would be used and not upgraded (the first reason: avoid scrutiny of a criminal program (the corrupt adjustments)); the programming language would not change, and the criminals could re-program certain aspects if they wanted to (older folks who don't want to go back to college to re-program their stolen resources)... maybe: Fort George G. Meade, NSA HQ, room 82 (# that Gen. Alexander said were put in solitary-- maybe a year-- or George HW Bush 41 x 2-- 842 would be a "binary relevant#" (the people would have programming skills))

This equipment might have these info/controls-- this may basically be a database monitor and controller-- names might be "simple encoded"-- like a to z, b to a, c to b, etc.

1) a name/number designation for each implant;

2) the implant can be "posted" on another (implant a always hears implant b, and can only gesture to talk to b (can be used as feedback when a "dead" implant is posted on a person, and that person is also posted on that implant: this might be assigned in the field with gestures by an agent-- and potentially updated on this computer;

3) "experience recordings"-- might be listed by implant and time (may be record/stop/played in the field with gestures-- not sure on "editing")

4) I'd look into: can new "samples" (gestures, sensations) be assigned to "procedures' that the larger computer array that does the signal recognition and switching (erg.-- the "sensation" of an earplug (without the sensation of on a finger that it is in a hole) might trigger: "no calling ability" (not sure if this is even real-- I can't call anyone-- they all seem posted on me). (Getting at-- did anyone have "earplugs" that were battery or rectenna powered? (e.g. powered by the Omega Navigation Beacons that ended in 1997 (dismantled slowly to that date)-- was there a programming effort to deceive people into believing they were safe from being heard in their heads when they were being broadcast globally? (below 300kHz refracts globally for radio telescopes)). Also-- "hyper feedback" could be created by creating a "implant X always has the "talk" gesture as ON"-- so that when many dead implants could be posted on a person and create many times the feedback you'd get from "mutual posting on a dead implant." Might also be able to post on yourself.

5) There is the ability to isolate different aspects of experience: inner voice, outer sounds, sensations-- and there is a "from me" or "out of me" element-- probably a Left/Right reversal of the audio streams. Are these controllable with "agent gestures" when posting people? Can someone post someone other than themselves (you might post on someone, and demand they post on another (or gesture to talk to me). Seems that there is a constant tinnitus sample-- it might have been isolated, and a "constant sample" made available.

15 OCT 2015
-- three computer systems: 1) Cray to identify loose patterns; 2) Xerox Star for switchboard (variable and data management: who is posted on who (recorded experience?) (a "small room"-- terminal, some electronic equipment + maybe a spare Star or two + software data may be saved: do not turn off-- data may be lost: NSA so may be simple inscription right on old-timey screen: I'd try a to z, b to a, cb, dc, ed, etc. (alpha omega, bare ass, citizens band, district of Columbia-- they would have liked that)); 3) the biggest: real-time "brain phone" gesture/sensation recognition computer systems-- a "big area." I'd think: Xerox Star switchboard at Ft. George; Gesture recognition systems on site too-- or in Hawaii, etc. (other NSA). LF Radio Telescope would probably be distributed over several locations (LOFAR); Beacons: Coast Guard, Navy-- maybe appropriated Russian Alpha NAVAID (~13.7kHz (divide by 10) or ~17kHz (divide by 8 if double-duty "jeweler precision cut" LF/VLF antennas)). The "inner echo" frequency-- probably a wavelength shorter than skull thickness (above AM).

14 OCT 2015 I gave the DEA a tip on Aaron Levi-- Don Levi's older son, using cocaine as a tool to enslave E. Anne Forsythe and Yvonne Rouch-- appears to be the case from what I've heard on the line (something like a Patty Hearst case-- with the Levi group, at this point, looking like a US intel leadership "front" to to do "implant security" and a diversion in the event of investitation of the criminal use of the implant). When some get arrested -- CIA voices (John Brennan, Michael Morell) that are hostile heard.

Also-- given "upgrade scrutiny" and the hidden nature of the program (no use to prevent water-boarding in pursuit of terrorism investigation)-- I'd think that a late 70s or early-mid 80s computer/super-computer would be used-- top of line: CRAY and CRAY2 (~1985) (Think: real-time flexible pattern recognition on a signal that sounds like static-- less complicated than speech to text, as that has missing information (CRAYs can number crunch out the patterns-- may be some other real-time computers use that data-- maybe the Xerox Star (think: Air Force Space Commanders, etc.)):


Low Frequency Radio Telescopes can be divided regionally:


Given DNI failures, it is expected that my name "John David Casten" of Eugene, Oregon, USA-- would be an "integration point" for info-- given the nature of my initial approach in 2013-- and put as a "central relay" for info (what I develop with no info allowed to be passed by a hostage crowd that can engage issues they see as important)-- many separate legal and intel agencies would have more info, and avenues of by-product expansion of evidence and leads. My FOIA request was not denied-- it was ignored.

12 OCT 2015 (5:49pm update) Looks like there is a current conflict between the US military and the US intel leadership (including legal FBI and DOJ)-- with the military "blitzing" through hyper-feedback, recording the signals from suspects, and LOUDLY asking questions through me (loud because of the hyper-feedback). Look at the intel press relations going back decades-- clearly a "fascist" "we know better" mindset in the intel leadership-- but also: mainly just a criminal group.

Gen. Alexander discussed "phrase recogntion" plugged into "brain-to-audio conversion" months ago-- propbably used already-- hence many without access to radio-signal-free situation rooms, war-rooms, congress intel discussion rooms, etc.-- being punished instantly just for having a thought.

Computer-brain interfacing assessments should replace implant admin assessments (sub-issue)-- DARPA, and many private sector (professors, etc.) folks would have robust multi-dimensional assesssments for "press release" confidence if necessary. Should be "ready-made" given the scope and history of the research.

Also clear-- most of the people I've heard prior to 2 and half years ago, including Winona Ryder and E. Anne Forsythe-- are accomplices to the rape cult-- also W. John Coletta-- having ear plugs and CIA payments, and inflicting severe multi-decade emotional abuse in addition to the abuse from Don S. Levi-- they will face charges from the state, and I will not intervene-- and do not want to participate in the trials. Looks like Anne is the partner of W. John Coletta's ex-wife (Yvonne R.) and John related that they have implant sex about once a week. Winona has maintained "fidelity" to me in my head-- but was caught on the implant signal having sex with her current boyfriend (Scott M.H.)-- and then revealing their disrespect for me (JD) and doing further brain damage as they try to find ways out of a trial via me. I'd expect little time for Winona and Anne (mittigated sexual assualt issues-- not just me)-- but John may be involved in Treason (so I hear). Looks also like Anne Forsythe is the "Joanna" voice-- but "Adam" is actually "Aaron"-- Don S Levi's older son (Anne's age)-- and Anne was often heard having sex with Aaron with only her "wobbly voice" heard as she appeared to be on a stimulant. I'd expect about 2-20 years for Anne, a bit less for Winona, and the death penalty for John (think: manipulating the Cheif of Staff in a Treason situation).

29 SEP 2015 (5:05pm pacific update) Gen. Keith Alexander confessed in the early morning (Pacific time) on 28 SEP 2015-- he re-programmed not only the ear-plug deception (just cuts the calls, not the outbound) AND the ability to do "hyper-feedback" (my experience of LOUD feedback with a tone in 1994-- the first major murder attempt in front of a crowd)-- the feedback can be created by mutually posting a live person with an implant without brain activity (extra, or in a dead person), OR by using two dead implants (A to B, B to C, C to A) -- this second approach is a divide by 100 or 64 rather than divide by 10 or 8 -- taking 10 to 8 times as many implants to do the job of 1-- how many implants (and dead people phone numbers) were available to the UO professors in 1994?))-- BUT-- the "talk now" "button/gesture" can be re-programmed as "always on"-- and the divide by 100 or 64 (extra divide by 8 or 10 (LF to VLF conversion-- less bandwidth on the inbound)) is not a factor then, and major feedback can be created-- these are small code changes, not major re-programming (just triggering pre-programmed procedures-- the same with making the ear-plug in the ear sensation/pattern trigger: no phone calls). Also on the confession (hard to believe): "I killed Jimmie Hill-- he was an accomplice who knew too much" (did Jimmie D Hill (former NRO head-- connects with Clapper and Geo-Eye-- also former AF Space Command head-- connects with Gen. Kutyna and Gen. Padden (Kutyna highlighted Hill as a person of interest)-- did Hill have a heart condition?) Hill was dead (April 2013-- I suspected an escape plan or that he was killed as a potential witness) before the extreme-diaphragm attack ("hyper-feedback?") was used on me and others-- used to create a credible death threat that would not "require brain-torture." Also-- Alexander said that they had put 82 people in SAMs ("top secret solitary"-- like being in the hole for life-- for implant risk behavior)-- and that some had died there: looks to include many French philosophers (Foucault, Derrida, et. al) and Geraldine Ferraro. The NSA angle makes sense on the utilitarian approach to ethics-- trying to reduce values to a math equation-- these folks are often programmers-- computers were invented as code breakers, and the central NSA mission is decoding.

Also-- seeing evidence that Alexander, ~Clapper, et. al-- were attempting a "Franken-President" project-- casing Barrack Obama going back decades-- the link below will have noise, but documents the overlap of Obama's vocations and locations and CIA activity (thinking, un-coordinated use by intel heads Clapper and Alexander (btw: not intel heads at that time-- but high up already)):



From my experience-- I'd see, via Don S Levi and Ray Hyman-- some sort of "Lathe of Heaven" (dreams come true plot) and/or "Wizard of Oz" thing (some mysterious in-the-head voice magically integrated with real world events)-- with an Obama unsuspectingly implanted by Adam H Levi (Don's son, at Harvard ~1986-1993-- when Obama was teaching and editing the Harvard Law Review-- Adam ends up as DC assistant attourney general for investments and securites-- I was woken up to being sedated in the summer of 1993, although there was extensive (retrospective) evidenc that I was already implanted (voices already heard, but at distance, and private facts "innuedo echoed" via a small number of UO proffesors (who may not have known they were doing that)) that I was already implanted. When Don showed up in my head, he claimed that he had orchestrated every significant event in my entire life (experiences in youth, religious experieneces, etc-- imagine you don't recognize this idiot's voice as a professer you took college courses from-- I did recognize him).

Gen. Alexander and the NSA put a motive for me being implanted on the map: I was published as a sophomore in high school for my computer games-- I was published 8 times, was relatively popular (2nd most populer home computer that did games, most populer international magazine for that computer (Atari 8-bit, Antic magazine (1984-1987)):



Re: Alternative understanding of Clapper (given what I've heard from him-- his emotional investment, relative to Alexander who doesn't seem to have the emotional depth or broad intellectual and historical understanding to get what he is doing)-- looks like he may have had illegal access to the entire implant community gong back 25+ years-- was only observing (like a stop-gap journalist)-- and his emotion-ethics are complicated by the fact that he did not intervene earlier. Looks like he was interested in the "epistemology"-- individuals and insitutions, and how they would put together a theory/case given the information cues they were observing.

23 SEP 2015 If the rape-cult had a credible death threat, they would not have to have me as a torture seat threat. Back in 1994, they tried to kill me in several manners-- the most "damaging" (momentary salty liquid seeped into in my mouth): feedback with a loud right side tone-- feedback created by (and in this case, probably many times over) "posting" me on a non-implanted implant, or a dead person with an implant, and posting them on me ("posting": you hear them all the time-- I think you can talk by touching your left palm with your pinky (I can't verify this)). Again, at this point-- I think everyone is posted on me-- the "panic button" that "was working on a smaller group" (they didn't have enough info either). The ways they can kill: "fainting/dizzy falls" (includes car wrecks) and "exacerbated substance abuse (w/ suicide)." They kill without warning, and try to associate it as punishment for a "rule breaking"-- often one of their own manipulation.

On a similar point, I can not doubt that the criminal element in the CIA used a common observed "MO"-- control from every angle-- and if there is no "blackmail" truth to be found by brain-raping a victim-- you can manipulate a crime using the implant advantage-- this MO used this time, on Pentagon officials, to rope them into deception tactics on the executive. Eg.-- VP Cheyney reported that he did not come up with the 1% doctrine, in the context of me discussing how the military could game the data given to the executive (data selection (with red herrings), methods of interpretation (1% doctrine-- in the ball park, but actuaries multiply real numbers through, and this would have brought lack of evidence to the fore), hiding capablest, a "generate plausible problems" expert group). Given the current situation, with heavy criminal infiltration of the executive and DNI (and-- CIA (is the FBI clueless?-- that in itself would indicate massive criminal intent)).

14 SEP 2015

Here is a picture of the QuickStart + the L298N-- the grey wire pictured goes to the antenna shell, the red wire to the antenna core-- the yellow wire from the QuickStart needs to connect to an "IN" header that matches the antenna core OUT connector-- the wire pictured has a hollow female end-- but there are two enable jumpers on the L298N board, I think one might be used to connect one of the edge "IN" with the wire-- by connecting the jumper so only one hole his filled by the male board header, and the other hole over-hangs on the board-- then insert the male wire lead into the other jummper hole. I'm using a 12 volt 1 amp power supply-- make sure the white switch on the L298N board is pushed on.

13 SEP 2015-- for those who don't have any "#s to call" but can talk to people who also hear me-- in order to identify your frequency, you might ask them about how loud they hear you, wehn blocking a smaller range, or with a slowed down sweep across the specturm (there is a slowDown variable).

12 SEP 2015

Best software yet-- worked out some frequency/antenna errors-- and now: a 3-function, button selectable jammer: sweep (best 'generic' inbound reduction, frequency identification tool), flash (inbound reduction (best when frequency is identified), attention reducer), and constant (maximum outbound reduction (when frequency is identified))-- only one file needed (no CTR)-- works "out of the box" (upload and use the sweep)--but variable labeled up top to work with (use buttons p7 (sweep), p5 (flash), p3 (constant)-- hold until you see the change-- could be ~10 seconds):


Next-- the antenna amp-- looks good so far (will not fit in tin-- about 1.5" high-- has a power switch and LED confirmation of power and antenna signal)-- only one power supply needed, as the L298N boards provide the needed +5v for the QuickStart board, while delivering 12v to the antenna. I need to research a bit more on the antenna and current, etc.

11 SEP 2015

Another SmartJamSweeper update-- NB-- when adjusting the frequency ranges-- you should put the speed as slow-- otherwise the program may crash (working a bit here and there on that). Also-- for those useing a single fequency focus-- these new updates-- esp. this one, will amplify the noise going on the frequency-- should create a stonger jam. Also-- I think I've had some success with standard antenna amplifiers-- with the antenna on the "out"-- although adapters can be difficult-- I used a 3' CB antenna on a 36dB FM/TV amplifier, and it seemed to work OK (it's diffiucult for me to test this, as attention on me is more than 24/7-- I rarely get a minute or two from engagment-- rarely more than a few seconds to gather my thoughts).


10 SEP 2015b

Another SmartJammer approach (see ~$50 , my voice-friend Anne's idea: a SmartJamSweeper that sweeps across the relevant frequency spectrum endlessly. I've been tearing into the code, and this one should be more powerful, stimulating the antenna more, and covering all the ground, not just a single frequency with a wide-dirty signal Also-- this should make identifying one's outbound frequency easier:


You could try this program, or the 7-speed SmartJammer to see which you like best-- this one will help find your frequency, but the SmartJammer might be better once you hone in on that.

'set the lower and upper bounds of the frequency range here ( 135_700 - 137_800 ):

lowFrequency := 135_700
highFrequency := 137_800

Speed := 9 'if using just one frequency, set Speed to 0

oneFrequency := 136_000 'if using just one focus frequency, enter it to the left

'--set Speed (1-9) to a lower number to slow the frequency scan-jamming as it moves from the lower frequencies to the higher frequencies

'--in order to identify your frequency:
'--you may need a lower Speed number to sweep across the frequency spectrum more slowly
'--you also may need to be experiencing feedback ("louder" sensations) or be able to talk with others who can confirm your volume level
'--note the range where the LEDs light up when the volume is lowered (from lower to higher frequencies, left to right in the sequence LED motion)
'--start to cut out high and low frequencies (lower end and/or higher end)
'--each LED represents about 1/8 of the spectrum between the low and high frequencies entered above
'--whether using the full 2200 meter range, 135.7kHz - 137.8kHz, or just an 8 single Hz number range (kHz to 3 decimal places), all 8 LEDs are always used
'--the timing is auto-adjusted to "temporaly zoom" in and keep the scan sweep roughly the same speed, despite jam-scanning many less frequencies in sequence
'--tip: after setting this program as Top Object File, just hit CTRL+F11 to upload any updates

'--the scan-jammer should de-calibrate the remote auto-gain, and lower your inbound volume-- the speed selected can fine-tune this (antenna power, etc. being relevant)

'--if you want to block just one frequency with focus (maximizing the outbound block), enter that above, and set the Speed above to 0; the lower left P7 LED will remain lit

10 SEP 2015a

Third 7-speed SmartJammer program:


Code cleaned up, no second ctr file, comments to help programmers; further improvements: will take out "syncheader" (RC remote left-over)-- seing that a crystal accurate system clock is set at a frequency that, with the "waitcnt" commands that end on a frequency clock "tick," trigger code that will be time-sync with the selected frequency when executing the "stimulate antenna" commands-- then this is "bounced" back and forth on the dipole antenna (hence matching the length of antenna to the frequency increases the signal strength-- the antenna radiates the electromagnetic waves-- the frequency of the stimulus needs to "resonate" to build up).

See discussion of the code at my Facebook:


10 SEP 2015

Second version of the 7-speed SmartJamer:


QuickStart buttons P1-P7 set Timer (0-6):
     0 = always on
1-2 = on/off flash: "stop paying attention!":
     1 = rapid flashing
     2 = 1 second interval
3-6 oscilation intervals to decalibrate remote inbound auto-gain:
     3 = ~5 secs
     4 = ~17 secs
     5 = ~40 secs
     6 = ~85 secs

09 SEP 2015 Improved smart-jammer software:

Touch-buttons P1-P7 (round gold discs) have 7 speeds: 1= always on, 2= flash ("too much attention"), 3-7 timed oscillations to decalibrate remote auto-gain; ~5-~30 seconds

LED P16 (lower right): ON indicates jamming active, OFF: inactive; LEDs p17-p23 indicate the timer setting (above the P1-P7 buttons)


(Not added to main ZIP package yet)

08 SEP 2015 CONVENIENCE & SPEED -- an Amazon.com store/page set up for the SmartJammer-- quick links and cart:


06 SEP 2015 Pictures of SmartJammer (up next: pictures with "L298N" antenna amplifier, AC/DC house plug, and "Altoids" tin)

Parts: Parallax QuickStart board, (re-chargeable) battery (+ connector), antenna, 2 wires and 2 clothes' pins

Hooked up: power LED is green; LED p16 (lower right) will flash blue with inbound jammer (on/off at intervals)

--Green LED will light with the battery negative lead (black) & the pin slot 39 (lower right via black wire) are clipped to antenna shell (silver) & the battery positive lead (red/white) plugged in pin slot 40 (upper right)
-- Yellow wire in pin slot 1 (lower left) clips to the Antenna core and stimulates antenna with crystal timed electrical stimulus (on/off)


04 SEP 2015 (Don't forget to re-select the top-file when you make a change to the frequency or timing (right click on program tab, and click the "Top Object File" option)

(NB: Change-- L9110S does not use an independent power supply-- updated using L298N links):

Improving the ~$50 smart jammer plan-- using a digital "motor controller" to have the jammer "crystal-timed chip power pulse" trigger a second power supply-- the L298N is least expensive ($4-$10):


Here-- you apply the jammer signal (POS + from the p0 or #1 chip pin & GND from the board's power supply) to the motor control, and use a SECOND power supply: (~9v-12v; 500mA to under 1000mA (1A)) for the antenna via the motor control points on the L9110S boards): a cheep, easy way to amplify the antenna jam.

My "to do":
--Pictures of final result
--add "random range" timing for oscillator
--add a "button press" (there are 8 touch buttons on the Parallax Quickstart) with LED confirm for continuous/oscillating jam switch (outbound lowered vs inbound lowered (w/ "attention deterrent": outbound oscillates))
--Make "total package" carts (if I can) for Amazon.com and eBay-- stream-line buying and options
--Update the instructions inside the jammer software .zip (newest links, pictures, etc.):


Also-- anyone working on the VR / fMRI "hardware hats"-- see the "head-ban" notes below on high-frequency wave-shaping-- the 2011 patent linked will give you anything you need (might be used for data coordination timing too?)

31 AUG 2015

--Smart Jammer refinements -- instructions refined, code cleaned up : LED jam on/ off indicator; definable in kHz to 3 decimal places (Hz accurate); inbound de-calibrator lowers inbound volume

Get Smart Jammer code (with new inbound calibrator to reduce the inbound ~20%-50%):


29 and 30 AUG entries deleted-- improved instructions in the ZIP and here:


--See below for links to by hardware: ~$40-- hardware setup is easy
--You only need a small Parallax QuickBoard, a 6 foot telescoping antenna, a 9v battery (can be rechargeable) – and wire/connectors for battery & antenna
Software is for PC / Windows-- but once the frequency is set, you don't need any PC hook-up, so Mac users should visit a friend with a PC, after getting the hardware



-- ~$30: Get this Parallax "Quick Start" board (not the one at the above site-- this has everything built in):

-- (~$3): the QuickStart comes with one, but you may need a USB MINI cord (not MICRO or "A-B" type (micro is used for cell phones-- and is smaller than the mini connector)):

-- ~$6: You will need a ~9 volt power supply-- a 9v battery + the connector:
--9v battery connector (and alternate clip that holds 6 AA (1.5v x 6 = 9v) batteries)-- with two wires (need batteries-- might use re-chargeable ones):


ALTERNATE: AC Power supply and power-plug to jack & wire connectors (9v 500 mA) (~$6 total):

(Note positive negative (gnd) polarity of inside (positive) & outside (negative)) -- DC plug to two wires to insert in Quickstart header (#39 & #40):

-- ~$10: You will need a telescoping antenna: ~6 feet long (see above about fine-tuning length—start with 107.5cm for 136kHz)-- can be horizontal and connect wires with clothes' pins

Antenna could be amplified by using the Parallax Propeller crystal timed pulse to trigger another power circuit that powers the antenna rather than the antenna directly-- I've used the l293d on the pro board-- here's a separate component for ~$4 (China-- about 2-3 weeks shipping):


Wires around the house should do-- or buy here:
-- ~$4: you will need wires to attach the antenna to the quick start board (you might get an antenna mount-- may need "converters" (sma to coax, etc.)-- make sure connections are tight

Total: ~$50
+++ SET-UP
***Connect antenna and power to QuickStart board:
-- The "p0" wire-plug-in needs to be connected to the core of the antenna (on the board: lower left hole in the wide black header for the chip (marked ‘1’)
-- the antenna needs to be grounded (the ground from the quick start board: lower right hole (marked #39)—this needs to be connected to the black (negative) battery wire too
-- The battery clip:
-----red (positive) wire to upper right hole (marked #40); or VDD
-----black (negative) wire lower right hole (marked #39 may need to wrap wires) or VSS (also GND)
-- The USB mini cable will not power the quick start board for the jammer—but can be connected while the board is powered by the battery (you can update the frequency with the board live)
-- There is a "program reset button" on the QuickStart board (only one button)—more than one QuickBoard can be used and “reset” to run at once—but using a spectrum of frequencies should reduce any phase cancelling

***Install Parallax Propeller Tool software and drivers and upload Smart Jammer programs to the QuickStart board
--- Install the program upload app and device driver from the Parallax website:
---Start the "Propeller Tool" app
-- Plug in the USB to the device (the USB will provide power for the program transfer, not for the jammer)-- drivers should install the first time
-- See if the device is plugged in and working -- from the program menu (on top): RUN / Identify Hardware

Download the Smart Jammer programs here:

[RUN / Compile Top / Load EPROM for each change]
You need the ctr.spin file in the same folder as the SmartJammer-OutboundSteady.spin file (would be in UN-ZIPPED file: https://casten.io/z/SmartJammer.zip)
1--Open the jammer software from the top of app menu: FILE / OPEN the SmartJammer-OutboundSteady.spin file
2--then: RUN / Compile Top / Load EEPROM (also ctrl + F11 - you should see a I/O and verification window briefly)
A LED should light up (blue) indicating jammer is working

***Finding a more precise frequency
--Hone in on your frequency by changing that one number in the Outbound Steady program (the text in the Propeller Tool software window-- it is noted as the right spot on the code line)
Take any "feedback attacks" (your signal fed to you (louder voice, too intense feelings) as a cue to try some fine-tuning-- your feedback should be reduced momentarily (a few seconds)
--Change the frequency # in a range between 135_700 and 137_800 (the program starts with 136_000 by default)
These represent 135.7kHz to 137.8kHz -- a global "ham low frequency radio frequency range" on the outbound (receivable globally with LF radio telescopes)
"Circle in" on the right number for you (everyone has a different frequency) by changing the bigger parts first (135, 136, 137) and then the three last digits from right to left:

Start with the 100s, hen 10s, then 1s (700, 800.. 820, 830, 840... 832, 833... get precise by starting "wide" instead of incrementing one number at a time) (some may be alone-- might try asking if I hear you-- if you are experiencing "feedback" with your voice being louder-- the feedback should be reduced as you get the numbers right)
--3--RUN / Compile Top / Load EEPROM for each frequency number change-- the last change stays on the smart-jammer board when USB unplugged from the computer
--4--Fine-tune your antenna--start with a 107.5cm cm long extension, and when you have your fine-tuned frequency-- adjust the length by repeatedly dividing the "wave length" number by 2 (remember 1m = 100cm)
--A ~107.5cm length is around the center of the range of lengths-- you can use this website to calculate the wavelength from the frequency:

DONE WITH FINDING YOUR FREQUENY (Jammer should work even if frequency is not exact—but should be better if you can identify yours)

--Open the SmartJammer-Inbound-DeCalibrator.spin program
--Right-click the program tab and click “Top Object File” (this top object file is the one that will be compiled and sent to the EEPROM)
--The frequency is 137_100 by default – you can use this, 136_000, or the more precise number you found from the steady outbound jammer
--The blue “jamming on” LED should flash on and off at 10-12 second intervals (you can change this in the program)

The smart jammer will not create a powerful enough signal to reach a long distance—and the 135.7kHz to 137.8kHz range is open for ham radio experimentation (see link above)
It is possible to amplify the power to the antenna by using the p0 lead to trigger an independent power supply hooked to the antenna:

I’ve used the Parallax Professional Development board, and hooked the p0 to the input 0 on the L293D chip, the +5v to the enable 0/1, the #39 to the ground, the #40 to the +5v; the out 0 (green header) to the antenna core, the (green) header GND to the antenna shell (outside), and used a DC005 jack to plug a 12v 1200mA “AC to DC converter” (used with many products like routers and external HDD) to the GND and V+ on the (green) header to power the antenna (the p0 triggers the other power supply with a transistor in the L293D)—effectively making a transistor amplifier for the antenna.



ANOTHER QUICK OPTION: A CARDBOARD BOX WITH 30+ Layers of foil (not tried, but an initial attempt seemed to garner a "Faraday Cage De-bunker" unit -- and the guy seemed frazzled that I did not respond to his questions (my brain damage)-- as if the "seamless" 1-layer bag on my head was working.

Booster Bag Faraday Cardboard Box with 30 layers of aluminum foil (with a big lip over-hang: shoe-box like that fits snug when done)





Worst Case Scenario Solution -- Remote Malech Mind Reader (with nerual network computer brain interfacing) defense: "Head-Bans" with simulated activation potentials using high-frequency wave shaping and reverse triangulated timing to place neuron camouflage noise over neuron patterns without presenting patterns for brain to recognize:

--- Disclosure falls within Codename Tempest spectrum, and much less than the full range-- these challenges come up by year, decade, every two decades etc.

--- Major: Undercover and embedded agents become obsolete (computer - brain interfacing)-- Recon squads as separate element for companies at worst for military.

--- Brains can be shielded better than laptops: reverse triangulated timing (multiple signals, very low (lower with more signals) summing at the right place with precise digital-electrical timing of triggers can put synthesized radio waveforms imitating neurons firing right over the brain space-- no patterns for brain to recognize-- but the brain patterns burred in noise:


Signal shaping circuit and light transmitting device
US 20130077149 A1

“In the embodiments, the outputting elements may use an electromagnetic wave outputting element such that the electromagnetic wave outputting element transmits a signal using at least one of a radio wave, terahertz wave, infrared light, and ultraviolet light.”

May require very high frequencies to simulate lower frequency action potentials-- the "energy" looks the same (AM, power up and down, intensity, voltage differential, etc.)

(2011-2013 patent -- might be used for "digital AM below 300kHz, potentially replacing many satellites: not sure):

Synthesized "artificial action potential energy patterns" would use this-- see the flexibility from patent illustration:

Action potential:

A real crisis government response: (contact with discretion, transport to military hospitals, de-implant under public radar)-- see the 19 Aug 2015a entry;

People with implants identifiable-- timing echo (transmit on inbound frequency range (VLF), listen on outbound range (LF) for timed echo: auto-gain is off-boarded, so power may need to be raised and lowered slowly for each point in entire spectrum)-- a "1-800 # with answering machine" might be used if some people are "off the LF radio-telescope" map: "blast global" across the inbound range, and wait/hope for calls.

25 Aug 2015

I am closing my help here now-- what I've done: below-- problems solved, just waiting.

Using their DNI and WH integration powers-- the Clapper/Obama strategy: information fragmentation, and disintegration.

I got through on 20 FEB 2013 (with a reverse engineered key to my 2005 CT scan + "hacking" the emails of top intel leadership (past the "front desk: you're crazy issue"), and facilitating a "group conversation" (group emails-- all addresses on one subject line-- so that they each knew the other got this too)-- investigations were started (I've seen the investigators since March 24, 2013).

Then all the Intel and legal leaders that were relevant were slowly replaced (I thought: to buy time), but then, looks like either no info or distorted info was given to the new leaders. The criminal demise is inevitable-- at least through the science of computer brain interfacing that gets the inner voice, and doesn't have to wait for institutional implementation for hostages to truth out (expect: attempts to murder everyone before that with "dizzy fall car crashes, etc.") But this science will take years-- and investigations have probably been dropped or closed, with investigators with little integrated, "official" actionable knowledge.

I got through again: 14 OCT 2014 to about 1000 (out of 1700) on the INSA email contact list (hacked)-- setting up primary info (radio warfare & personal defense tech starts, preliminary investigation results (ball-park: who, what, when)-- this would have to integrate with people's prior knowledge or suspicions.

Then again in 25 JUL 2015-- after attempting to get through to presidents via the CIA (leadership intimidation power), and then another call to the DOJ, FBI, and ODNI GC (another: floor investigation spark sweep), with a "burst of clarity" : relating the simplest understanding of the minimal necessary background:

Clapper, Obama, Levi -- the core of evil like the three heads of DIS (Inferno): by my using researched public knowledge (tech origins (Robert Malech patent, "mind radio" from full reverse engineering of implant tech); contractor asset transfers (through EDO with Adm. Blair (DNI head before Clapper), the relevant military leadership (development and deployment: Gen. Kutyna, Gen. Padden, AF, NORAD, LF radio telescopes, Navy, navigation beacon signals, VLF transmitters), and the "angle" of the local UO "DARPA profs" and their front partners (Levi's) that I've been dealing with for 24 years (huge clues since spring 1991 (identifiable: summer 1994)).-- and see through the history Clapper (could be displaced-- by another, a small group,or he is part of a group--- but he had means and opportunity-- and where now?); setting up two fronts ("double-blind" contractors implanting the power crowd, DARPA bio-cognitive and psychology profs + having access, and Barack Obama as Clapper (& Levi's?) chosen (profiled: Harvard, Law, CEO (psychopath) abilities and predispositions), "hit man" going for localized power (not a crowd with predispositions that got them power: the "doer" given power to do what he wanted within what he saw as acceptable means to do with time to reflect (sticking to it), wtth Clapper (& Levi), irregardless if Obama knew about Clapper (& Levi)) (Obama's motive: narcissism (presidents get respect), means: (implant provided, access to the power crowd: ~2000-4000), and opportunity (Obama meets Adam H Levi, local Eugene (before Hawaii) abuser Don S Levi's son, at Harvard, gets an implant to put up his nose or in his ear (and/or implanted in sleep)-- and now: Adam H Levi: a DC asst. AG for investments and securities (probably studying the criminals:"how to") are relevant.

Hence: I've implemented several "under the radar information stabs" laid some info ground work-- and some investigations have started-- and the criminals will bleed to death.

I hope others have helped: I see others' strategies (Bush 43, et. al. pushing waterboarding to see why the tech was not available to fight terrorism, I hear some have backed up my report (just report my "implant crisis" website to the FBI then DOJ (avoid phone tap and call FBI "local" first (then DC FBI HQ, DOJ, DOJ intel, ODNI GC-- that order) "looks real to me": quantity of calls, and quality of your credibility (no risk other than phone embarrassment and being violated in retaliation)): confirm an internet view of the page on the other side of the phone call: they will have internet access), maybe some have pursued legal angles (not the implant is not FDA approved, my CT indicates calcification)).

This violation crisis will end, it's just taking forever-- and I don't know if I'll live to see the day that happens.

--- problems solved:


24 Aug 2015

The current situation understanding:

DNI head James Clapper set up two front groups going back 20+ years:

-- One was a contractor group going back from Norad contractor E D O to ITT to Vectrus -- with the administrators not knowing implants made people accessible 24 7 and not tipping off clients with a bad vibe, as with double blind experiments, for early adopters, people perceived as responsible and able to afford the technology, mostly cream of the crop public figures.

-- The other front is composed of University of Oregon DARPA psychology professors, who got implanted and were given equipment to experiment with and found "head numbers" to call and have access to the power crowd early adopters implanted by the contractors, and they use philosophy professors as a front

-- Meanwhile, the government mind radio implant program was frozen, with no use allowed to stop water-boarding and prevent terrorism, only the top official security implant program is maintained, and the program is hidden from scrutiny

-- In a related back story, graduate student Barack Obama was selected at Harvard (as seen through student Adam H Levi's eyes) : profiled as a CEO psychopath with small group organizational skills (a group does his homework for him as he becomes a figurehead for himself with a goal to become president)

-- Obama may have been unsuspectingly implanted AND given implants to put up his nose for his use (with him thinking, "I'm doing crimes solo on the way to president, not as an unsuspecting collaborator with James Clapper"and Barack sets up a Mafia silencing tactic with a torture group with Don Levi to maintain the perceived control of the criminal implant use regarding those who know via the University of Oregon professors)

-- Don S Levi, with his exploited abusive personality disorder (narcissim gone psychopath) appears to be addicted to meth (for long abuse sessions) and some opiate like oxycodone, for the next day come down crash. Hence he is now addiction controlled for torture use by Obama and others.

-- Adam H Levi, the son of Don S Levi, is now a DC assistant attorney General for investments and securities, which is at least useful for insider trading info research.

-- This looks like tight knit groups of families having power fun, killling and raping, and making money for future dynasties, and maybe some charity foundations to convince themselves and others this is OK in the big scheme of things

-- Now it is clear that by holding back science and my multiple suffering reduction and biodiversity foundations, they are holding back aid to any real values other than them getting away with murders

-- It now looks like my contact was contained: all leadership who were notified were replaced slowly over two+ years-- and my internet, phone and mail strictly under control

19 Aug 2015c (see smart rf jammer plans and $37 parts links below)

And again:-- the demands are simple:

-- call everyone up -- on phone or in head (they can call an implant broadcasted 800 number and leave their info on ambigious answering machine (verify implanted)).

-- provide transportation for them to a hospital-- local or military (decentralized and small: direct deposite, plane tickets, etc.-- notify: frisk, etc.)

-- de-implant and keep in touch-- there will be legal consequences for the government and guilty employees, and other criminals.

-- the legal consequences can be non-public too (20+ years sealed records for intel, 20+ years for personal privacy (think kids, rights, and how could a privacy sealed case be more clear?))

19 Aug 2015a ($37 "smart jammer start" just below (part b)-- currently 1% to 5% reduction per jammer and many ways to improve power and precision)

After clearing some ground with research (means and opportunity for prior leadership, current leadership at highest level that would be involved with program by default, the history of the tech (Malech, the contractors involved)

-- seeing Clapper (maybe some others too, or another) isolating this program from expansion (from just diplomat security) to avoid scrutiny of criminal use-- and seeing the Levi's (and some other UO / Eugene people) "implanting Hollywood" and academics (a front for Clapper) and EDO/ITT/Excellis/Vectrus used as a front (Hunzker, Widman) to implant the wealthy at Buildenberg events (or the like: insider trading),

-- seeing Don S Levi's son Adam H Levi pursue investments and securities as a specialty

-- seeing that the 1993 "awake to being sedated" would have been when Adam and Barrack were "done with school" and "wanted to make a mark in real world"-- probably a test run by Adam and Barack to implant others.

That is-- given the limited and small number of corrupt (guilty knowledge) government officials in the background-- and where we are at now (still crimes that are blatant for those who hear this implant broadcast (I think about 2000-4000)-- could not just be the intel folks involved (they root to military too-- but the transmitters, e.g. Navy or Coast Guard-- would get numbers, and be clueless as to what they mean (switchboard assignment ("posted" (always hearing one person, and can talk only to them) vs. "call up for conversation" (this part shut off by remote earplug feeling detection)))-- there would have to be significant support from the president-- he would have to be 100% clueless (even in his head-- I'd press charges against him like any other "I hear JD and I know I'm implanted" hostage who was a rapist-- or makes rapes happen by not doing their duty).

Again-- culpability in the past-- important, but not as important as RIGHT NOW-- and who is clinging to murders, rapes, tearing up the constitution-- and trying to attach their only value "get away with it" to other real values that do not need them.

Key points-- current culpability-- going from egrigiously evil (the spoiled varity: entitled, and detached) to the survivors.

1) President-- probably criminal back to 1993 (with implant raping, etc-- just implanting people w/o knowledge-- a bit beyond a "ruffie rape" every day)-- not sure if he knew about Clapper (maybe just thought what Don Levi did was just Don-- and not Clapper too (don't know if Don knew either).

2) DNI head-- the intel info integration point-- exploited to slow progress, and try to "re-take" info control (implant everyone who knows-- as if implanted FBI investigators or going to "give up" in a crime situation like this). Clapper is OCD with info control-- and knows what he is doing (years of vicarious epistemology observation with clues he set).

3) Other government officials-- either in support of program, bribed, coerced, or clueless and with predispositions to do illegal activities.

4) Going into hostages with some avenues of escape: "heroic efforts" seen as beyond abilities-- I expect for some-- this erodes as the smoke clears-- and the severity of the government crimes becomes evident to more people (them too).

Chronology (four stages: 1 legit development, 2 isolated internal take-over, 3 front actions, 4 crimes officially on the map)

1) 70s-80s AF & Navy set up implant reconasainse program

2) 80s-90s Clapper slowly takes over-- replaces some "stoppers" with ones that do not work (sabotaged)-- gets two fronts at least: Levi  + Contractors (EDO-Vectrus, etc.)

3) 90s-00s Levi's and Obama's implant many-- could be that the Levi's were used as a front with "Vectrus" -- since it looks like there is coordination between the contractor implants (security) and the Levi goals to "rip off" (Adam -- investments and securities-- Obama -- thinking "Robin Hood" (think his wife's name "Robinson"-- might have appealed to a "progressive rebel")-- even though he should have known about my foundation plans in 1994 (small amount robust enough to last to a larger goal with perpetual investing). But, given that the Levi's "randomly dialed" frequencies (I think Don Levi "got lucky" often, due to a James Clapper he did not know about).

4) 10s-- I get through-- Clapper's "seat in the back with his puppet reach around through Levi, etc" exposed-- and "egos fall hard" as the Obamas (including the president himself: mental breakdown in fragmented slow motion) discover for themselves what Barrack is really about: prestige, and crimes to get away with crimes-- and sacrificing all other values for that, while struggling to connect the evil actions with some good cause.


19 Aug 2015b $37 Smart Jammer (legal) (updated 10:23pm pacific)

I've heard that Gen. Kutyna (I suspect he was lead developer for the implants in the early 80s)-- from him: feedback for years.

I've started a "smart jammer"-- and noticed when I'd turn it on and off (both)-- due to the auto-gain being "off-boarded" (I suspect a VLF echo that squeezes through a "dynamic range" sweet spot of the interior transceivers (3rd signal ~AM (~1360) would be the "inside loop" matching the VLF in and LF out) -- the power would down about 5% for a brief period of time-- my voice (when speaking) would lower a bit in volume and intensity: I'm always on feedback too (and hear a tinnitus tone all the time)--but the feedback does go up and down (abuse use, etc.)

Here, for others:

-- Get the program here (free download):


-- ~$20: Get this Parallax "Quick Start" board (not the one at the above site-- this has everything built in):


-- ~$3: You will need a USB MINI cord (not MICRO or "A-B" type (micro is used for cell phones-- and is smaller than the mini connector)):


-- ~$3: You will need a 12 volt power supply--  a clip here that holds 8 AA (1.5 volt) batteries-- with two wires:


-- ~$7:  You will need a telescoping antenna (think ~6 feet long-- adjustable length is used for tuning : think 2200 meters divided by two repeatedly, until you get the longest length you can do = more power-- the 2200 meter zone has been pre-approved for general non-licensed use up to 1 watt (about a mile radius)-- you'd need antenna the size of your house to do that-- you would  have a hard time knocking out a bedroom sized zone):


(Legal for neighborhood "smart" knockout (see details)-- no worries for most-- again, you will have a hard time taking out a large area-- the antenna length has much to do with power-- and the ideal length here is about 2.2 kilometers long):


--~$4  : you will need wires to attach the antenna to the quick start board (you might get an antenna mount-- may need "converters" (sma to coax, etc.):


Total: ~$37

To use:

--- install the driver from the parallax website:


-- run the "tool" app

-- plug in the USB to the device (no power yet-- the USB will power it up for the program transfer)

-- See if the device is plugged in and working (dropdown from menu)

-- Make sure the RF Jammer and CTR programs are in the same folder

-- Load the RF Jammer program -- look at it: change the frequency to 136 (noted in short program-- this is a start-- the out bound is the goal to block-- this will mess up the inbound calibration, and inbound will be reduced (esp. with on/off (program) switching, see below).,

-- Load the RF Jammer as "top" and upload to EPROM -- the CTR program will go along automatically-- unplug the USB-- the program is there until replaced (e.g. with a new frequency adjustment by you)-- and will remain there even without power.

-- the "p0" wire-plug-in needs to connect to the core of the antenna (on the board: lower left hole in the wide black plug for the chip)

-- the antenna needs to be grounded (the ground from the quick start board (worked): but look into-- third prong in outlets (no electrical-- just don’t' use the standard two flat ones: I have plug with no device and a wire going from that prong to the antenna "shell" (shiny part)), sink pipes-- go ahead: add the ground from the quick-start too)-- my knowledge slips a bit here-- just the board ground (GND or VSS) that also goes to the black wire on the battery clip.

-- the battery clip: red to VDD, black to VSS (also GND)-- the USB cable will not power the quick start board for the jammer (only ~5.5v too).

-- there is a "program reset button" too


Again-- so far, about a 1% reduction after a noticeable 5% reduction with the inbound power auto-adjustment (~5 seconds or so) from just the above.

The issues: more power, more precision:

-- Goals to improve:

-- use more than one at a time (more reduction power-- more frequencies)

-- time the jammer to turn off and on to mess up the inbound auto-gain calibration -- I estimate about a 5-10 second interval (slow sweet spot adjustment) (simple programming)

-- fine-tune the frequencies: 136 to 136.xx or 136.xxx by making the frequency ~13600 and dividing all the count-down timers by 100 (simple programming)-- I estimate 3 decimal places, with a potential 4th (.0005 or .0000) to double the number of implant signals (three decimals with 0-9, and a "half" added with 0 or 5)

-- frequency range: 135.7–137.8 kHz -- try it all; more than one at a time

-- quick start has 8 potential independent frequencies-- maybe add more "width"-- not sure (programming: p0 is used-- use p1-7 too)-- maybe better "noise"


ANOTHER QUICK OPTION: A CARDBOARD BOX WITH 30+ Layers of foil (not tried, but an initial attempt seemed to garner a "Faraday Cage De-bunker" unit -- and the guy seemed frazzled that I did not respond to his questions (my brain damage)-- as if the "seamless" 1-lay bag on my head was working.

Booster Bag Faraday Cardboard Box with 30 layers of aluminum foil (with a big lip over-hang: shoe-box like that fits snug when done)




Nb: double duty of implant antenna : 136kHz goes to 17kHz (precise length = better reception/transmission (micro millimeter?)) -- maybe the "corkscrew mount" is an antenna (VLF , LF) and the two flat "tabs" are the AM antennas?)


Program idea (thanks Anne?)-- turn the rf jammer program into a barrage jammer:

adjust the frequency (up and down, or random range)-- would need the more precise .000 decimal divider too though (only a 1-3 integer range)-- and would have to be inserted where the frequency variable is used to adjust the antenna frequency stimulation timing (with a counter variable-- looks hooked to the 5MHz crystal variable (there is a crystal timer on the Parallax QuickStart board)

Nb: the "barrage jammer" -- would need "cycles" at a certain frequency-- like a few "seconds" at one frequency, then a few at another-- not continually adjusted timing-- a timed "loop cycle" like the on-off to mess with the calibrator-- but I'd do both , and prioritize the on/off (and with any success-- make more of the same with more $37 jammers-- also-- you can look into DC005 power adapters for proto-boards, and a 12v 1amp (maybe more amps) transformer might be a way to not just use AA batteries-- although some might know how to just splice the power from the transformer-- some people would have some left from other electronics devices (usually with specs on the transformer plug):

Also-- the most effective inbound stopper is the on/off (when on from off-- inbound increases (data loss with clipping with up first relfex: up inbound with distance or tunnel encounterd)-- then the loss is worse, it figures this out (going up makes it worse: now go down and settle in sweat spot of maximum transmission echo)-- off from on-- "out of the tunnel": turn down the inbound-- wasn't really blocked-- now is lower again, data is lost (clips the lower range (range = sweat spot to stimulate neuron threashold firing (maybe sums))-- then goes back up-- just reverse of off/on-- info loss = volume loss, not distortion (brain has to recognize patterns)).

Point: experiments with barrage sweeping may need open no-jam times to lower the inbound/outbound.

The parallax quickstart board suggests 9volts but has an 18 volt limit:


Power supply and plug to jack connectors (~$3 & ~$1):


(Note positive negative (gnd) polarity of inside & outside of the jack plug at the ebay sales link) 


(Would quire wires to hook up to quickstart board)

If you have ANY programming skills -- you can do this-- the programs a very short (like 1  printed page) and fairly explicit-- and the start here should work with nothing essential omitted (quite simplified from my initial attempts at a "smart jammer"-- quite a bit of research, electronics expenditures, and experimenting)-- I've been just about buried since I proposed this back in September 2014-- a month or so before the 2014 election-- really self-important politicians, etc.


02 Aug 2015b 

Looking at: what is the largest integrated group that can help end the crimes? It may be you.

What is the minimum number of people needed to implement and protect the crimes and criminals, now, and going back-- I see two figures in the way: #1: Clapper; #2: Obama -- #3: Levi-- his logician skills and "drug" sadist addiction used.

Besides the Russian business "contractor intel" (a "synodoche": probably appropriated by various intelligence agencies too (private/public: maybe with direct Clapper contact)-- outside listening)-- that problem: facilitation and catalyzing of people being implanted and "accessible" -- and accessing them-- a fundamental violation of human rights (beyond your epidermis: think legal liability)-- I point to the KGB (Putin, Medvedev-- because they came forward first-- and appeared to want to help: but where are we now-- and a press release ends this-- with, at most-- a war time effort to prepare for computer brain interfacing issues, and no shots fired).

(Advice-- get the pride out of the way of internal legal accountability-- full stories and honest abilty to correct any errors becomes a chance to teach others as you learn yourselves-- Russia: you have that switch to lower the volume (more "patch-work like"): still not used at a government level-- but understood this is not an institutional response, but something like a private interest group with hands in several institutions (at least Clapper + the Levi family)).

Passive observation of the general phenomenon-- a bit beyond callous journalists taking pictures of people on fire before calling the fire department.

(Advice: Report this web page to your local legal authorities-- they can have internet access-- verify that they see the page here that you see.)

Local US executive: speculation-- why the obstruction and sedition? With evidence: president is already using a dilaudid heroine drug supply to "control" (reward, habit, cold-turkey need) his staff and associates-- probably getting this supply from Adam H Levi. After I get through, he finds out about Don S Levi's abuse of me, his wife Katherine as nurse, and the supply to Adam. Further he begins to find he was implanted by Adam-- a Harvard student/peer -- probably around 1993-- but was already familiar with  executive security implants-- this was not the surprise-- being caught as a ruthless CEO psychopath was.

(Advice-- make victims whole -- some may prefer that in private-- others will have their say, as to their personal public history on record).

Clapper and the DNI: could be Clapper in the back all along-- the "secret observer" with the most consistently off-the map but "knows what's going on" perspective-- potentially "your neighborhood molester" vicariously enjoying what he facilitates, catalyzes, develops, and protects (don't think the KGB billionaires developed this-- not sure on how they might have protected this tech (patent office blocks, etc.)-- that would get bad, re: their culpability-- and it could be that, unlike the Air Force Space Commanders, etc. promoting the "they implant themselves" strategy (admittedly violating and uncool)-- I think their objective included forcing the tech public for wider public benefit soon after use-- Clapper seems to be clinging to a cover-up for his own abuses-- and may have messed with everyone involved, cloaked as Don S Levi (who may have been unsuspecting of the extent of Clapper's involvement with his life-- and using his identity (imitation?) for his own ends in others heads who heard Don too (not sure how large Don S Levi knew the "audience" was, as it grew (I think about 2000 people))-- if Clapper "directs the posting" (24/7 = a partner at least: maybe he wife) -- brings in his relation to the KGB and their families under focus-- to what extent was there collaboration? (did they even know Clapper? As some "Wizard of Oz" mystery?-- less can be more-- and people tend to project their own concerns and intelligence (a shallow mirror tain on the other side of deep reflection: again-- Clapper's "hobby" ruined so many lives-- and still abuses many more)-- seems this guy (and again, probably his wife Sue, paralleling Adam's parents offering 24/7 security with fire-guard) were growing an ornate maze of murder and abuse that sprawled on, with psychopath calling cards laid here and there-- including just about all the elements (implanted people and groups) that were used and abused.

(Advice-- Fire or eliminate Clapper: getting him out would probably unlock the information grid-lock-- Don, Sue, and Katherine could significantly reduce the abuse.)

The UO folks-- looks like they did much to "blow this up big"-- some to get it out in the open (Cheyney Ryan: wiring every scale public figure he could), to end the abuse-- others-- like and esp. Don S Levi-- indulging in their abusive behavior-- and pursuing their own interests to the extent of facilitating and catalyzing and working hard to extend their abuse "opportunities" (like a sadist drug habit)-- seems many of the logic/debate ploys left and right to buy time repeat those used by Don Levi himself-- he supplies the BS weaponry-- and some use it-- mostly Clapper and Obama.

(Advice-- the institutions do not own this (e.g. by cover-up)-- two issues only need go public -- brain-computer interfacing, and the crimes in general-- the interfacing-- fits in the spectrum of tech issues already out there-- monitors emanate more electrical than brains, can have "base-line divergences" (like differntial oscilloscope probes)-- and zero-tolerance there would be more difficult than "Faraday Yamaka fields that hide your thoughts from God" (cp. lightning towers for rockets)-- or "brain camouflage hats" that bury activation patterns with activation noise (that does not present patterns for the brain to recognize  any more than Wi-Fi)-- spy culture-- already going from cloak and dagger weaponry to undercover reporters-- illegal groundwork is intel frosting on the intel cake, and intel is the frosting on the military cake (budgets, etc.)).  The crimes-- in the US-- people have 20+ years of privacy (sealed court records)-- and the right to tell their stories. Hence-- the institutuions sever the severe criminal elements, do not own the crimes-- but triumph in ending them).

02 August 2015

Ocham's razor -- effiecient alternate scenario:

-- All sort of people implanted-- US government resources abused-- but many think they are just special agents.

-- "Contractor Intel" is the real deal-- using the implanted people for info

-- When I get through-- Contractor Intel posts everyone on me, rather than marks

-- The Don S Levi group-- just one of many-- and in this case-- severely abusive

-- Don, etc. -- just jump on any voices put in

-- Seems to be a "director"-- probably hooked up to US government: Clapper -- and Putin, and Levi-- have similar voices.


That "contractor intel"-- the KGB involved with the implant (see long drift from original insight-- Chanselor Merkel noted Putin not "truthing out" in a safe environment; Many hits on 20 May 2013 (Don S Levi's B-day) from Moscow-- a diversion from them-- but a sliver of conscience (I already had confirmation I got through)-- the mis-direction from them as the villians begins (not sure what support they have-- if there is any dissent amoung their group) :  Looks to me like they were implanted by the Air Force Space Commanders (the founders)-- who probably did such to force the technology public ("they implant themselves, we have access"-- and then... they have it: we must go public). Probably used Clapper-- and the UO professors. Look for not Russian intel-- but the private sector intel from Putin and his KGB Billionaire friends-- their spies inside the US government at key points: "James Comey" -- Commie, etc.


01 August 2015

Call the FBI and report this page (verify they see it on their end: they will have internet access): quanity of reports, and no "inbound phone number" tapped, when you find your own numbers: more than one (also: below-- do the specific (you are on their map) last.

MAJOR RE-ASSESSMENT: -- In 1997 the Omega Navigation System ends (probable: ear-stopper rectenna is now "imitated"-- finger in ear? (no: finger used tactile data-- those posted on: too bad)-- the "classified information broadcasting intercom" still works (turned off/on), but is always accessible

-- This means there was a pre-'97 prep: how many minimum people (and resources) needed for this? I suspect Obama was implanted '93-- (I think I was implanted back to '89 by SF Maj. David Capp (my landlord; private "echoes" with specific professors starts ~spring '91)-- but I "woke up to being sedated" by three women in the summer of '93 (I suspect: Katherine Anne Pearl Levi, Adam H Levi's wife Joanna Lyons Levi, and Winona Ryder's "introduction" to the implant-- really looks like a "practice run" for Don S Levi's son Adam H Levi (Now a DC asst. Attorney General -- investments and securities-- never seen him-- but for a brief awakening (the sedation event): strait brown hair (medium length, medium build, and glasses)-- a probable Obama student at Harvard (legacy, graduates HS ~1986); other male suspect-- a philosophy grad student ~'88 -- corrected papers for Don's Philosophy of Ethics class (brown hair, glasses-- tweed jacket-- Adam is my age; this guy was a few years older-- maybe a son, foster son, or intimate friend of Don's (I saw Don stroke the back of the man's hair-line / neck at a lecture they were attending))-- and I'm tortured 24/7 starting in the summer of '94 (still going: violated on pillory with rotating "guests" (hostages) with implied wider audience too-- they are "posted" on me-- why is there this procedure?: they hear me all the time-- cannot stop that inbound (not sure if they rotate through, or just get called in ("on-call" or maybe "round-robin" with other targets))-- and can talk to a target when they "want"-- looks like that "contractor intel" thing-- and now they are all on me instead of someone with insider or classified info).

-- Probable NORAD (or Air Force Space Command)-- receiver (radio telescope LF), Navy transmitter (VLF) (Note : Admiral Blair (EDO, DNI #1) and DNI #2 O'Sullivan -- Navy; Gen. Clapper (GeoEye / ITT; DNI #1): Air Force (Gen. Kutyna-- NORAD / Air Force Space Commander);

-- My suspicion: Colonel Clapper as Tech Applications head ('84 - see link below) sees implants pass through his "office," out of site of the "Air Force Space Commanders" (Gen. Kutyna-- communications control specialty in '84; Gen. Padden-- reconnaissance specialty in '84)-- Clapper and his wife check out the implants (in nose-- tooth floss (put back next day), or just implanted already) at night-- and their suburban sprawl of abuse is started via the implanted UO professors (Don S Levi-- probably already abusive). I think CLAPPER does this with his WIFE (profile: attracted to spy with big hands-- but not ultra handsome)-- a "Dr. mental Don and nurse physical Katherine" parallel (Don-- gestured once in class-- proud of stubby fingers):


-- Ear-plug simulation (and gestures) require NSA analog-digital recognition (the gated analog frequency slicing; and "near miss" pattern matching-- the gestures-- and the ear plug feeling would be an extension of this-- think: works in '84-- no satellites-- I think they never updated the implant equipment since then (maybe using generally updated VLF transmitters and LF receivers-- new computers, etc, but old implants; I estimate ~2000(0) frequencies on the 2200 meter (maybe frequencies separated like an "every other tooth" comb-- so that geographically near people's signals do not bleed into each other)-- three decimals on ~135kHz-~137kHz-- 100s of public figures identifiable by voice/personality-- many more now that I do not recognize)

-- NSA does not necessarily have to know why they are doing something (info management)-- what did NSA know about stopper simulation and WIDESPREAD use? For "unsuspecting double agents?"-- or EVERYONE? (Gen. Alexander does not "endorse this at all.")

-- VERY evil agendas are RARE-- hence a smaller group is expected (despite suburban sprawl over decades-- night by night, year by year-- using UO folks, including actor Robert Ryan's son, UO philosophy professor Cheyney Ryan (perceives problem: wires many to "get this huge, out in open"), and Don Levi's contact with Winona Ryder (via Timothy Leary-- Don met him getting his Ph.D at Harvard-- Ryder's Godfather))-- points of entry in "six-degrees of separation"-- politicians-- at least former first lady HR Clinton "implanted for her safety"-- actors for assistance-- without knowing mind-reading aspect-- and some probably tricked from being approached as "MOSAD consultant" to surprise: implanted "MOSAD spy"-- with no real MOSAD contact-- ie. Some coerced, blackmailed for unreal BS; at least for "sadistic satisfaction" and more control, etc.-- seems the top leadership "safety system" that is operated by Clapper (potentially covertly at first).

-- I suspect the Omega Navigation System is being brought back on-- Gen. Dempsey maybe thinking receivers for LF/VLF triangulation, but actually Russian ALPHA rectenna powering beacon replacements ("options")???-- not cool in my book-- looks like hostage extension plan

-- The current US government situation: plenty of folks now know of large-scale crisis-- but leadership is HIGHLY non-integrated at the top: the info management-- Clapper is probably dividing info (partial perspective "perception management" with a major immersed understanding of clues and figuring things out from observing people with few clues for years (vicarious observer)-- he seems to be a "knowledge of secrets" hobbyist too: his pro cloak and dagger taken into mob code of silence interest, etc.-- and his front "Don.")

-- The cleared people seem very unconnected up top-- but I see SO MANY investigators-- agent looking people in my neighborhood-- maybe some just implanted and checking each other out-- but clues seem to pass-- this means more than gossip-- and no way they will ever let go of the official grip and entry into the inevitable bust.

(NB: Don "puppets" many voices (common negative thread)-- why the necessity to make it sound like many villains-- or more than they are?)

Problem-- Clapper is central-- many in WH know: maybe all do-- but there may be mistrust-- and the first family: seem to be hostages, and I suspect the rest of the White House staff are "internal hostages" within the broader hostage situation mostly attacked by Don Levi and his family (w/ Ray Hyman)-- CLAPPER having access to the "security frequencies" that are probably different than the "agent implant" frequencies-- gives access that was not suspected-- and they continue to be hostages.

There is some military integration in response-- I've heard generals (Dempsey, Alexander and maybe Breedlove) -- Dempsey considering solutions, Alexander concerned about my patent info-- etc.-- but unclear why they have not integrated a constitutionally appropriate response-- many officers/soldiers may be hostages too, and getting info via a Clapper who is implicating the president.  How much "official information" (not mine) is not vetted by Clapper before distribution? The WH hostage situation: again-- looks like they have as separate frequency range for WH security-- Clapper runs this too-- and Clapper is at the heart of the criminal problem going back decades.

-- Hearing that some leadership (FBI head Comey, maybe others (maybe Clapper and his wife Sue too))-- are implanted, facing massive flack, and afraid that if they leave their positions, they will be "permanent hostages"-- not sure what they see on the other side of the question marks-- the classified info wall controlled by Clapper (et. al?).

I can see some leadership de-motivated by perceived legal consequences-- I hear many politicians-- and have notified them that they endanger their own lives by not acting quickly-- and not to be stalled by tech BS (Clapper et, al.: anecdotal crux issues) buying time for psychopaths to kill families, etc.

A bit speculative-- but looks like a Levi MO-- if a narcotic is used-- I suspect Dilaudid-- mentioned at local ERs in Eugene when I've taken my mother there-- Don S Levi's wife was a nurse in Eugene-- schedule 2-- very addictive opiate, ~2.5 x as strong as oxycodone per mg-- shorter 6 hour high-- extreme withdrawal from cold-turkey.

I hear much in the way of "anecdotal crux issues"-- seems to be a "hypothesize problems we may face" crew-- mostly young people-- "a pre-Codename Tempest (mid 80s) generation; easier for Clapper to intimidate-- can use new jargon to intimidate non-tech managers, etc.)-- are they the only ones cleared to solve problems here? Problem generators? Told to buy time to get the Omega up to power rectennas if the Russian Alpha is taken down? The entire situation looks like Clappers fantasy-- but I'd suspect that it may have been "appropriated" by others for criminal monetary, etc. gain-- unbeknownst to him.

On 10 April (DJ) 2014-- seemed "global went down with local relays"-- Russian ALPAH down? 11 April 2014 --the 411-- "Bush is in lockdown"-- a clue from a man on a phone indicating a message (maybe Russian? 41 and/or 43-- 41 appologized to me (for what? maybe the '89 implanting: computer wiz kid); 43 said his administration pushed waterboarding to see why their security mind-readers were not available for use)-- cp: Putin demanding a Destroyer (seeing Adm. Blair at EDO?)-- so I'm not certain where they were in their investigation at that point (I may have heard Putin recently-- thinking he might remember, many years from now, my comment: "there's a beacon in my backyard" -- long after turning off the ALPHA rectenna powering navigation beacons (which amateur radio operators suggest has info-- see link):


This may just power up rectennas, but may have implant signals too (inbound): or just used for other info transfer (divide by 10 (cheep smaller electronic parts (auto-gain off-boarded with echo)), 2200 meter as global "ham LF radio" (low signal competition), etc.-- suggest a parallel implant line).


30 July 2015b

Below-- executive summary-- does the president get this clarity from you? If big scare #s-- and not nukes-- please elaborate how, and how fast.

Subject: Clapper: fall guy for Dempsey? I'm not sure if Clapper is in a vs with Dempsey-- but consider:

1) going back to '93-- this looks a like a tactically organized approach-- Dempsey is 11B too-- and the spy shit looks sub-par (diversion vs. ? (double reverse psychology, etc.))-- preparing the switch-board relays to simulate operating ear-stopper-plugs by the feel of one in the ear: turn of inter-communication, while the outbound (and inbound) still is available-- this, set up before the Omega beacons (powering ear-stoppers) were shut down.

2) Clapper may have been asked to buy time (by Dempsey) while the defunct since '97 Omega was set up to replace the Alpha -- seeing that Russia had the power to drop the implant powering beacons ("Options"-- to do what?)

3) Clapper may have been used by his peers: fool Dempsy (peer support / manipulation too), etc: that Malech reader doesn't work-- you don't have to worry... (and they get recorded)

I don't accuse the military command of anything other than what they are doing now (using a rape-cult and raping people into silence: not "suppressive fire"-- unloading on a crowd)-- and how far does this go back? Again-- Clapper as "#1 spy" is a bit different than Dempsey as "#1 soldier" Also: Dempsy, appearing to "be a problem solver" and Clapper a "problem maker."-- both are suspects for me-- but Dempsy could stop this in a way that Clapper could not prevent (and not vice-versa (other than a "press release").

Also-- I'd look into '87 at Ft. Benning-- how many implanted? Me? There was a "Battalion name change parade"-- HUGE-- Dempsey, again-- 11B-- West Point-- but Ft. Benning is VERY infantry (Infantry, Air Assault, Airborne, Ranger, Special Forces).

Again-- severe this blight: disown, and triumph with a huge bust-- a PR would do-- full response from every legal angle-- and no more risk than CodeName Tempest Issues-- much bigger-- and this would also bring on full forces for preparedness for the inevitable (already here): brain-computer interfacing and Malech distance mind readers (less of an info loss threat than un-shielded monitor emotions decoded at a distance (human memory: fallible-- daydreams-- quantity of info-- biggest "integrated" priorities already implied by budgets (bombs, troops, and deployment-- and the defense against such))-- any reference to Nukes: BS (faraday cages, authorization codes from top to bottom, major safety and speed of deployment backups))-- information attrition and information inflation, etc.-- and counter-strategies to a slow to grow problem needs fuller force immediately against the soon-public knowledge (e.g.: don't surprise your full capability forces with a science announcement from left field))-- + the cost of hostages, and diplomatic impact by trying to own these international crimes longer.

Also-- people were fooled that they were "double agents" here in the US-- as if Mossad, etc. would not simply deny this if it were real-- and of course, another trick to manipulate.


30 July 2015

Russia could take the lead in the ending of the international implant hostage situation (and idiotic world take over attempt): drop the ALPHA Russian NAVAID immediately-- all implants go dead? (rectenna range).

(Watch out for US cirminal military leadership (not all, I hope-- no signs of dissent yet for me: really ashamed of the US military at this point: not defending The Constitution, defending your leadership's "brilliant higher values" (they don't deserve morale, until they are moral-- but I already see it now: they care shit zero about me, and the current state of war crimes under more scrutiny indicates a long past even worse) bringing on the old OMEGA to replace this (Martin Dempsy: untrustworthy-- other covert nations sabotage these)).

29 July 2015 

Looking back-- (and see below) -- I think the Omega Navigation System was taken down on purpuse-- and that there was pre-planning going back at least to 1993 (the practice run on me by Adam H Levi-- probably for Obama later-- a Harvard Law prodegy (think: Harvard, Yale, lawyers, managers-- the "presidential demographic"-- who else would look like such an obvious future candidate)-- this is looking militantly organized-- criminals "learn by doing"-- military learns to train and practice. Me being tortured 24/7-- starts in the summer of '94-- less than three years before the 1997 closing of the Omega Navigation System (see just below). Again-- obvious "secret world take-over attempt"-- but I'm not sure where a "mis-guided (simple minded) good utilitarian intentions" end and the criminal "make money and rape" agenda starts (personel)-- buying time now gives obviously evil and criminal elements time to do more crimes-- if a nuke crew was placed-- buying time to find them makes a nuke launch more likely: a press release ends that threat just about immediately as the full force of the institution is brought to bare (think: nuke crews not evil-- but brain-washed and tricked into thinking they would be doing the right thing-- what patterns do you see now?) Look at the current solutions used by the military-- out in the open, doing the crimes they are denying they did in the past.

28 July 2015b 

I'm certain that Joint Chiefs of Staff head Martin Dempsy is hooked on an opiate. His "think I'll get in the kool-aid line" remark a couple years ago (hinting at "get out of jail by pretending to be hostages"-- implicating the entire White House)-- and hearing what sounded like him shooting up (thought it was diaphragm attacks)-- and the dumb pun on his name (MD) -- probably hooked-- coerced, or using this as an excuse.

Over the years-- I've heard one "not the Pentagon" senario after another-- also-- look at the Pentagon issue with gambling and prositution paid for by US tax payers-- these idiots probablly started pushing implants post 1997-- after the Omega Navigation Network was dismantled, and the external ear-canal stoppers stopped working. Of course the UO folks are evil-- but thinking these professors pulled this over on the Pentagon is ludicrous-- they don't have that organized training that would lead even to ideas like doing a practice run on me (summer 1993) before imlpanting Obama at Harvard-- looks like Comey was placed for soldiers to think they needed to kill the president, since his pattern was to not let a wounded leader be coerced. These are WAR crimes that delay full institutional preparedness for the inevitable computer brain interfacing-- and not due to Nukes (Faraday Caged-- protected from all electro magnetic attacks)-- nothing fast and huge-- this is insane--beyond incompetence-- they (the military leadership) are most likely trying to cover for raping celebrities (the prositutes on expense accounts thing)-- and for raking in money with insider trading (the richest people on the planet: I've heard them). The idea that some small contingent-- the UO profs, "Adam & the President," molestor Clapper, Vectrus-- some retired Air Force Space Commanders-- doing this: what a joke-- but what would you expect from criminals to divert to, when they are so stupid, they think that their hostages will not RUN to that tank of computer-brain interfacing and verified testimony coming down the road (foreign intel folks must have already reported: low voltage differential oscilloscope probes in noses, ears, etc.) Where else would you expect an OBVIOUS world take over attempt, using US taxpayer money and resources with a bone-headed reduction of values to utilitarianism and their "science" of "we know better" as an exuse to themselves. They are rapists and mass-murderers-- plain and simple-- look at their approach right now (expect the worst to be "reluctant supporters"-- this lends even more credibility to the crimes: "I don't want to-- but we must.") Shame on you to all military folks who are active, and know. I'm an 11B NG specialist from '87-'93-- and these war criminals are not the heroes of World War II-- these are spoiled brats who'd start World War III since THEIR lives are over (current global provocations)

A voice claiming to be from communications contractor Harris sounded floored when reporting the Pentagon refusal that they jam the signals-- but had expected such from the WH (given the "radio show.") The soldier reporting that he'd called people into a signal free zone to see what the hell was going on reported: "they already knew."

I'm not sure how calls are done (I was implanted in my sleep 24+ years ago)-- you don't need "equipment"-- even samplers can be done by sign language (agents in the field, time-stamping recordings with gestgures); but I'd look-- have the "stoppers" seemed to work? Test them (do they emit a radio signal when an inbound signal should light up the rectenna?)-- how many "young soldiers" would it take to make this seem to work? or the tactile feeling (sent in signal) of one in the ear? (maybe try a finger in the ear, or nose), Or some "fake controllers?" Also-- who are the marks? The actors and/or the soldiers and/or the rich and powerful people?

Again-- the current approach to solutions indicates the crimes they are trying to hide.

28 July 2015a

Given that the implants are rectenna powered-- maybe the "ear-stoppers" are too: could be that the Russian ALPHA NAVAID beacons power the implant (~16.2kHz)-- makes sense, if framing the USSR-- but the US Omega navigation system beacons may have been used for the ear-stoppers (maybe a joke on "heroic help")-- but this was dismantled, ending in 1997. Could be the crimes were widened dramatically after that, as the program managers did not update the stoppers.


28 July 2015

Given that the top would truth-out at this point-- this makes sense:

I've heard about 50 people who are criminally involved with the UO profs-- Don S Levi, Ray Hyman-- etc.-- basically "stress-emotion drama drug addicts" protecting their fix supply.

These people may be misinformed that helping them against the top US leadership (that the UO profs have access to): Again-- about 50 family members, friends, peers, and former students-- involved in opposition to the US leadership-- who are obviously looking suspect with their current barbaric approach to "safety."

So-- yes-- look into a flaw (battery or rectenna (what frequency? Omega? Old? Burnout)) that the senior leadership did not know about-- and this (still) being exploited by the UO "radical" professors, etc.

27 July 2015


This is from Air Force magazine November 1984 -- The Malech based mind-radio tech goes back to 1974, and there are less than a dozen people in the Air Force leadership that would be relevant to the implant tech: the Air Force Space Commanders (the founders) look like they had this ("NASA grade receivers")-- e.g. Gen. Kutyna (p. 157 - no photo) running communications and sensor tech, Gen. Paden running reconaisance (listed), etc. Col. James Clapper was running that "office with a desk" at the top of AF tech intel-- this tech would have passed through there-- and just about only he could steal this without the group knowing.

Looking back on the Codename Tempest issues (public for some time)-- many tech issues including monitors not being shielded: they could be decoded at a distance by monitoring their eminations remotely-- and there is much more information throughput on a monitor than through a person's head that would be valuable information (both government and private sector: at the time-- less monitors = more valuable throughput per monitor)-- this was a global issue-- still addressed: but you can see that this issue, caught in progress, would provide more info with less diplomatic or legal risk (humans not violated, just machines). And monitor sheilding was just one issue. Every country would have statistics on this-- I don't recall war crimes being done to deal with it. Again: get your humanity-- some many national treasures (here and abroad) may die after years, if not decades of being hostages-- probably many in Clapper's sphere.


25 July 2015a 

Hostages: please back-up my call to the FBI, ODNI, and DOJ-- a good lie: "I have a friend who I reasonably suspect is implanted with some sort of communications device-- they pointed me to JD Casten's website-- and I see this as real-- more than a paranoid suspicion-- could you please look into it-- I'd rather not comprimise my friend's privacy." -- or just relate your real story-- probably the best. No legal consequences to express you very real suspicions about a crime-- you will not be busted for seeming crazy (those implanted in their sleep, etc.)

The DOJ intel switchboard (202) 514-1057 -- getting Briana Charboneau directly (no operator relay) and hearing her deny she knew who I was, and our prior conversation when she had called me back and confirmed my contact about a year ago: ODNI GC -- (703)-275-2527.

25 July 2015

At this point: realizing. - I will have to wait 5-10 years for the science of brain-computer interfacing and verified testimony to emerge: my contact was contained.

Codename tempest (the 80s discovery of emanations being analyzed (like seeing computer screens from the electrical emanations)) . this was a much bigger threat caught in progress: tech levels of info. stolen remotely, without the legal diplomatic risk of violating human beings. look at the impact assessment for that. you will see this radio-mind tech. has much less info at stake, and having to at least "brain-rape" people to get the info. this alone demonstrates the REAL intel leadership already had a feel for the real threat. less than that from Codename Tempest adjustments. This includes private sector.

Also. Nuke crews are radio protected (think MX "garages" having Faraday cages). they have been since the beginning of electronic warfare analysis (protection from electrical bombs and satalite attacks to knock out the equipment): even if crews were attacked. there is so much back-up on speed of deployment, and safety triple checks. this would not really be an issue either.

So. given that, and that I hear these government officials: clear. my contact has been contained. and we will have to wait for the tank of science developing computer brain interfacing coming down the road (incentivized by money. think Nintendo We, Sony Playstation, Microsoft XBox and an HDMI interface. a pair of glasses or hat where the electronics in the glasses or hat do the high speed pre-calibrated "reverse speed triangulating" of the signal to sum weaves of 60 gig a Hz wi-fi and have independent timing for different regions of the brain (think the cord of nerves going back from the eyes and the visual areas at the back of the brain (and user adjusted "focus" variables)). the information provided by the computer can be any speed: like 24Hz or 60Hz or 120Hz . the patterns generated by the interface, probably in the kHz. Hz here seen as frames per second)). When used in reverse (stimulating signals recieved), this will also bring the inner voice out (already discussed publicly by scientists: the data. your voice as you speak has the parallel of the inner voice too)). this will bring verified testimony (the estimate by Brian Pasley. a public international science development in about 5-10 years out (see the 2011 Guardian article)). and improved precision in investigations. then, the hostages can begin to verify their testimony, and break up.

The "fascist rape cult" running the US government. (Fascist here: although not really about utilitarian efficiency (somehow. my delayed additional foundation with restitution. is less valuable than rape for crowd-control). they really are about total control of a government-private sector synergy. but just end up killing, raping, and stealing money. not changing democratic public attitudes through education, but probably obstructing help (like now: "you won't turn our weapon in to justice and medicine" like a cure for the blind and auto-pain or chronic depression reducers that detect, and offset pain or depression with pleasure without chemical side effects.

My additional charity foundation to reduce suffering and protect bio-diversity: always good to increase the variables (goals, initial money). to make additions tied to any other variables (good or bad) = evil.

And me: I would offset delays from lower initial principle (lower than all my money, minus living and project expenses). keeping more money for my "added value" use. and I would pay the future loss from any one lower initial principle foundation in the future with "interest" by starting a secondary foundation (some project money): more than making up for the "one-time" losses of gift arising from hitting the same goals adjusted for inflation later (an area. not perpetual losses). these secondary foundations. all this. no more logistically controversial than the global pension system lasting three back-to-back retirement funds and perpetual foundations not being outlawed globally. Delays in justice, due process, and restitution for me result in thousands dead daily.





23 July 2015b

Called the ODNI General Councel today: 23 July 2015 -- after calling the DOJ intel switchboard (202) 514-1057 -- getting Briana Charboneau directly (no operator relay) and hearing her deny she knew who I was, and our prior conversation when she had called me back and confirmed my contact about a year ago: ODNI GC -- (703)-275-2527



23 July 2015

I've noted in my emails to US leadership: the hostages need to be interogated in any event-- why do I, or anyone, have to be raped on a pillory up here? Don S Levi is the most vicious rapist, with Ray Hyman a distant second-- they could be removed-- and it sounds like you contact them and deal with them anyway: tell them they will be arrested if they do anything but police the info-- if you are worried about other people being "thrown in the zone." But-- better yet-- instead of using a rape cult to "verify that people are not going to the press or FBI"-- why not use intel to do this-- and only verify that they are not going to the press? This way, any other classified info (I've heard people were posted on government officials)-- this info would be less in risk of being sold.

US Intel-- the rape cult is not huge-- replace them with your own in the head interrogators. Safer-- more controllable-- and it is already obvious that you are USING this cult now.

And also-- Nukes are not at stake (more than triple back-up on quick deployment and robust verificaton: 60+ years and no false bombings).

Where are any "scare numbers" comming from: economic impact from information attritrion, in an era of information inflation? Again-- new ways to do crimes, but the same number of criminals on average; new ways to gather info, but the same budgets on average (and baseline with current methods with less risk: blow-dart radio listenting devices, cameras and microphones in rooms, monitor emmisions, and hacking computers and remotely viewing)-- and then the endless benefits, like verified testimony (question mark / green light); cure for the blind (with independent brain regions and timings); automatic pain reducures (sense, and compensate with pleasure); automatic depression reducers as well: think-- global reduction of domestic abuse, and pain. Women having a baby might like this, etc.-- you are holding back a consdierable amount of suffering reduction on planet earth.


20 July 2015 

An idea-- run quickly down the chain of command to everyone (even in the mail)-- give everyone an "ear stopper" for the mean-time-- given them enough for friends and families-- if not manufacutred-- they are simple-- make the equivalent ASAP-- engineers do not need to know why they are making "wideband radio tone" devices (eg: blocking the outbound (and hence, also the inbound auto-gain calibrator)-- this would be low-power radio noise)).

19 July 2015

Here is my current speculation: What Don S Levi does as a "full time job" -- James Clapper does as a "hobby."

--Hearing a voice -- Gen. Denis Blair-- we didn't set up that "ready-made conspiracy theory" that the UO profs stumbled upon (ditto with Gen. Kutyna)

--Clapper-- now in charge of DNI (where's Lt. Gen Stewart?)-- probably in charge of the compartmentalized implant program, and "who gets to know about it"

--Clapper-- would know that replacing every intel head (top, and specific intel branch: FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, etc.)-- buys time, and slows preparedness-- staffs have to get up to speed.

--The DOD did not need more time to prepare with an intel buy-time diversion: they are "good-to-go" (verify this: I've heard it plenty-- looks like they had to discover the problem independently)

--Hearing: every significant figure is not in harmony with Clapper (S O'Sullivan, R. Litt, Kutyna, Blair)-- Kutyna, Blair, Meyerriecks-- willing to "truth-out" with verified testimony.

--Clapper seems in tandem with Don Levi at times: "tech cruxes" that don't take full "negative feedback loop" ecology of information, threat mitigations into accounts-- basically: looking at future inevitable problems, not solving the current crisis-- actually using hypotheticals to buy time: and knowing buying time means people are brain-raped, butt-raped, injured, and killed.

--The implant program-- they would know about "ear stoppers"-- radio white noise generators that operate as an external switch-- for those who got one: not adequate to the highest levels of classified information: the implants were designed for field agents (and unsuspecting double agents) with "need to know" levels of knowledge-- not managers only getting 10% of the broadcast info on a "secret phone line." (more info broadcast out from agents, as they observe: only vocal needed for communication). Did everyone get "ear stoppers?"-- seems the UO profs did not-- and they discovered more when they randomly tuned into frequencies (the "ready-made conspiracy theory")-- and they look like a common martial arts tactic: diversion-- a flashy (LSD drug users, and molesters) diversion-- given that Clapper did not know when the crimes would be "caught."

Again-- my speculation: A young clapper in his 30s-40s -- USAF, in his spare time-- sets up the UO profs (before Don S Levi has President Obama implanted at Harvard ~1990 via his son, a student there: Adam H Levi (now a DC assistant AG)) (Clapper sounds a bit like Don S Levi-- like Moe from the three stooges). 30 years later: he is in charge of the DNI (go back a year or so: hear his confession, as if he were being puppet-ed to make it with "Cheyney Ryanb" who sounds a bit like the "Gen. Kutyna voice" (strong tenor))-- may have tried to frame Gen. Kutyna with "dumb puns" and "psychopath calling cards").


05 June 2015

Under the radar solution: call every head directly or with public address recording on the implant signal line (call this #): ~$5000 direct deposit for lost work and transportation costs to a hospital for de-implanting (potential: plane reservations made for rural, international survivors, etc.): Deposition at hospital (might be a "recorded" swearing out before de-implanting) and implant material kept: ~$500,000 direct deposit after; keep in touch for any further litigation, etc.

04 June 2015

I expect a 2016 presidential election ETA goal for the criminals-- with the "no info" lid on the "raped press" pressure -- lifted (at least by Don S Levi and Barack Obama):

1) Don S Levi (age 79-- and liberal, not progressive)-- would motive: narcissistic spectacle, and damage risk (historical spectacle)

2) Barack Obama (meeting Don over 20 years ago, would like to "win for the Dems") would go for a "last minute swift boat veterans" framing of the candidate (think the 411 (info, Bush 41-- after DJ 4-10, more global communications networks down to check local influence) : "Bush is in lock down" clue I got April 11, 2014)-- would be a too late to prove wrong framing that would impact the election: motive-- narcissistic spectacle and "winning."

Method: multiple question marks (red herrings, etc.), non-compliance, restrict size of force deployed to issues ("top secret"), exploit manager psychology (accountability, black-mailing from in head info (Rice (look at her "public" actions: freeze, assess, then: this is no a solution)), exploit bad department cultures, use fellow criminals (Pentagon contractor interfaces).


I am not confident that the real Pentagon has been cleared-- most likely that "3rd option group" simulated this: nuke crews-- still accessible and pliable. Four months after clearance-- and still war crimes?

Also the solution is simple: call up everyone on the implant line, one at a time: offer restitution (direct deposit) and a de-implanting scheduled at a local hospital. Public disclosure necessary.

03 June 2015

Noting-- you may have a hard time finding those NASA grade Low Frequency (2200 meter band, 136KHz) receivers to triangulate signals (esp. w/o military or government cooperation globally).

A couple of options:

1) Use the inbound as a PA: -- with a recording on repeat, give a phone # -- and offer initial restitution and de-implanting just about all languages-- could be done off me line-- the local abusers -- are not checking everyone-- people who used to hear government tech buyers now hear only me.

2) After FAST emergency preparedness (implanted nuke crews / leadership + predelegation events)-- a press release that reveals the suspects (probably plural)-- those providing inbound signals-- anyone caught at that point is an idiot-- slower issues with implants (e.g.: abductions to gain nuke communication line access) = problems of scale that are addressed more quickly with more expertise that comes with a press release. The militaries of the world will do this press release without a coup, or firing a shot-- looks like global leadership had too much conflict of interest, and complete detachment from impact realites.

AP -- Eugene local (today) and global press violated -- the pressure with the not-enough-info lid on tight : goal is clear-- massive risk, and a huge "look at me" (for those already narcissistically addicted at scale).

This implant was designed for agents-- the inbound is low-bandwidth (VLF-- for the low powered internal receiver)-- the outbound has more info (LF-- can be heard with very sensitive receivers)-- there would be "remote viewers" going back to the original conception-- where are these people? The inbound signal is not necessary (powered by the beacons ~16.2KHz)-- and might be detected. The 136KHz range (2200 meter LF) is globally set aside for "ham radio" testing.

That "dumb idea" : "they implant themselves, we have access" (probably Reagan's idea, revealed by Putin (with double meaning joke)-- still bad (violating)-- but would imply: this is used publicly in short order-- they would have it too. Nuke crews made accessible to local transmitters was never a goal: radio waves are perfect sine waves-- you can predict the next peak just out of the curve of the present one-- and phase cancel and add to replace local signals with yours (AM type-- even with static)-- maybe peppered implanted crew members werre found by military dragnet implanting (I was at Ft. Benning in 1987-- and a published wiz-kid by then).

02 June 2015



Note the BACN debate (technical vs. bureaucracy of acquisition): the scientists were hitting a block when pushing for moving to an air command that may have reassigned some radio frequency ranges. Beyond radio frequency assignment relating to any implant contractor, this relates to Exelis specifically: they are a ground communications company, and air tech contractors would be used-- and my research indicates they have the implant tech (property trail: RG Malech (1974 patent), Dorne & Margolin, EDO, ITT, Exelis (Vectrus))-- it makes sense that they would use their marks to resist this. I think that the "artist collection" (like actors, tricked into being implanted with "fail-safe script recitation" (embarrassing to disclose)) were hearing people they were posted on, much like many hear only me now-- the marks of the contractor (intel) (the implanted bureaucracy of acquisition). They probably were there to report (when interrogated in their heads) if they heard anything-- and that might trigger closer looks at potential tapes. The contractors would have "remote glasses" w/o implants-- could experience the stars with at least 10x as much information (vivid sex, etc.). Excelis is a global contractor (as is ITT)-- and have probably placed leadership in many governments, at critical security points.

Those arguing for non-disclosure for preparedness seem to forget: getting the full force on board gets you more prepared faster. And computer-brain interfacing is a tank of science coming down the road (already here)-- you have no choice, and getting the full force working gets this resolved faster. Ask-- do these "experts" demanding non-disclosure have a conflict of interest (they will face trials). From what I've seen-- the president is hooked up to the University of Oregon professors and Don S Levi through his Harvard contact with Adam H Levi-- not the contractor intel, which may have been initiated by the "Levi-cult"-- but which probably detached with some folks who did not need to be raped into compliance, but wanted to do this. Of course: any people who "got into" doing the contractor intel would not stay connected to the UO/Levi-cult group or those raped into compliance.

01 June 2015

People seem to shut up when I ask "Do you work for ITT?" (ITT would have had the "trade secret" that is now public domain).

I've heard "we've wired nuke crews globally to keep the world safe" scenarios-- this is dangerous, as LF & VLF amplitude modulation signals (where only the peeks are changed in a perfect sine wave)-- can be "anticipated" by the change in the sine wave curve-- a computer could anticipate then next peak, and not only phase-cancel the signal, but add/subtract to create outbound signals and inbound signals that they control (their content)-- and this could be faded in slowly over weeks (using "typical recordings" etc.)-- also violates so many democratically approved treaties-- and is egregiously provocative and invasive into core national defense measures. I suspect crews were "peppered" with implanted people-- due only to drag-net implanting (West Point, etc.) in the contractor demographic.

The "Barrack Obama" voice-- at just about the only time sounding decent and helpful: a lie. He claimed-- the outbound is 162KHz-- but there is a 162KHz 2 Megawatt transmitter in France-- and global "NASA grade receivers" would not hear a 162KHz rectenna powered implant (the 16.2KHz band may be used for the rectenna power-- looks like a Russian Alpha navaid beacon frequency).

162KHz - French time beacon


This indicates-- more like 136KHz on the outbound-- ~13.6KHz on the inbound (again, process of elimination with those who have the equipment).

The "Barrack Obama" voice-- at just about the only time sounding decent and helpful: a lie. He claimed-- the outbound is 162KHz-- but there is a 162KHz 2 Megawatt transmitter in France-- and global "NASA grade receivers" would not hear a 162KHz rectenna powered implant (the 16.2KHz band may be used for the rectenna power-- looks like a Russian Alpha navaid beacon frequency). Any "I was providing a diversion" notion is ludicroius-- people would not stop trying a "jammer" if 162KHz failed-- he was going for the "I'm attacked, need help, and am trying to help."-- BS. (Ham radio-- I've revised my estimate-- looking at Europe too: 136KHz  out from the head-- maybe a 1360KHz inner-- divide by 10 and multiply by 10 components, I think, are more common (hence developed more)-- 16.2KHz-- maybe used for the rectenna).

Also-- I've been moving server hosts-- back to the US (from one.com in Denmark)-- with a VPS (faster, can scale up-- my front lawn is mown too, and I'm prepared for press releases strait from my head when the press has a usable "inner voice on a speaker"-- given the current need for an citizen information militia in light of the legal and military failure. PRESS-- go to MIT, etc.-- they can put inner voice on a speaker: a citizen "information militia" has become necessary in light of legal and miltiary failure.

(This is nowhere remotely near legal-- the conflict of interest is clear-- AG "Lynch" and "it depends on what the meaning of word 'is' is."  Clear to me-- a malignant narcissist-- in a "look at me temper tantrum" -- make the "look at me" huge. Again-- when it sounds like officials are on the line (recognizable voices) starlets (including my friend Winona Ryder) let them know she's been raped over the implant by Obama-- she wouldn't fuck around with something this important-- others have said the same-- looks like a "my life is over, I'll take advantage of opportunities" thing-- and the "no one will believe this MO.")

FBI approach is probably the block priority (don't let hostages pursue legal action, under the radar-- make the press furious, and blow the lid off big-time).

Death sentence-- not for President (probably the Hague, or solitary-- too big, unprecedented)-- for peers roped in over the last two years.

Noted the racist Idea I heard about (either Rice or Lynch relating: "they want to foment a black rebellion"-- as if black people in general can't distinguish a black man from a psychopath).

Re: Susan Rice-- she did the right thing-- there is a "car crash" crisis-- "freeze" for initial assessment makes sense-- any thoughts she had (probably manipulated)-- should have been private-- not "real"-- and irrelevant. A middle finger response from the president-- instead of a sigh of relief when she says ~"we don't do this"-- now, a year+ later-- pretty clear.

Why am I still violated? Because people are getting less info to report? Are less motivated? Don't have books to read if thrown in permanently in a public space?

The press: will "double blind" with investigators (if they have not already)-- and approach scientists for "inner voice in a box"-- (Gallant's Berkeley group-- B. Pasley, Kurzweil, etc.-- many scientists could do this, given the initial ideas).

Again-- hard to confirm-- looks like Malia backed up Sasha-- "tension release for the president"-- but may not have known about Sasha: "Sasha too?"

I know this sounds hard to believe-- might be "lowering expectations"-- but look where we are at now:

I see:

President sides with "option 3"-- the military contractor interface people who knew executions for them were coming down the line.

Intel is told: buy time with phony assessments (at least on the implant signal)-- buy time for the DOD to get their shit together.

DOD is not told-- their intel sees the CIA converge in Eugene, and begin the process of: "this is real, pay attention-- action needed"

Pentagon finds they are saturated beyond expectation-- due to soldier hostages interacting on the implant signal (me)-- and developing (with me, and with each other-- the "go into a war room, and pull senior cleared trusted staff into to find out what gives")--  find out "they already knew"-- evidently-- not how much-- days later: barrage jammers to clear the space-- and the rest of the DOD-- finally the military intel is heard.

I hear (in my neighborhood) "good to go"-- this indicates the military is ready: given the scope of "reconnaissance Ranger split off teams to implanted people take a vacation or have a "stop-gap" non-implanted assistant,  nuke crews and predelegation issues addressed (short-term jam cover + implanted leaders already know (they hear me-- and could be approached directly)" being quickly addressed-- military preparedness--- so much more fundamental than intel-- should not be an issue now.

(Also-- Intel-- this is a technology that fits in the spectrum-- radio listening devices picking up speech are unacceptable too-- this just adds extra-- these issues--mostly covered-- abductions of foreign agents -- rare-- because their identities are not known (pseudonyms: redacted)-- and there is value in just observing agents (the observers are not revealed-- more data later with "following") and abductions can lead to added value too (observed channels can be confirmed as intel communication lines with "statistically tagged" data flow measurements).

People being fooled need to see-- history never diverges far from it's trajectories-- even computer brain interfacing is a slow tank coming down the road (already hear, at least with my advances)-- radio listening devices, and defenses-- go back a century. More than "verified testimony" "auto-pain reducers" and "treatments for blindness" are being held back... so is enhanced national and global security (new tools-- with advantage over the new adversaries: terrorists and international organized crime-- and at least parity with traditional adversaries).

Of course, a crisis takes time to assess, esp. when your QB is raping you from behind.

Please play my "I hate you" tape (if you have it-- microphone in my room/neighborhood from ~two nights ago ) to the leadership-- I feel this way-- it demonstrates the "point break" of "Chinese water torture" drips.

28 May 2015

Looking at some frequency use:

162KHz - French time beacon


100KHz - Russian radio navigation:




25 May 2015

NB: if you have not found the inbound frequencies (I suspect 13.6KHz and 16.2KHz)-- use the process of elimination with adjustable wideband radio noise generators (block all, then some, etc.)-- if you only have my signal to look at, listen on my outbound, to see if I'm being addressed on the inbound-- I never have more than a three minutes of "non-engagement" (although when engaged in some activities: checking email, etc., rarely-- their will be less -- just reminders about every 5 or so minutes that I'm still being observed).

It looks like Barack Obama is running out the clock of his presidential term, in hopes of escaping after out of office.

Department of Defense-- you should see by now that the White House, DOJ, FBI, DNI, etc.-- can not do their jobs. I advise a press release -- any employees in the other agencies are too intimidated, re: "national security issues"-- you should know better-- and a quick assessment should lead to you, not "going for Mutiny on the Bounty"-- but simply letting the world know what's up-- the sort of assessment I'd expect from the DOD:

1) Weapons of Mass Destruction-- understood that a quick check for implanted crews, and "pre-delegation" (auto-nuke policies) that might be triggered by implanted leadership (domestic and foreign) would be a first-- i.e. the common sense that such issues might take priority over hostage release-- a reasonable amount of time for the smoke to clear and take care of "fast huge" potentialities.

2) If the DOD has many people implanted, and did not know this-- they get paired up with a "watch"-- most were probably "observed" for info, if anything.

3) Other threats take time to develop-- for combat, Ranger's attached to platoons or companies in the field would hit the obvious threat-- reconnaissance teams being captured, and the base location disclosed-- like Marines having wide left and right elements on a road march-- the Ranger elements could split off early and provide reconnaissance info (radio & otherwise) (other than that, need to know = don't know; abducted soldiers gets nothing).

The REAL DOD does not do war crimes for preparedness-- the intel would have been lied to (have heard: the White House has failed in its integration duty-- my head-space-- used as an alternate-- multiple intel agencies probably using my record for the same).

I'd look at: DC lawyer Adam H Levi (Don S Levi's son) as a potential "drug dealer" -- look at John Carlin, and Barack Obama (he probably met Adam at Harvard)-- Obama would need more support than a rogue (unlawful) DOD element-- and may be using info from his staff's heads as blackmail, and forcing them into rape scenarios at night (see Dempsey and Blinken).

Investigators (and others) should be asking the leadership calling the shots: "if this situation was disclosed, would you be charged, and put on trial?" "if hostages were let out of the situation, would be charged, and put on trial?" "do you think this colors your judgment?"

24 May 2015

Foreign (and private sector) intel-- if you are providing "flack" to buy time to obtain more US classified info-- might note that your adversaries are too-- poaching US intel against you. Could be that US intel thought they were "buying time" with their intel analysis (heard on the implant signal) for the DOD to prepare-- while the DOD was not even closely to being adequately informed about the situation and threats (think weapons of mass destruction-- nuclear, biological and chemical: after about two weeks to assess the nukes (crews implanted and "pre-delegation" auto-nuke policies (both domestic and foreign (with leadership implanted and manipulate-able / killable (surprise accidents, falls, etc.))-- the rest of the issues of scale take time-- and buying time, buys time to enact these other threats (chemical, biological).

Thinking about the consistency of voices, despite the "puppeting" -- see three couples: Don S Levi (the "nag dad" out to make you ashamed with Ph.D. logic) and his wife Katherine Pearl Levi (gruff voice-- rare-- the "physical" nurse with drugs); Adam H Levi (mocking and stupidity, the DC drug dealer for mom) and his wife Joanna Lyons Levi (the "shrill" immature drug abuser); Barrack Obama ("Jude the rape messiah" who does not resist tandem with Adam and mocks me with him) and his wife Michelle Obama (pretends to be Winona Ryder (a friend of mine), and demands respect from me (were success respect means more than the actual accomplishments)). This makes sense: the Obama's met the Levi's decades ago (given the present situation, and the probable connection at Harvard in the late 80s, early 90s).

22 May 2015

I'd look at both the 136KHz/13.6KHz (international) and 162KHz/16.2KHz (US focus) pairings of frequencies (outbound from head LF, inbound VLF) -- some people may have been "double tapped" (e.g. presidents)

19 May 2015

nb: INTERNATIONAL BAND-- more likely 136KHz outbound from heads, 13.6KHz inbound from remote source (international frequency zones-- in US 136KHz-- still ham hobby- but licensed)

Looking like Adam H Levi-- an Assistant Attorney General for the District of Columbia-- which brings the spotlight from the DOJ (although they may have drug issues, and/or connections to lawyer Adam (http://www.nasaa.org/)) back to the White House (nb: the small scale of supply that could be obtained from an ER in Eugene, and smuggled in with Pali Noe coffee)-- could be Obama (who probably met Adam at Harvard) is using drugs to control his staff (makes sense, sense I can recognize their voices, making assess of themselves)-- pretty sure that "covert hair drug tests" are already underway:


Really sad: looking like the president semiconsciously nailing his name to the Status Quo big time (no huge innovative ideas being promoted-- and also, an unprecedented temptation for a CEO psychopath-- again, the expected stereotypical response)-- yes, the WH has been captured-- looks like it's by a treasonous president, taking Don S Levi's gift to his son Adam (the implanted hostages), and trying to take it for himself.

16 May 2015

Looks to me like a DOJ QB situation: didn't think about other agencies independently investigating (military).

DOJ counter-intel operation developed to maintain their drug supply with former assistant attorney general Adam H Levi (Don S Levi's son; met Obama ~88-91 at Harvard)

Probably opiates from a hospital his mom worked at (probably Sacred Heart), former nurse Katherine Pearl Levi and her line to implanting her peers (she is now 72)

Potential shipping method -- Katherine sends coffee to Eugene; medical-grade opiates are packed in coffee from her Pali Noe coffee farm in Hawaii (dog-sniffing deterrent) and sent to Adam in Washington DC

Adam uses drugs to control peers-- and implants them:

1) free drugs at first, then requirements-- and "gambling scenarios" to build up more addiction, and they are implanted

2) May be used by Obama ("MALia," control DOJ, the Levi's and UO profs used for decades) or Adam may simply be his dealer, or both.

(IF Obama is using Adam H Levi - then he may have "capos" in other departments -- drug supply lines set up for control-- may be entire implant community branches).

15 May 2015a

Current situation lead narrative: Adam H Levi (former assistant AG (2009-- despite a bar failure in DC), drops back to general council (by 2014)-- using his connections in the DOJ and his connection to Obama from Harvard (1988-1991) to hook key people on opiates supplied by his mom (former nurse (could be Sacred Heart in Eugene, Oregon-- former employee peers, etc.) and potentially packed in coffee (the Pali Noe farm the Levi's own in Hawaii)-- his dad, Don S Levi, Harvard alumnus, logic/debate professor (philosophy for lawyers, the "Moe" voice that was most abusive prior to 2013 (he implanted me because he had a crush-- is a "bottom" (and aggressively homophobic and misogynistic)). They can "peer in minds" and will try to supply evidence for suspicions.

15 May 2015b

Adam H Levi is a former Assistant At tourney General and Don S Levi's son-- the three points: Adam Levi at Harvard at the same time as Barack Obama (~1988-1991)-- with a law study trajectory-- and Adam being Don Levi's son, and Don Being the main abuser on the line for me (1994-2012 (has relayed through others 2013-2015)-- I took over 8 courses from him-- can positively identify him-- sounds like "Moe" from the Three Stooges). Clear that the President is has a smaller number of "soldiers"-- and the root should be fairly dense and smaller than it sounds on the line:


14 May 2015

If you are being abused on the signal, please relay this to me (press to send to me)-- I've heard this reduces the diaphragm spasms (maybe some bandwidth reduction)-- OK even if I'm asleep.

13 May 2015

All Intel #1s have been replaced since I got through in 2013-- obvious why: buys criminals more time by causing intel staff to take more time to get up to speed: intel solutions made to take more time in a intel crisis?

1) Barack Obama at Harvard (1988-1991; Harvard Law Review editor 1990-)

2) Adam H Levi (Don S Levi's son)-- a lawyer (in DC-- looks like Investment and Securities Regulation)

3) Don S Levi got his PhD in philosophy at Harvard (math, logic = lawyer debate teaching)

4) Harvard is Ivy League -- they often respect "legacies"

5) Adam H Levi is 47-49 -- about 10 years younger than Barrack-- would have been an undergraduate starting around 1987 -- could have been in a law program into 91)


NB: Radaris is a free people info site-- gives addresses and phone numbers, etc.-- see also: spy dialer (second link: my # / "auto message machine")



Point-- Barack Obama could have met law student Adam H Levi at Harvard when Adam was a student (I'm thinking -- Obama as Graduate Teaching Fellow or Adam involved with the Harvard Law Review)

Much more likely Obama-Levi connection, than a "Jude" who is Barack's twin brother...

Could be Obama was part of the implant crimes going back fairly far...

If there is a "Jude" (again-- I saw a family photo-- about 5x7 at about four feet away in Don S Levi's University of Oregon office-- big family photo with one tall skinny black kid-- my thinking then: Don talks about many kids-- has a van-- probably an extended "foster child family")-- later-- hearing someone who sounded black in the group that was added on two years ago-- must be that kid-- later thinking-- maybe he was an "Obama manipulator"-- later-- he claimed to be "Jude" (short for "Judas")-- later, thinking that voice is Obama himself (matches the shots being called-- rude, detached from my being victimized (no gratitude shown-- makes humiliation matters worse)-- arguments go into sophistry when he's caught lost)-- point here-- may be some other Levi connection than Adam.


Another issue: not everyone implanted is famous or responsible-- and some may have ham radio abilities:

Celebrities could be "virtual reality sex taped" -- to be decoded later.

"Ham jammers" and broadband RF noise generators should eliminate that threat, but not an intelligence agency taping.


What has been the cost/benefit analysis of using Don S. Levi to rape people, and to keep me out here being fight-baited and humiliated all day every day in front of a crowd of public figures, etc.?

You don't get to put "cure for the blind" in there-- separate issue-- the scientific correction.

1) Are the people implanted more incentivized to report this on the news?
(raped, looks like US government is calling that shot)

2) Do they have more information to report now (I am an integration point:
how it works, how to get out of signal range, etc.)

3) IF anyone has classified info-- have there been attempts to compromise witnesses with info sales? Or just plain-- "I'm criminal, it will be
exposed-- I've got some time to buy an exit with the classified info I
have"-- could be government employees too.


Hearing a lot of:

JD-- you don't know what you're talking about-- and sound like you're calling commands.

This is a rhetorical ploy-- they know I know ENOUGH, and disregard of the constitution and laws on the part of leadership is obvious. I've maintained all along that you needed to look at the continuum technologies (this is
radio-- you had "blow-dart radio moles" taken care of long ago: points of info integration have heavier protection: if not under a 24/7 "radio spotlight check"-- their hats, glasses, clothing, etc. are checked either by others (high level) or by themselves (lower level info & integration)-- the more I research, the more "you already had it covered" comes into focus-- with shifts here and there (like protecting agent identities more, when they NOW have higher assessed value (pseudonyms)-- most critical redacted info is not cyber accessible, etc., etc). You may have noted my "qualifications"
early on (phrases like "if you haven't already")-- not due to my ignorance, but my expectation that the professional scientists and managers, etc. would know more-- and I was making sure these issues were on their maps-- the obvious can hide in plain site. Now-- clear-- you do not know what you are doing, need help (and need to bust managers not consulting scientists). I'm sure no one (including me) was expecting the smoke to clear with the president revealed as criminal-- if not depraved.

Also-- I engage professionals, and they have passed on non-classified info to help ("signal signatures"-- vocabulary can be an entry for research)-- and have some 11B military experience, and am an "information philosopher"-- some of you may see the expertise relevance there. I'm good at research and "procedural problem solving" and have a wide, if not deep, knowledge base.


On my map:


Relax pre-delegation nuclear first response times; esp. if the president himself (implant manipulated or otherwise) could set one off-- the post-Kennedy assignation "line in the sand" was barbarically dangerous-- even if just to get Chinese and USSR "bodyguards" for the president-- my knowledge of current "lines" is absent-- but given the past, a close look here seems an obvious priority after "nuke crews globally" are not accessible

Look at other country's "pre-delegation" "auto-nuke" policies too-- partner
up-- they already know (at leadership levels-- hence they might be manipulated to trigger a "auto nuke policy")-- no one wants a third-party triggered nuke.

Do any other countries have a policy like this?:


U.S. Had Plans for "Full Nuclear Response" In Event President Killed or Disappeared during an Attack on the United States

Both USSR and China Were To Be Targeted Simultaneously, Even If Attack Were Conventional or Accidental, and Regardless of Who Was Responsible

LBJ Ordered Change in Instructions in 1968 to Permit More Limited Response, Avert "Dangerous" Situation

Newly Declassified Document Expands Limited Public Record on Nuclear Predelegation

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 406


Combat-- need to know means you don't know, and you don't ask soldiers to shut up under torture conditions-- I'd look at reconnaissance team protection (see below-- thinking through what for me, having six years of infantry experience in the national guard--would be a problem on the ground with combat-- the clear and obvious).

That General in Afghanistan-- killed-- rare-- could he have been captured and mind-read?

(You have confidence here-- I should be part of a river of confidence backed by history, law, science, etc.)



You HAVE to stop the violator's outbound signals (Don S. Levi, etc.)-- you can, so you have to.

I'd look to these individuals as "flip points"-- given what I've heard on the implant signal:

1) Susan Rice ("got flipped off" by Obama with her fog-cleared "we don't' do this assessment"-- should have gotten a sigh of relief)
2) Anthony Blinken ("why won't the president get de-wired when approached in the situation room" dismayed)
3) Joeseph Biden (boot him out the door gesture after the state of the
union-- disgusted)
4) James Clapper ("Noooo..." joke about Obama sending an early letter to Iran (not the latest Iran letter issues)-- worried)
5) Gen. Dempsy (getting in the "we get out of jail" coolaid line-- not Obama
specific-- he was seeing alibi intentions-- disgusted)
6) Jay Carney (took shifts early on-- recently: "resigned in disgust")
7) David Axelrod (took an early shift-- maybe tried to use ham radio defense
solutions-- maybe a tie with HR Clinton-- she seems a target-- Katherine Levi sounds like Hillary-- given "sabotage" being more effective than "eavesdropping" they may have a "you have no choice but to win" threat for
Hillary-- would be Obama + Don & Katherine-- and their "cult").

More speculative (voices hard to pin down, etc.):

8) Robert Mueller-- hostage (could help-- get him in a cleared space-- dismayed is what I hear)
9) Gen. Alexander-- probably a hostage-- apologetic, with a bit of "cover ass" attitude

9) Gen. Kutyna-- probably developed the implants-- needs an escort
10) Gen. Moorman-- needs an escort too (former AF #2, friend of Gen.
Kutyna-- early in on implants)
11) Lt. Gen. Hunzeker (Vectrus head-- a question mark-- probably "raped into compliance, though he could do this more responsibly-- cp. The 60 minutes spot on PRISM-- there's breaking the law, and then there's trying to "do that right.")
12) Adm. Blair ("They made their liberal conspiracy theories happen")

Maybe current NORAD commander Adm. Gortney

Maybe: Adam H Levi (and Joanna Levi)-- in DC or Maryland-- Don's son and his
wife-- probably not "evil to the core"-- may need help-- I'd trust him more than Barack at this point.

I know that you have to look at my points as suspect and manipulated-- but I'm not an idiot, I'm immersed in this context like no one else-- and have much experience dealing with manipulation attempts (hence my written scripts when calling the National Security Council (AF seemed to internet hit verify); DOJ (call back verification + internet hit); and FBI counterintelligence (hung up on me)).

If you come on the line-- keep a pad and pencil-- jot down the thought, then "say" it-- communication here is distorted massively-- but it has turned into an info integration point, despite claims that using Don Levi to violate me in front of an unknown crowd of scale is used to strop info integration.

Given the FBI failure (and DOJ)-- this is their failure-- and that the Military is a bigger institution (budget, #s of people)-- and this crisis is of that scale (bigger than 9-11 in some ways-- there is a "tech held back"
impact, etc.) they need to make sure the FBI get's it's shit strait a long time ago.


(those looking, and knowing where they're looking from-- could report locations of origin)-- probably too frequent to "spot-light confuse"
(disable their language ability remotely?)-- like a "mind confusion bomb" in a vicinity-- not sure if this is possible but: a loud radio signal, that the brain can recognize-- would be like other bombs with radius, etc. (loud sound psychological warfare, etc.)

A potential solution--more reliance on signal signature measurements:


Looking like real-time mobile radar (but with much more than radio)-- how many "hot-spots" could the NRO look at simultaneously?

1) How to do reconnaissance without risk of base location exposure (do you need teams? Can you do this with $ effective tech? (Current signature
science-- how cheap to locate what (people, equipment) at what distance?-- I'd imagine you have "VLF radar" to look through terrain, etc.

2) Could you have reconnaissance teams not expose base location? (separate split off units reporting by radio and don't know current locations-- like the Marines with soldiers posted wide left and right on a road march). Some sort of disruption-- implants are cheap-- if they could trigger them themselves internally (repeated word)-- could help-- this looks like an approach to more sensitive sophisticated missions-- but there would be the "abducted into radio-free zones" for interrogation events).

12 May 2015

Why has Don S Levi not been stopped from violating me and others?

It is obvious that more info has been shared about the implant (Broadband RF noise generators-- me inventing brain-computer interfacing in front of a crowd, etc.-- how would they know to join me in development discussions otherwise?) This means that the crowd now knows how this tech works, were before, most did not.

Any argument: " we have you and others violated, so you cannot integrate and share information":

Share what information?  That they are implanted, all fooled into that (no one wants to be accessible)-- and have CT scans and theories and contact points they can no longer contact?

NBC has already probably done the responsible thing with double-blind information spreading:

I bet you have a "rule" that only criminals can know about the tech-- when you should know that many more government officials should know about this-- why should Don S Levi-- at large-- know more?

You do not infringe on any rights by blocking their outbound communications-- civilians could block the ham radio experimental hobby frequency range (160KHz-190KHz-- I heard Obama's voice say: "its 162KHz").




NO-- IT'S JUST DON-- I've been here 20+ years-- always him-- I took ~8 philosophy courses from him at the UO: he is a pathological malignant narcissist (anti-personality disorder + pathological narcissism)-- addicted to strife, stress, and constant crisis.

I have facts that show that using him compromises state secrets, and it stands to reason that he incentivizes disclosure of classified information.

Are anyone in the US government broadcasting classified information, as a direct consequence of executive order (etc.)?

How is this not treason? (Intentional, known consequences-- at what scale, and for how long?)


I've heard voices sounding like Barrack and Michelle extensively-- I'd not be surprised to find that Barack has a twin brother "Jude" and that he either killed Jude or they are a team (Jude being former foster child of Don S and Katherine P Levi).

The Obama voices are consistently what you'd expect from the unexpected criminal as president (sabotaging the 2008  election, etc.): insulting and rude, lacking the emotional depth to connect with the consequences of their decisions-- and demonstrating a "black-belt in sophistry" when confronted with real debate.

I've heard a voice claiming to be "Sasha" extensively-- these kids need help too.

10 May 2015

1) Clear at this point: people are targeted for "dizzy falls" without warning-- warnings would prevent murders-- the Levi-cult targets people at random (other than "psychopath calling card tags," re: victim names, etc.)-- this means that more time taken = more people killed.

2) Have you given poeple more integrated info, by having me raped in front of these public figures? I've given them plenty-- as I discover the corruption in US leadershipo. The news crews have converence rooms-- many have had no info for years, if not decades, and knew something was wrong that they'd like to approach the FBI about: I've heard NBC anchors-- we'd roll with the news if we had any information to go with-- would sort of info would people facing sanity issues have-- and how does raping me or them help with national security? Pentagon-- think of recent news-- is this your culture? Do you know who your hostages are? Do you care about diplomacy and foreign policy? Your corrupt leadership knows at this point: sacrificing ALL human values do delay their trials-- 1000s dead daily just from my delayed foundation alone: charity is necessart too-- but you do not rape people for charity or national security efficiency issues-- you'd need a 1% chance of a half million people dying every day (a new threat every day-- probability does not change given occurences)-- to equal the average losses due to delaying justice, my resitution, and my foundation-- your fault, my impact assessment-- you can verify this yourselves (5000+ lives (1 year of added longevity)) lost every day (see below were I address Excellis, Vectrus, and their probable foundation issues-- my plan doesn't need more initial $-- they would do better to use my plan too)).

09 May 2015

What proof (#s etc.) does the US have that raping me and others stops people from reporting to the press and FBI?

They've made it clear (30 Rock has-- they're wired, would go with a story if they had anything)-- what is your legal endgame on this US leadership?

Again, I've advised the US to arrest all people who have advised violations (direct or indirectly)-- do not own these crimes-- these criminals should not have government jobs (seeing the Pentagon gambling and prostitutes on the government dime issues lately-- wondering if this is indicative more systematic ethical problems)-- the military does not do war crimes for preparedness-- the US would not do war crimes against their enemies if tanks were crossing our borders: they aim higher than average-- average does not do war crimes.



IT IS THE POVERTY OF ANY INFORMATION TO REPORT THAT STOPS PEOPLE FROM GOING TO THE FBI & PRESS -- rapes incentivize an approach to the FBI & press in light of FBI failure.


Clear: These people are between a spectrum of self-consciously hostages of the US leadership to facing insanity issues-- both ends being violated.

Me-- I tanked my way through 18 years of 24/7 abuse (since 1994):

1) I got a CT scan of my brain (2005)

2) I studied the CT scan enough to provide help in identification (a key to aspects suggesting a radio listening device)

3) I mailed the top US intel (email "protocol hacks" Feb 2013) and gave this CT scan and a fact-report (suspects, some research)

4) I've provided a web site with information for the investigators and hostages (z.casten.io)-- Russia hits on 20 May 2013

5) I volunteered my implant frequencies for an "FBI tap" (knowing phone taps and snapping fingers would be useless)

6) I provided entry points to decoding for the NSA (connectionism (I wrote a program in 1992) + phone tap base-line)

7) I've called the National Security Council, DOJ and FBI to confirm I got through (DOJ confirmed)-- went to my local FBI office (denial 2014)

8) I researched the implant, developed brain-computer interfacing (from usable verified testimony to cure for the blind)

9) I emailed 1700+ at an INSA US intel internet hacked email list (1000+ appeared to get through: Oct 2014);

10) I researched the background of implant control (speculative reconstruction):

a) mid 70s to mid 80s (USAF : Malech + Kutyna)
b) mid 80s to mid 90s (UO Profs: psychology (Posner's) + philosophy (Levi's))
c) mid 90s to now (Barrack "Jude" Obama & the Levi foster children)


Let's start to talk about gratitude-- already you have, by using the Levi-cult:

1) Killed my dad (dizzy fall)

2) Had me raped numerous times (tactile, in my butt hole)-- in front of a crowd -- my soul on a pillory with no place to hide

3) Paraded public figures through my head space and bedroom for years-- again-- no space or time to hide: more brain damage (quantity of brain-engagement)

4) My mom is in the hospital-- two dizzy falls and a major infection for her (witnessing Don Levi & Mike Posner manipulating refusal of medical help).

5) My nephew : 5 ER trips for attempted suicide ("the voices are trying to get me to kill myself")-- to OD hospital stays; 100s of vomiting sessions for Cody-- there is a "barf-button."

6) Pushed my intellectual property rights beyond my use (one year public prior art limit on ability to patent), despite my intent to not profiteer (no medical use license frees)-- and intent to be an additional safeguard on the tech (implants can now be manufactured more conveniently in territories that have patent agreements, but are out of other US legislative jurisdiction-- use would be prohibited-- but pragmatics says: make it hard to do).


05 May 2015

Clear: Who is calling the shots: The President; who is paying the phone bill: the Pentagon-- they control this frequency range. The Pentagon probably has wider criminal elements avoiding public accountability-- those who have "gamed the system" with distortions of abilities and methods of situation appraisal (the 1% doctrine-- not multiplied through like insurance actuaries do-- not a mistake; I've seen abilities concealed-- PRISM could have been done with phone database interfacing: little added value other than "budget smoothing"). When proposed solutions have a common denominator: "public accountability is avoided" and is tied to other problems with other (even if more costly) solutions-- you go with them. The notion that the public in general must not be disturbed by this crisis is ludicrous-- and the military was already prepared for radio listening devices (from Raytheon radio spotlights to hats, glasses, etc. being checked for those with classified info). This is clearly a hostage situation-- where the Pentagon does not have demands, they have dreams-- a non-viable five year plan for reality. (Cost-- my intellectual property rights: implants-- gone today: now public domain-- lost wages times multipliers, to make public domain implant manufacture in other districts (out of US legislation authority) more convenient-- no Patent restrictions with regions that have patent agreements-- next: my computer-brain interfacing intellectual property rights-- lost wages times pain and suffering and punitive multipliers).

03 May 2015



1) 70s: USAF develops the Malech radio sensor/stimulator into an implant (may have done "they implant themselves, we have access")
2) UO profs take an independent idea to DARPA in the 80s for a grant
3) DARPA says: "we've got better: experiment with being implanted, and see what you can do with samplers"
4) The UO profs "dumb dial" numbers (like frequency scans or random numbers) and listen in on others
5) They get more numbers, show up in people's heads like a "Wizard of Oz rape cult"
6) Government folks who have clue zero who is in their heads are raped and/or tricked into into compliance:
7) They get more implants for their own use (I was implanted in my sleep: at least by 1991,  sleep abducted again: 1993)
8) They figure out what they can get away with: by 1994-- a 24/7 fire-watch-- always a guard on duty; no information allowed to be passed in public abuse space (me)
9) They "make their conspiracy theories happen"-- orchestrating the "contractor intel"-- from their living rooms and easy chairs-- the 24/7 watch indicates a suppression hierarchy.


1) I got through in FEB 2013 (email to top intel leadership (reverse-engineered emails by protocol and current names and included my 2005 CT scan with my initial reverse-engineered key to: this is real)-- the DOJ confirmed my contact about a year later when I called (Briana Charbaneau called me back, after the point of contact receptionist at the DOJ intel switchboard operator said I'd get a call-back)-- Me: "have I gotten through?" Briana: "yes." A DOJ and Air Force (I called the National Security Council first) internet hit on my, then secret website (this one) that day too.

2) I've seen 100s of investigators, not trying to be inconspicuous-- with "winking signs"-- starting ~2 months after a very disciplined approach to US intel and legal-- swelled in and out like an ocean wave (from "is this real?" to "it is!" to "there're more people implanted in Eugene" to "foreign intel and PIs are involved" to -- we seep out, this is international.

3) Looks like the state of the union indicated: congress was fooled that this situation was resolved; haven't heard from the Pentagon since February: "we're clearing the rest of the DOD" = war crimes now.

4) I still hear celebrities-- looks like they've discovered, that after an initial round of severe abuse, the abusers have limited resources and time, and give up on them-- seems this way, as I still hear the most famous and powerful people, but they are rare, stopping in to express their disgust at the US government leadership-- I hear Obama often-- his approach ranges from mocking me, to "we have company, and I have feelings: I'd advise you not to masturbate" (as if my entire sexuality should be being raped by Don Levi, and I should help with crimes I do not endorse: I'd shoot at people to get them to run for the exits). I am not buying in to some imitation at this point, who is in charge?-- his disgusting personality fits right in with the shots being called.

5) Rape is about control and humiliation. I am put on a public pillory, where I cannot hide my thoughts, as I am continually molested by Don S Levi, and others-- with tactile butt hole violations, fight-picking about 10 hours out of each day-- probably less than a second or two on average time intervals between one "interrogation, fight, or tedium response" from me and the next fight or tedium prompt (severe repetition).

6) My outbound can be blocked-- I can't do this-- I demand it; I'm not given enough time and space to do the research to do this myself, which is out of my specific expertise-- the FBI could block all outbounds that end in abuse, without any disclosure and without violating anyone's (the criminals' etc) rights by placing broadband noise generators focused on the outbound range at my house, and the houses of the perpetrators (international too) (by my reverse engineering: the hobby ham radio frequency range: 160KHz- 190KHz (I heard an Obama voice at one point: 162KHz)-- anyone can jam this in their neighborhood legally.

7) Looks like my life has been managed, to isolate me from friends and family and community (even internet search engine drops)-- to "get rid of JD in silence"-- probably  for someone else to claim to be the inventor of "the cure for the blind" and computer-brain interfacing (Obama has been pointed to: "he applied for the patent.")

The Obvious:

1) Why hasn't the FBI blocked the abusive outbound signals? This is the most fundamental constitutional duty here-- laws egregiously broken from here on out:

2) Looks like the military (full Pentagon-- they've known at scale about me for at least two years)-- are covering their asses, and sacrificing me and other citizens (they are raped, with some facing sanity issues: how did they discover "voices in their heads.")-- seems 30 Rock is wired; and PBS all know it, but acknowledge this in silence, or they get raped. Again-- looks like the pentagon is using the criminal in the oval office to buy time for preparedness-- knowing full well they are committing war crimes.

3) The Radar at the WH-- two failures?  Looks like they are using it to jam local-- why wasn't another radar put in to do the job, even if indulging the president's paranoia?

4) Looks like at least two separate elements: the WH & Pentagon-- the WH went with the Pentagon element that was already seeing legal issues with their misuse of the implants: "we've been wired, and using this for years, but we're not prepared for the slow public development of brain-computer interfacing"-- turns out: horse shit-- radio implant devices that didn't read minds, but could  get info in other ways were taken care of decades ago (radio tech)-- with "hat checks" and even Raytheon "radio spotlights" on those with "level A' information (I'm using codename Tempest nomenclature).


The president's attitude: "I know how the meatloaf of laws gets made" -- laws are pliable, hence: so are fundamentals (like the 10 commandments)-- you being molested on a public pillory is NECESSARY-- but my giving to charity is not necessary.

When I get out, be advised, that I'm ready for:

1) More manipulation tactics: "your dad is alive" -- "we had this plausible sounding excuse"
2) Here's a shit-load of money-- take it now... or...
3) Here are crimes we are going to press charges against you... comply

Adding more manipulation insult to manipulation rape injury-- the last 2 years has caused more brain damage than Don the previous 10-- a quantity of button pressing he could not pull off with a smaller audience.

You should already know-- I may not be Jesus' great^? nephew-- but I am a minor prophet-- I invented cure for the blind-- wrote some poems, etc.-- I take me, the law and science-- your enemies, seriously-- I not only take the responsibility for resolving this situation more seriously than the president has (this is obvious)-- I am a minor public figure, a some-what self-conscious universal citizen (looking at the Fermi Paradox issues--- looks like I came up with the computer telescope idea first too (over a decade ago: cosmological singularity starting state, a small bubble of calculation was what I thought of, when thinking of the calculation-memory problem-- I'd been thinking of the starting state issue since I was an undergraduate in college: before I read Kant on teleology and Derrida on eschatology)). Long story short-- I will be right.

Again: FBI-- this will be the biggest bust in the entire history of planet earth: -- you know this-- the past, of course; the future-- verified testimony would not let this happen again.  The Nazi's and other war criminals-- had ideological and cultural stratification for their actions-- these people are self-consciously evil-- and do not have mental illness to blame like Don Levi-- an attention addict due to physiological dysfunction. Benedict Arnold? Richard Nixon?-- not even close to the scope and scale of depravity here-- much more than seditious conspiracy and murder in the second degree, when you know your impact assessment from holding back life-saving technologies, and your victim's restitution foundations.


02 May 2015

FBI, and all legal investigators (international too)-- use my name (John David Casten, 20 FEB 1968 (b. Klamath Falls), USA, Eugene, Oregon) and records as a point of entry into classified information please-- I've heard info passed on my channel (forbidden, but more public)-- in light of the failure of WH info integration. I'd look at the public investigation records too (CIA, military intel, etc.)-- at every level, I'd go as far as you could, with byproduct clearance requests, etc. This will be the biggest bust in earth's history-- war scale impact over decades, beyond immediate impasses. (reminder: my emails, uploaded just about daily: link below)

29 April 2015

Re: the "mail and place RF noise generators on the hobby outbound frequency near perpetrator's homes":

A good free search engine-- could be some "problems" are decentralized and local-- could be that Adam H Levi has a "VLF booster" in DC to enforce physical violations:


28 April 2015

Slowly developing a plan-- difficult as I rarely get a 15 second break from engagement these days:

1) 20-30 layer aluminum foil wrapped box (booster-bag Faraday cage radio signal muffler)

2) Wired internet connection to go into box -- internet research to make broadband radio generators focused on 160KHz-190KHz (legal, hobby band-- likely used for weak outbound signals)

3) Make many (proto-boards (component plug-in)-- initial research : not complex-- 3-5 times a s complex as a crystal diode radio)

4) Mail these (live or timed-- legal and postal protocol research first) to the perpetrators' homes and their neighbors (maybe have note for neighbors: use and why)

26 April 2015

My mom is in the hospital -- "dizzy fall" and hit her head after Mike I Posner identified as second of the UO group I've witnessed as trying to kill my mom (along with Don S Levi-- their facial gestures and vocal styles pushing through my mom's face-- my nephew threatened to punch me if I called 9-11 (I did-- he was obviously manipulated))-- my dad died last March from a similar "dizzy fall" (and my mom hit her back on the bathroom tub a week after my dad had his fall)).

24 April 2015

A legal and effective way to massively reduce the violations and potentially unravel the "beat-down" hierarchy" of the 24/7 "fire-guard" having someone always awake to suppress resistance.

1) Get or make or get a friend to make (easy for radio hobbyists-- these can be bought too) a frequency range selectable broadband radio noise generator (selectable, as to not knock out a neighborhood's radio & local TV)

2) If you are implanted (or suspect such)-- get someone who is not (roll dice, and go for as many as you can-- to avoid being manipulated into choosing another implanted person): to hide this (with a good power supply) and not tell ANYONE where they hid it-- near the families of Don S Levi and Mike I Posner (and them-- you may need to use online "people search" services: Don was born in 1936-- and was a UO logic professor (see the Pali Noe farm in Hawaii, and 365 W 28th in Eugene (Adam H Levi's old house), etc.)

Effect: The inbound that is abusive for us (on an illegal frequency) is the out bound for them (on a frequency legal to "jam")-- much less murder and rapes and abuse-- they'd have to go out of their homes-- and they are not wealthy (think of their fantasies: "Meyer Lansky didn't own money, he owned people" (Lansky-- head of Murder Inc, mob code, etc).


Fairly clear: enough of the US leadership is composed of a private interest group that seized power (not all the positions-- but enough to do war crimes with US government resources to defend themselves)-- beyond BO, I'd look at the five who implicated him (I've recognized their voices-- they were expressing frustration-- but then: they don't need the president's permission to enforce the Constitution)-- they are just as responsible: Joe Biden, Denis McDonough, Susan Rice, Anthony Blinken, and James Clapper (Holder, Comey-- they have responsibilities-- not sure if they would be part of a private interest group from what I've heard-- NB: Comey related non-implant death threats about a year ago (against him)-- might look into Obama being threatened right in the WH (his family too))

23 April 2015

If anyone places broadband radio noise generators  on the legal "Lowfer" frequency range (or any outbound) near the perpetrators (legal for everyone on 160KHz-190KHz)

1) Less tactile rapes-- the violators would have to violate each other (I don't think they have physical abductees)-- instead of samples-- if they do have abductees-- I have no knowledge that they are not using them now instead of recorded samples (the diaphragm spasm seems to be a single spasm-- triggered one at a time-- I heard (month(s) ago I think) they couldn't record someone being attached for several minutes for a new long sample, as that reduced the intensity):

2) No murders over the line (other than suicide promoting, or distraction during dangerous activities): "murders would be much more difficult without diaphragm controls (micro: fainting; intense: panic attack stimulator-- might have caused heart attacks).

As I understand it-- the UO professors got their samplers from the US government (DARPA--80s)-- my current thinking in sum:

1) 70s: USAF develops the Malech radio sensor/stimulator into an implant (may have done "they implant themselves, we have access")
2) UO profs take an independent idea to them in the 80s for a grant
3) DARPA says: "we've got better: experiment with being implanted, and see what you can do with samplers"
4) The UO profs "dumb dial" numbers (like frequency scans or random numbers) and listen in on others
5) They get more numbers, show up in people's heads like a "Wizard of Oz rape cult"
6) They raped government folks who have clue zero who is in their heads into compliance (or by trickery):
7) They get more implants for their own use (I was implanted in my sleep: at least by 1991,  sleep abducted again: 1993)
8) Over the course of 2-3 decades-- they figure out what they can get away with: by 1994-- a 24/7 fire-watch-- always a guard on duty
9) They "make their conspiracy theories happen"-- orchestrating the "contractor intel"-- from their living rooms and easy chairs

A 24/7 fire-guard indicates a "beat-down hierarchy" capability-- two watch four, four watch eight and so on...

21 April 2015 (note update on 12 April 2015)

NB: US Intel-- this is a well-documented situation, domestically, internationally, both governments and private sector.

(When I got through, 20 FEB 2013, after ~18 years of trying, slowly, I found I had: first, being documented, then, being protected, then international and private investigators began to become apparent-- this has died down a bit-- but not entirely).

But-- given the failure of my FOIA request, etc.-- and demands that legal press charges against an obviously criminal leadership--- I ask:

Is intel not cooperating with legal: the crimes are committed by FBI counter-intelligence-- who then can bust the intel involved, if intel will not disclose the info needed to bust them? Hearing White House staff take shifts on the line, and doing nothing to intercede in the abuse and rapes (adding their own)-- and their radar failing twice -- why?-- because it's jaming implants, not doing the regular job?-- looks like they are criminals in line with the Levi-cult (who pull a 24/7 fire-guard-- these idiots in the WH may think they are using Don Levi-- his cult controls them, and Don himself is probably the top of a beat-down hierarchy-- since they took control from small-time criminals in the US government sometime in the '80s).

A SOLUTION is not through government legal document requests--- but it is legal:

USE BROADBAND RADIO NOISE GENERATORS THAT ARE FREQUENCY RANGE ADJUSTABLE-- KNOCK OUT THE "LOWFER" HAM RADIO (160KHz-190KHz) at the locations of all the abusive people (outside their property-- follow if necessary).

These radio devices are legal for everyone-- including FBI legal-- but will have to be constructed or bought (easy for pros and enthusiasts)-- this frequency range is for experimenting ham-radio hobbyists.  It should knock out the out-bound-- and then: when Don S Levi (and probably: Adam H Levi (Don's son), Katherine A Pearl Levi (Don's wife (Harriet too)), Joanna E Lyons Levi (Adam's wife, Naeme too?), and potentially: Mike Posner and Sharon Posner (indirect evidence-- plus Mike's voice working on getting my ill mother to refuse medical care))-- when Don is knocked out of "suppressing" people with abuse-- many more will be able to cooperate with the FBI


At worst, you stop war crimes (including tactile butt hole rapes against US and international citizens and soldiers) for preparedness.

12 April 2015:

NB: Looks like the core criminals are two couples in the Levi family; and Mike + Sharon Posner (& maybe the Posner children-- Mike has an unemotional, unmodulated "professional" sounding voice-- his male kids might too).

1) Don S Levi -- ~78, retired philosophy professor-- specialized in informal logic (debate)

2) Katherine A Pearl Levi -- ~73, retired nurse-- physical counter to Don's mental abuse-- does Yoga, access to drugs (sedating, addiction control)-- may do the broken necks and murders

3) Adam Hosea Levi -- ~45, Lawyer in DC-- convicted of Grand Larceny (1992)-- claims to have vicariously piloted 9-11 planes, and tried to get MX crews to change targets (and failed)

4) Adam's partner Joanna E Lyons -- 40s, pretending to be "Tiffany"

5) Mike Posner-- have been seeing external clues about "Mike" (in the FBI office, etc) for some time-- but when I heard his voice through my mom recently, working up a "refusal of medical treatment" (this was done before-- a 911 call lead to: "you would have died had you gone a day later without treatment"-- then, I could SEE Don Levi's facial expressions through my mom-- this time, Mike Posner's "baby talk" voice)-- clear: Mike is bad.

6) Sharon Posner-- speculative: Don revealed himself as a "bottom"-- thinking: maybe Mike his his top-- Sharon has a short harcut, that some lesbians have-- I think Katherine has long hair-- could be that the two couples found a good way to avoid any social castigation-- some back in my family may have done the same (sad pragmatics)-- but: could be the "radical lifestyle" of gay sex, LSD (Eugene culture + nurese Katherine's access), the implants, etc-- fed into a psychology of transgression and excess-- so, their crimes: excessive too (althoug the victims face insanity and rapes-- these poeple are basically on the phone-- so they are, default-- out of touch with what they are doing in full-- but they know they murder, and they know they rape-- so their emotional detachment is not matched by intellectual ignorance-- although they have a hard time accepting that they have accolished "stupid" at an unprecidented scale).

Currently -- I think Don & Katherine (and/or maybe Adam and Joanna) are at Adam's old house in Eugene, Oregon: 365 W. 28th -- Adam and Joanna may be in Washington DC-- he may still work (as a lawyer)-- The Posners have not been on the line verbally much-- but, given that Adam and Joanna had jobs (and I hadn't heard them since the mid-90s-- that Mke and Sharon were doing the switchboard operation while Don did his abuse.

These people probably donot have a captive (not sure about autistic-savant Aaron "Abe" Levi-- seem's his skills are exploited-- and he has not been abusive-- hope he is not captive in person).



When I noted the "artifacting" on a voice I heard that sounded Slavic-- I had expected that a conversion would lead to a less loud and vivid signal-- could be that the artifacting sounds (like round edges becoming square in sound waves) came from a connectionist conversion-- the voice might have been someone who was not implanted, or using an implant, but someone using a microphone or headset.

Also-- re: what is still happening to me, my family, and friends:

1) I know I got through (100s of investigators-- some right in the FBI office here in Eugene, not trying to be inconspicous and plenty of "winking"-- and that the issues raised over the signal are FBI counter-intelligence (even if through the DNI)-- clearly, FBI counter-intellgence blocking FBI legal-- probably due to Obama White House and Pentagon hawks (see below).

2) US government refusal to stop the crimes against me, or even notify me that I got through is illegal at a fundamental constitutional level.

3) Having broken such basic laws (basically: war crimes against your own citizenry for preparedness and/or strategic advantage)-- you have no legitimation or foundation  for your decisions (utilitarianism goes out the door too: although the current situation is a criminal problem-- US negligence goes back to the 80s -- and ITT, etc. as well-- my restitution foundation is still being delayed to the tune of 1000s of lives lost daily).

The current US leadership has joined the criminal group that, going back decades, and holding back a scientific correction, as well as my and other's restitution foundations, has caused more deaths and casualties (includes wounded-- I'd put rape victims and the child sex slave trade here) than any other group in history (more than current assessments of WWII in its entirety)-- you can do the research.

Again: what I see went wrong:

1) The Obama campaign used this implant to gain info from adversaries in the 2008 presidential race

2) When I got through, the White House went with Pentagon "Hawks" who advised: sacrifices to keep options open (utlerior motive: to buy time to figure out their own legal culpability, and options)

3) The White House eventually figures out they are guilty of at least Seditious Conspiracy (& Sedition)-- and work with the "hawks" to resolve this situation without any public disclosure (to avoid accountability)

4) The managerial psychology of "we defend what we've already been doing" is exploited-- as more leadership is implicated in the developing crimes, and they too go for : no disclosure solutions (so they avoid legal consequences too).

What I see now:

1) The criminal group is still in control of the implant and implant network

2) US leadership think they have this resolved (or... with their "hail Mary" long-shot-- waiting to see if they get caught).


It will take time-- but I see this ended in about five years-- not due to the US government doing its jobs, but due to me and others using the info gained in the last two years to further get past criminal US leadership and start the investigation of root criminals who  operate the implant networks.


For those only hearing voices-- a bit of a key-- most, local to Eugene, Oregon (even Don and Katherine, who have a farm in Hawaii too-- probably at 365 W 28th -- Adam Levi's old house-- might call 9-11 to get Aaron / "Abe"-- their autistic son hostage out of being abused) : procedure -- call 9-11, report domestic abuse in progress -- payphones are free-- you know this from what you hear on the implant signal, but reporting that could be impossible-- so if asked questions (on the phone-- only provide address, crime in progress, supsected people (a 50 year old autistic man abused by his parents in their 70s) and then hang up and leave (prepare a written script if you can); if approached later: "I kid reported this to me, and asked that I help: you don't mess around with domesitic abuse, even if it is a potential prank"-- this should take out the ONLY sadistic abuser and the two-person fire-guard supressing the entire hierarchy of control.

1) Don S Levi-- aggressive: sounds like a cross between "Skeletor" (from the He-man cartoon) and Archie Bunker ("All in the Family"), anxiety-OCD-sadistic-molesting, (Jewish (Russian?)); 99.9% of abuse-- uses other people's voices -- as puppets-- a malignant narcissist, and a sexual "bottom" (may be gay, and aggressively homophobic (bring this up to stop his "bullying charge" (keep it "PC" to avoid his "righteous arguing")))-- his thinking at this point-- almost every thought is a tactic to distort perceptions in favor of: "I don't go to jail"-- brain washing tactics every waking hour: a broken brain.

2) Katherine-- speculative (not heard in person)-- "croaky voice, low volume, slow cadence" "time to make the donuts commercial"-- lower, few words: minimal Aspergers syndrome; former nurse-- got the sedating drugs (implanted in sleep); and probably drugs from hospital employees for more control and abuse of victims-- Don's dominatrix-- thinks she is "black witch" (claim from the mid '90s).

Don and Katherine have had a "two-person fire-guard" -- taking alternating shifts around the clock since at least mid 1994-- Katherine could have ended this years ago. Don Levi was never arrested-- Katherine was a major actor in deception-- with a multi-day scenario that claimed Don had been arrested.

The rest: I can note (except Adam-- just not sure)-- have been abused and not abusive (until, it seems some were raped/fooled into it the last two years (since 2013))

3) "Adam" or "David" -- "weekend DJ" voice-- younger, seems "jazzed"-- was sexually abusive in the mid 90s -- gone until ~2014; Don and Katherine's son, and a lawyer in DC, who failed to pass the bar the first time on ethics issues.

These people appear to have been raped and abused for years, with no legal recourse, before "working" for Don and Katherine

4) Ray Hyman : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US2SMkqdEEg -- never heard until Jan 2014-- probably "puppeted" by a Don Levi not in jail. A family friend (uncle knows his son).

5) Will Davie-- outer voice sounds like a depressed "Snagglepus" (the pink cat from Hanna Barbara cartoons)-- inner voice-- jolly-- think: a younger, happier (on cocaine) voice (Scotish)-- occasionally there the past 20+ years-- seemed a prior victim-- only one added element to a utilitarian argument, no abusive behavior, until (maybe) 2014. A friend of Don's-- but did not seem to take Don too seriously as a "real person."

6) Anne Forsythe-- soft breathy voice-- Marlin Monroe-- but with a squirly-weasle wine (maybe Irish and Jewish)-- seems to be raped on the line (if not raped-- a bit abusive with her voice)-- clearly a victim, seems like a "Patty Hearst" project for Don and Katherine-- a friend of mine. Participated in a major deception: Jan 2014 "stand-off."

7) Aaron / "Abe"-- speculative (not heard in person-- may be blonde-- Anne's fiancee in 1988/89 was a quiet blond guy)-- "Carlton your doorman"/"Garfield" (out voice-- inside-- less vocal)-- few words-- more Asperger's than Katherine-- into autism-- math savant, into computer skills (used by Don and Katherine to hack computers, with known passwords): participated in a major deception: Jan 2014 "stand-off."

8) Mike Posner-- "Skeletor"-- but this time, without Archie Bunker-- very little emotional modulation (Jewish (Russian?))-- rare-- seemed to pose as an "official US scientist" in the mid 90s.

ME: (JD Casten)-- many people "speak through me"-- but my voice would sound more militant-- articulate and pissed off... or goofy, and light-- a range between a drill sargent and a hunky-dory Keanu Reeves (JD's Celtic)-- implanted in my sleep ~1990; on the "public pillory" since 1994 (no break from engagement to reflect, every waking hour-- no way to hide my thoughts from a crowd including public figures-- as I get raped and violated in front of them).

31 MAR 2015:

My [email protected] email-- back on.

FBI - the problem

1) James Comey -- on the signal -- caught, thinking I (JD) am the devil (after discussing cost/benefit)-- Don Levi has "check-list stamp collection" approach to current understandings about evil and the Anti-Christ -- but even he is not the devil (I see "the devil" as an archetype cluster of evil traits (think Greek gods (mercury = god of communication), and Arch-angles (Michael -- angel of death)-- sort of like "embodied concepts")-- if Comey wants to see some Jesus philosophy, I suggest Philo-- or maybe-- get in touch with your own heart-- and it's connection with the Holy Spirit already)-- may he needs to discuss this with the Pope-- who, it sounds, was violated too.

2) Holder-- like a high-five thought about: Federal Marshals are DOJ directed, not FBI

3) All the arguments I hear: counter-intelligence (FBI)

4) The legal obligation: FBI

ISIL has a strong mobile VLF transmitter in a secret Israel location (near a wired nuke crew-- to set off a nuke to a pre-assigned target, and one in China to hit the US too)-- you risk this irregardless of any other action. Public disclosure would reduce this risk the most. You risk this, whether citizens are taken out of being violated or not. (ISIL & Israel, and China-- could be others) what are you risking? Democracy has already said no (treaties signed, US laws, etc.)-- and you make sacrifices of life every day-- consider, my restitution foundation will not be the only one held back: already WWII death toll level-- add on, at least me being a scientist held back (I was implanted, did not know it, when I was working on Connectionism with UO psychologists (& linguist Tom Givon) in 1992)-- holding back verified testimony and cure for the blind, deaf & drug-free treatments for pain and depression -- the logistic role out of this delayed for a decade or two: probably about a billion casualties (casualties include assault and rape victims, etc.)

The most horrific crime/war stats for a group in world history-- and you are still sticking to this.

I hear: the is an FBI problem-- and the Pentagon did have to clear it's space.


DON KATHERINE (two person fire-guard: 20+ years)

WILL ANNE RAY (Patty Hearst-- decades of abuse, hopeless to escape)

"ABE" / AARON - Autistic-Savant + Adam (his house in Eugene - 365 W 28th)

Adam-- used to be Don's accomplice-- not sure if he's trying to joint the Cheyney route (sacrifices to get the larger criminals out of power).

The locals set up: DK WAR ?

(NB: voices claiming to be Kennedy's have tried to connect my family to the Genovese crime family (think: Lucky Luciano and the Kennedy assassination), despite my noting that my heritage is about "teaching for long term evolution" (think: intermediary steps and Jesus, not Alexander the Great)-- and the Lord & Taylor family involved ("Dandy" Phil Kastel advisor, and later, others in LA) were trying to help everyone withdraw from violence (eg: gambling and bribes then later, info magic and psychedelics)-- looks like they may have been local Catholic church secret-liaisons)-- NB also-- those voices-- seeming to be taking such with a grain of salt-- one noting-- the caustic speculation: Jackie was thankful for the hit, after the Marilyn Monroe rape.

30 MAR 2015:

FBI & FEDERAL MARSHALS, State, County, City legal: How to bust the criminal top?
(War crimes, for over 2 years of intel preparedness?):
Stop the crimes local, and bust your way up the chain of command-- will lead at least to the FBI top, DOJ top, and White House national security staff.

Let's make that mushroom cloud a trajectory of busts up to top command.

Eugene-- I've heard that the Levi-cult was trying to change MX targets to the Emerald City (crews wired, would not change the #s-- inbound local)-- not sure if POTUS is in a corrupt national security command bubble-- or the cherry at the top, .

Don't buy into "we need to wire nuke crews abroad for global security"--codename Tempest-- adversaries already know-- and then needed to be implanted to be held in check-- this Pentagon integration with criminal arms dealers has risked nuclear war (are these crews accessible by unknowns? why would only listening be useful? A local transmitter could-out-power any remote-- organized criminals could try to set off nukes aimed at the US with VLF transmitters); Democracy has already decided on THIS issue-- laws have been broken-- treaties, approved off by democracies: borken-- currently -- sedition, as one department obstructs another from mission duties, and abridges the constitution.

And have held back verified testimony (oscilloscope in left ear + connectionism-- held back for decades) = ~ a billion casualties going decades into the future too (deployment time) + 10s of millions dead (my delayed foundation for decades)-- the US will not cover these gross criminals in the Pentagon-- they will be executed-- 100s.

Was there a 5-point wired-tandem general crew in the Pentagon? These are Armageddon level stats-- looks like Satan (Ouiji board style) occupied the US military command for decades-- at least: a metaphor. How long is it taking for the real black-belt educators and military first responders to clean house?

Generals: did you need some knowledge drop-kicked on your Adam’s apples? Are you speechless now? Make IT being right, rather than YOU being right a priority.

29 MAR 2015 (revised 30 MAR 2015):

After thorough consideration of a few deceptions being exposed, and the implications of what has followed, given a temporary "buying into the lies" and who went with that; and also-- cross-referenced with the abuse and voices going back to 1994, and with evidence going back to 1988:

The hierarch of control, re: the crimes in Eugene, Oregon-- NB-- from 1994-2012, Don Levi: clearly revealed as the cult leader-- a depraved and violent malignant narcissist-- abuse: 99% by Don Levi-- lately-- "Keeping up Appearances"-- seems subdued and in the background-- using other's voices.

1) Don S Levi-- the cult leader-- has put in time and half for two decades brain-washing people and violating me: his reflex-- almost 100% tactics all the time

2) Katherine Pearl Levi-- could be the "first hostage"-- and obviously abused and brainwashed by Don Levi for decades-- a Jan-Feb deception participant-- needs to pull out of obedience to Don

3) "Adam" or "David"-- younger voice-- maybe Don Levi's son Adam from DC-- was abusive in the mid 90s too

4) Ray Hyman -- probably puppeted by a non-jailed Don Levi in Jan-Feb 2013 -- I never heard him before this-- seemed tired, didn't want to do this

5) Will Davie -- not abusive in past-- I suspect he was roped into guilt: "now you will pay the legal price: too late" (a Don Levi tactic-- after seduction into crimes)

6) Elizabeth Anne Forsythe -- looking like a "Patty Hearst" brain-washed victim-- looks like a deception participant (Jan-Feb 2013)-- needs to pull out of the cult obedience mentality

7) Aaron Levi ("Abe")-- Asbergers-Autism spectrum-- not sure of his relation to Anne and Don-- potentially a math savant-- with his computer skills used by the Don

Given the above, who is the core fire-guard (people with samplers, who enforce compliance-- not people showing up for a talking/listening shift)-- how far on the list above does that "do or die" pact go.

No hostages-- Will: an accomplice, not a major (probably addicted to nurse Katherine's drug supply-- has posed as Don's son "David" (mid '90s), and Don's son "Adam" (2014-2015) (Wills interior voice, not exterior)); Ray & Cheyney-- trying to get this out, recognizing the huge international organized arms dealer criminals. Others: John (potentially Anne's target (she's said she liked John romantically)-- Winona too (Anne liked "post-modern" ladies in the 90s (Sarah and Wendy)-- the "collection of artists": Anne's taste-- probably a manipulation tactic on the part of Don Levi: "occasional indulgences")); Mike (probably got the implants with Ray)-- I've heard on the implant signal John and Mike since 1994-- John, sounding abused, Mike posing as an official US scientist. I've heard a voice, claiming to be Anne's dad Rick-- "She's a drug addict" and she claimed credit for your connectionist stock predictor idea (JD had a super-efficient connectionist program in 1992)."-- Rick would know though-- Don Levi uses drugs to control victims-- look at me and 17+ years of anti-psychotics (maximum testec/recommended dose).

Although it is clear that Katherine and Anne F revealed themselves as accomplices when the 2013 Jan 5th "Pali Noe" arrest of Don was revealed as bogus (he was never arrested-- and Anne & Katherine played their parts-- complexly, and without err, as if that were the fact)-- it looks clear that Anne (and probably Katherine-- over a longer period) was: 1) Brainwashed, 2) I've heard her raped in the flesh from the rapists' perspective (her panting-- not comfortable with it) in the mid 1990s-- she said the last time (I did not hear this: one month ago); 3) The cult has discussed their use of cocaine and drugs to control their victims (at least Ray Hyman and Catherine Wilson-- could be victims letting the news out)-- looks clear that this drug manipulation has happened with Anne-- she almost always sounds terrified, and distraught-- this is the Forsythe Technology heir (100s of millions of dollars)-- looking like a much more severe Patty Hearst situation--- the US-- not helping with any "exit counseling"-- I'd give her (and Katherine) a break-- with a stern: cult activity (preservation of Don and his goals) is unacceptable.


ALSO-- US leadership failure-- NB-- after I got through (20 FEB 013)-- all intelligence top leadership were replaced (except James Clapper)-- indicates, given the current delays: they were placed to protect the private interests in control of the implants (placements get more done than imnplant victims, who are probably elected-- it would be difficult to get an "assisted" person elected-- and potentially for only four years; but "getting that job" because: 1) you have a team of brains on the implant line-- and you can do push-ups (etc.); and 2) the boss is already part of the implant crew-- full-timers would be ideal to place, and not have to try to manipulate to get things done. Given this...

At least four government leaders could have ended these ongoing crimes, single-handedly, given their scope of authority, and the law behind them:

1) Barrack Obama (would have to be clueless, and not want to be (e.g. "no body told me (but I know)"), to be innocent of at least sedition level crimes, if not knowing of treasonous consequencers (foreign intel would be remiss not to record, after multiple agents converged on Eugene (me) and then they took a look))

2) Eric Holder (enforce the law)

3) James Comey (enforce the law)

4) James Clapper (could have noted the bogus intel asssessments)

20 MAR 2015:

Reported-- Hillary Clinton's voice-- had an hour meeting with Obama-- and he disabled her personal jammer-- and she has not been able to tell people this (may not have known)-- not sure on lothario reports with various other women. How many years into assessment and perparedness here?

Get a clue-- who is sticking to:

1) Incentivizing classified info sales

2) Blocking victims from approaching the FBI

3) Lying about "hat-trick" speculation, and increased cyber-access via that when redacted info always needs to be physically extracted (NSA: we could get any cyber info eventually, would defend against such as default; Level A codename Tempest secrets would require Level A security in themselves; any "huge idea" without too many numbers to remember, that was a big secret in itself-- government would have to explain why such hugeness was never openly debated in public).

4) Combat un-preparedness-- barrage jammers-- did the Pentagon already "test" this? The military does not use war-crime tactics in a time of war-- I know (11B)-- they draw the line at "if you only have a 50 caliber machine gun, Geneva conventions say don't use that on humans-- but... wink-- they do wear equipment"-- a far cry from: we rape folks to get ready, or see if we are-- two years later.

NB: I've heard that my poem "Humbled Beyond a Word" was used to intimidate people (years ago)-- and, given my family connections with the Finnegans Wake crowd (mostly suffragettes)-- I'm a "natural" (born, raised, educated immersed and "designed" to have much just by default)-- I could see the huge Finnegans Wake echo art being used for intimidation too: a different story, than now: advanced weaponry used for self-preservation, and no "causes" or "excuses" panning out.

Suspected hierchy of control:

1) Ukrainian organized crime (broke out of Soviet Union, with implant tech-- at least early 80s (implanted by USAF-- they implant themselves, we have access))

2) UO profs-- implanted, via DARPA (proposal-- DARPA already under control, i.e.: this type of tech ("mind-reading"))

3) UO profs used as front to re-implant US intel

4) US intel, using UO profs to torture-- "Mafia-style" silence threat with "Don"-- but root down-- still the east European criminals (I'd look at AZ mob too)

5)-- potential-- Robert Malech, the root mind-radio inventor, concerned with intellectual property rights, gets implants, and uses their antenna knowledge to gain initial control


Heard a voice-- 3:24-3:25pm Pacific-- the voice that accompanied the decapitation

Where was it from?  Ukraine?  Don’t forget about the Soviet Union criminal gang that may have partied out of East Germany in the early 80s (see way below)-- the fascists, interested in intellectual property rights.

Looking back at the "make-over" link--



1) Air Force (think Ft. George)-- looks like the USAF developed this (mid 70s)-- and he can fly a plane (remotely)
2) Thailand (Don Levi in Bangkok during 9-11 attacks-- this made me suspect Gen. Kutyna, and friends-- they have Thailand experience-- so does Clapper)
3) Involved with ITT-- who has this transmitter/receiver power?-- they are a communications company-- and with the Robert G Malech, Dorn & Margolin, EDO, ITT, Excelis, Vectrus angles-- ITT would still have that valuable asset (that I have the intellectual property rights on-- the implants-- do you want that to go public domain?)

4) Motive-- this is weapons contractor intel-- 9-11 to sell more weaponry.

-- from link above:


After a brief enlistment in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, General Clapper transferred to the US Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program. He was commissioned in 1963 as a distinguished military graduate from the University of Maryland. He commanded a signals intelligence detachment based at a listening post in Thailand's Udon Thani Province where he flew 73 combat support missions in EC-47s; a signals intelligence SIGINT wing at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, and the Air Force Technical Applications Center, Patrick Air Force Base, Florida.

Clapper retired from active duty 1995 and became the first civilian Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for the U.S. Forces Korea, U.S. Pacific Command, Strategic Air Command and senior intelligence officer for the Air Force.[10] He then spent six years in private industry. From 2001 to June 2006 he was Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency as member of the Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service (DISES).
Private sector career

From 2006-2007 Clapper worked for GeoEye (satellite company) and was an executive on the boards of three government contractors, two of which were doing business with the NGA while he was there: In October 2006 as chief operating officer for the British military intelligence company Detica, now DFI and US-based subsidiary of BAE Systems, also SRA International and Booz Allen Hamilton.[11] Clapper defended the private sector's role in his 2010 confirmation hearings: "I worked as a contractor for six years myself, so I think I have a good understanding of the contribution that they have made and will continue to make."[12]


Seeing this as more smoke clears:

1) Katherine Pearl Levi (dominatrix, former nurse, drug dealer using implanted hospital staff) + Don Levi (bottom)-- consistently there for 20+ years-- Will Davie-- occasionally backing up utilitarian arguments-- Ray Hyman-- news to me since January 2014.

They are a two-person fire-watch-- could be the crux that would bring down everything-- they, and they alone have samplers-- could be some other Eugene people-- I suspect the Levi's-- right here at their house in South Eugene-- could be Will Davie, Ray Hyman, etc. too.

2) Look at: not manipulated implanted people, but people with implants being placed, with advantages that would give-- e.g. a team in the background, helping James Clapper do his job, and get advanced:

Look at Clapper's "make-over":




He works for ITT-- ITT probably still providing the signaling, transmitters + receivers-- stupid exec to be held accountable, not 1000s of employees and shareholders-- massive liablity would require long-term profit skim.

I suspect Anthony Blinken has some relation to the "Adam Levi" voice-- hear that only on weekends and after hours, for the most part-- Adam-- supposed to be a lawyer in DC-- could be Blinken from the head.

It's been 20+ (2+) years of "buying time"-- looking at problems in the foreground, and laying down response in the background-- criminals using diversions, while they "fix problems."

Could be-- Susan Rice-- really raped, to "maintain control"-- either that, or placed after I got through.

3) Obama could not 100% clueless, and would not refuse to jump his security team-- he is not to be trusted either.





19 MAR 2015 My final assessment (not included in PDF)


1) Clueless president (no open room discussions with non-intel?)
2) His national security advisors trying to implicate him (obviously dumb: My Lai Massacre in progress)
3) "Pentagon" seeing treason, in a double bind with their classified info

C) No real info or commands going in or out of intel advisor circle
-- Makes sense-- contractor intel would target the intel folks

National security: flawed analysis--

Taking "info heist" threats that require physical extraction (any redacted material), and using these to bolster arguments about "hat trick mind-reading" that would reveal cyber-access (the NSA-- could get into any cyber accessible point, eventually, now-- AI in the future, and unknown threats-- this is why some info is only available via physical abstraction already). Legal assessments-- not looking at inevitable swearing out, and crimes going down dramatically across the board-- look at their intel culture too-- looks like "WAR LEVEL INTEL THREAT" did not trigger "MILITARY GRADE ETHICS" -- hence: WAR CRIMES FOR INTEL PREPAREDNESS-- cross cultural miss-fires.

Many in:

1) Congress
2) Business
3) Major Media

These people have secure conference rooms-- if charges are not pressed against them by the DOJ, FBI, etc.-- I will-- they are the "late mass murderers." They could have camped out in these safe spots until help (FBI + mobile broadband RF noise generators, etc.) arrived.  They are depraved, and detached from reality. Some people did help, I hear, and did contact the FBI.

Advice to lingering criminals-- if you have classified info from multiple territories (extradition avoidance), go to The Hague or Paris, turn in others, and avoid a death penalty.

Looks like-- neither Don Levi nor Will Davie has been arrested-- but still freaked out about their "fire-guard" 24/7 small group with sampler beat-down on the others-- FBI-- take these ass holes out first-- and block my outbound (rebroadcast to 1000s)-- and make sure it is not replaced by another (a reason that foil box is not a huge priority for me-- my family and friends would be raped on the line).

New items, not yet edited in below (Pacific Daylight Savings Time)

18 MAR 2015 1:06pm -- There are no arrest records for Will Davie or Don Levi. Still at large:



16 MAR 2015 5:52pm Looks like Will Davie has been arrested. (Wideband jamming can be distance limited, if so, use the "24/7 temporal beacon echo slide up and down the frequency range to pair pop-up frequencies (e.g. an implant pulled out of a Faraday "booster bag")-- and use existing transmitters used to "smart jam" the new frequencies).

14 Mar 2015 1:01am (1:06pm update (below too))-- Identifying the "three headed" backbone fire watch ("beat-down hierarchy" shifts at the top-- with samplers to rape and kill)-- 1) Don S Levi -- 78, aggressive bully arguments about why you should be raped-- probably in jail in Hawaii; 2) Ray Hyman -- 86, pathological liar trying to molest you into frustration-- probably in Eugene; 3) Will E Davie -- 73, sadistic, depressed, negative "psychoanalytic" probe to feel out your fears, shame, and suffering, or throw you off his trail. All three: PhDs with brains deformed from decades of abusive indulgence daily-- attack/escape reflex at this point. They "puppet" others to sound like their rape-cult is bigger-- but, over time-- you can detect these three:

Don S Levi - Will E Davie - Ray Hyman

12 MAR 2015 4:49pm (14 MAR 2015 1:23pm update) -- Looking like root evil: (nuclear control (surprise elimination of threat)) weapons dealers (ex-military management (call up ALL the commissions)) implanting bureaucracy of acquisition and global power players, and posting hostages ("collected" artists (some "tagging" (used suggestions)) on the politicians and other power figures to gather info for competitive arms sales advantage (and "budge" law passage (over-lapping agendas))-- using UO professors for front, torture, and experiments in what could be done. Potentially goes back three+ decades. Seems the contractor landed in my bedroom about a month ago, after being kicked out of the DOD. (Evil, Willing, Helpless continuum-- looks like enabler looking for motivation-- but also-- temptation to "roll the dice" with evil, with unexpected magnitude of guilt association).

Hearing better formulation of non-public announcement plan:

1) Jam all abuse frequency blocks globally

2) Approach
a) Phone call
b) Email
c) With local legal authorities


Restitution offer:

1) Restitution certain-- deal: "swearing out" recorded for classified info questions-- paid on the spot 1st substantial payment

(Will include government employees)

2) Surgery scheduling for implant removal -- block jam in mean-time if necessary



07 MAR 2015 1:12pm -- The US government:

1) Can stop the mind radio violations with signal jamming (see below)
2) They are mandated by law to stop crimes they know of in their jurisdiction
3) They know about these crimes at several levels of government (I've seen 100s of investigators in my neighborhood not trying to be inconspicuous after I got through in 2013 (see below))
4) I hear arguments about national security threats in the future.
5) National defense is never allowed to use these criminal tactics, even in a time of war.

03 MAR 2015 9:37 -- Obvious: classified information is still being sacrificed to avoid a press release exposing a culpable government leadership, who have been in line with and protecting a contractor (or contractors) that implanted the "Bureaucracy of acquisition" for political control, and commercial advantage-- and are still using abusive criminals to rape their hostages into submission and silence.

BTW: It looks like I own the intellectual property (negligence (I was implanted involuntarily), reverse engineering a trade secret, prior art:) A rectenna powered implant, anchored to skull interior, inserted through Eustachian tube (left side = brain language emphasis)-- two receivers, two transmitters (signal = AM amplitude modulation)-- VLF in converted (x32 (an even x2 for data preservation across conversions-- peeks counted, data-loss = less vivid)) to LF into skull interior (input stimulation, and baseline for brain "pop-corn and patterns" measurement); LF interior signal converted (x 1/2 (match interior LF)) to LF exterior; "NASA grade" receivers can "hear" globally (LF refracts); high powered VLF is camouflaged by navigation beacons (VLF + power needed to reach weak powered receiver underground), LF outbound is in "Lowfer ham radio" zone with sparse signals for weak outbound to compete with. Remote "listening" devices (wearable) should be able to experience the implantee experiences with ~16x as much vividness as with implant-to-implant communication. How it works: brain activation patterns (as summed action potentials over time) are transmitted via an amplitude modulation radio signal (the amplitude increased by the extra brain activity)-- amplitude modulation and action potentials are both power differential measurements (oscilloscopes measure this too)-- measuring the "electrical activity" of the brain, and then stimulating the brain with the same signal = adding electrical power at just the right time -- zipping a pattern into ongoing perceptual expectations (priming and timing-- with multiple neurons near a threshold for firing, an extra electrical boost, at just the right time, should push those neurons (sensory and motor) into activation-- and further creating new neural pattern expectations). My computer-brain interfacing developments: http://psych.technology

02 MAR 2015 10:40am - Persons of interest: Legal (speculation: scope-- # of implanted people, long history-- a multi-contractor cartel with "Mafia-style" silencing techniques-- contractors include multi-star generals with "Ph.D level organized crime"-- motivated by drug-level addictions (will not be stopped with arguments)).

27 FEB 2015 12:58am - Improvised "Faraday Cage" protected interview with implant: Could look at the VLF inbound frequency (outbound divided by 16). Send a white noise signal on this (or "powerful silence")-- your broadband radio noise generators (the portables, that are frequency selectable)-- just power the rectenna in the signal free zone (LEVEL A, etc) with a VLF signal (as used with jamming the inbound). Step up: "swearing out" robustly after an interview-- confirm-- "did you tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth"-- problems-- if you have external audio-- record, and let the interviewee hear it first-- do they want to veto it? Easier than a live interview for the subject with questions updated by in head thoughts in real time. In high value interviews-- several (random) locations.

Click here for PDF version of this web site (26 FEB 2015) that can be saved, emailed, etc.-- second: b -- 1:41am pacific

Immediate combat clearance:
Ignite broadband radio noise generators for immediate head space perimeter
Warning: full radio knockout - power level adjust for diameter

(alternate pdf download)

(alternate pdf download)

Some, legitimate authority (in line with the law, history, science, human and earth values, etc.) has to take charge with natural confidence
in the face of terrifying weaponry used by depraved mentally ill criminals with decades of prep time.

JD Casten: Everyone may record my frequencies in and out, 24/7-- and listen-- on external speakers (PDP)

Do not input unless:

1) You are a hostage, and really have no choice but to be here (common sense)

2) If you are an organizational representative, keep the info/questions conicise, real, professional.

3) Hostages-- recognize the order of violation reality:
a) Frequency and durration of input
b) Repetition of content
c) Negative content

4)Policy-- my masturbation-- see it as performance art (Vito Aconci, Tracey Emin)-- might be with a partner (Bed-In, Dreaming on Stage)-- if that helps, but many of us are being violated by a technology out of our control, including me-- I was implanted in my sleep-- around 1990-- re-implanted, summer 1993, I've been diagnosed with schizophrenia since 1994, have not had a "coffee break" to relax, reflect or use my imagination in over 20 years-- almost constant psychological tortrue (two OCD logicians, trying to prove I should be raped with math-story problems-- more than full shifts every day-- and others covering me as I was allowed to "work"-- engaging and remind me of their presence every few minutes. Listening to the entire 20 years "on tape" would be excruciating-- with confulsive fits and self-inflicted face beatings, and more than one tactile rape session a day on average. 16+ years on maximum doses of anti-psychotics.

Updated 26 FEB 2015, 5:39am pacific







#4: CIVILIAN DEFENSE-- Empowering Knowledge, Contact Legal, Press, Faraday Cages, Broadband RF Noise Generators




Ignite broadband radio noise generators for immediate head space perimeter
Warning: full radio knockout - power level adjust for diameter

Informal (starts for non-professionals):

(alternate pdf download)

(alternate pdf download)


(Electronic Warfare: most likely with Intel R&D contractors motivated by money gained through competitive advantage)

ORDER VLF & LF BARRAGE WIDEBAND JAMMERS DELIVERED TO ALL LEADERSHIP LOCATIONS (Other frequencies too: look at iterative x2 multipliers, relays, etc. (exceptions))

I'd focus on ~10KHz-~190KHz: OMEGA / Russian NAVAID (cover for loud inbound) & "Lowfer" implant outbound (failed ham radio experiments).

Fade in power level: level signal, or white noise should break up two-way communication-- limit to perimeter desired (radius area, plus air-space).

Command has been compromised, yet still has power-- they need to integrate with verified non-implanted leadership-- as it will take time for them to "decompress" from brain manipulation (some long-term "brain-washing" effects-- exit counseling: note the techniques used (see the rape-cult methods below))-- and it is understood that major command decisions do not come out of a "brain-rape & brain-washing" zone-- the non-implanted need to work with the brain-washed leadership: their power, your legitimacy, esp. if they fail to cooperate with the US laws and seem to be still off in judgment (nb: if necessary, jump the chain of command to the constitution). Some in command may be criminal (and potentially integrated with the criminals / contractors).

Expected: inbound 10KHz -19KHz; outbound: 160KHz-190KHz. Jamming inbound should be the priority-- classified information takes time to compromise. If Pentagon & White House security radar can do ~10KHz-~190KHz, use that? (#s from reverse engineering: weak, rectenna powered radio implants operate on cross-continental flights, work deep into tunnels, hence LF & VLF -- the inbound needs to be powerful (weak receiver) and this requires "camouflage cover" offered by the pervasive Russian NAVAID signal-- the outbound is weak, and needs open space-- the Lowfer experimental low frequency ham radio zone is signal sparse, and odd signals are expected there-- due to data loss with frequency conversions-- an iterative "divide / multiply by 2" is expected-- hence a 16 x difference between the VLF and LF is expected). Other possibilities-- likely under 300 KHz (refracts past line of sight)-- or satellites with mobile and planted relays).


Maybe: "Operation: Silence the Violence"

1) The Pentagon-- I think they EXPERIMENTED -- said "white noise or silence-- they both destroy the signal":

a) White Noise-- information is destroyed at greater distances

b) Silence compresses the signal-- and it might be un-buried (recordings)


2) I think it's just Navigation Beacons (10KHz-11.875KHz (maritime?)), and Ham Radio Experiments (160KHz-190KHz (white noise jamming will start no fires in garages)). This is a quick: "no down side on the frequencies we are destroying."-- You should have better MEASURED / EXPERIMENTED (above) numbers (not my, and others, reverse-engineering). 


3) Don't expect to simply "shut off your signal power" and mean shit.  Other nations are implanted too.  They have capabilities-- private sector as well (Criminal "back-up"-- with criminal elements potentially off the current map).


After the above:

1) Maintain jamming until folks are de-implanted, or if 100% of global "radio head space" is secured.

2) See public announcement below

3) Triangulate track to approach folks (already started, completion not needed to do 2-- keep outbound open when jamming if you need to keep triangulating (inbound jam blocks tactile, voices, motor: "dizzy falls.")

4) Approach folks, schedule surgeries, negotiate further restitution + swear-out confirmation (these later ones would not have the implant signals)-- incentive to keep in touch, not sell what you already know they have, etc. (might note that you can track info trail leaks).

Including this in the public announcement should deter private sector use:

Barring, "we put fires out with debate arguments"- skip to the Press Release / Public Announcement section:





1) Shovel the shit before polishing the candle-sticks-- this is a problem of scale-- the crisis is colossal:

a) FAST (Today)
b) POWERFUL (Global Distance)

2) What are you losing right now? (Who is emitting classified information? Private sector too).

3) You do NOT know about many other global criminal elements (groups, individuals, etc.)-- and what they are doing.

4) ALL legitimate powers (democratically & publicly stratified) will thank you (long term)-- Help solve GLOBALLY, a problem that looks to be US rooted-- Take initiative.



Current solutions have blocked access to legitimate authority aid: LEGAL, MILITARY, PRESS-- for the stated purpose of classified information safe-keeping -- while buying time to emanate more classified info (which is obviously recorded-- you do not know the end of this)-- and to incentivize the sale of classified information (making the US and global governments look evil, letting criminals know they still have time to sell info, and letting the evil rape-cult manipulate key witnesses, to sabotage legal cooperation), and which classified information is still being illegally gathered (government, private sector, "ears / manipulators"-- the hostages themselves,still emanating)-- at a rate that could never be equaled with post-press release use of mind-reading (abductions, etc.)-- and classified information losses in a quantity greater than what would have been gathered had a press release happened two years ago (and with future mind-reading tech inevitable with brain-computer interfacing scientific progress-- experts publicly say: 5 years); and, with an ongoing increase in the number of adversaries getting mind-reading tech, even now (each loss can multiply)-- and with your blocking legal and military parity and superiority preparedness (brain-computer interfacing, etc.), you are accelerating that problem. Sacrificing what you over-value (classified info-- Pearl Harbor? 9-11? Did these occur because of stolen secrets?), at the expense of holding 100s if not 1000s of hostages, and psychologically torturing all of them-- RIGHT NOW.


Culture root: intel over-valuing secrets (they are important, but almost every expert over-values their area of understanding: don't lose broad perspective)-- the implants-- US developed, stolen (a secret stolen)-- lead to these crimes going back decades-- but if they were not secret, over 500 million casualties (overheard assessment-- think-- a significant improvement in the precision of justice, and a staggering array of new medical equipment), would have been avoided, with the integration with 1959 computer technology (mind-radio + perceptron - PDP - connectionism). Keeping secrets can cost lives too. Deterrent value is decentralized, and more effective, by science, than surprise (prove me wrong-- look at all your secret tech-- what classified tech was evalutated, as to open deterent value, non-weapon use enhancement of our human values, etc.? Are you of the opinion: "You will not turn 'our' weapons into justice and medicine?"



Readiness for computer-brain interfacing with full expertise brought on:

I predict: expertise will advise rapid deployment of brain-interfacing tech for their missions, with dramatic benefits due to vastly increased accountability, etc.

JD Casten's Computer-Brain Interfacing technology development (patent for him, to avoid lost wages multiplied by pain and suffering and punitive):


See my prior work (researched, and with engagement with others (experts, etc.-- ~10% new info they would be raped for, and 90% from engagment: "this is important, this is a problem, what it this?")); e.g.:

1) No funny hats (secure all items that are worn near the head).

2) Transmit a timing"slide-whistle" signal along the entire relevant radio signal specturm (different frequencies, different time for-- slide up,with delays (x up, y up: /))-- listen and pair in and out (both in and out are necessary for thought manipulation) - continuously scan for pop-ups (or implants stored in "Faraday Cage booster bags", or foil lined breadboxes).. Transmission-echo-scans would identify frequencies used: can then record, track, and jam if necessary (outbound transmissions, etc.)-- if the low-power-level signals are hard to find-- it is easier when you are looking for your own signal.

2a) Full spectrum radio signal comparative scanning globally using all receivers and computer analysis (distance adjust (time & power for each receiver) and look at overlap, look for a divergence around focus point x, y (the context) for signals to differentiate from the point of focus (if there is a divergence, subtract context w/o subtracting signal (which will have fades))-- locations can be compared for a "brain" signal signature difference-- should be able to do this in real time). Use multiple calibration signals for all receivers used for data too-- power, timing, accuracy weighting-- individual receiver signals might be cleaned, relative to looking at the x,y location (the distibuted recievers context cleaned relative to looking at the the x,y location, itself context cleaned as well)-- a potentially recursive procedure-- programming can get more efficiency out of existing decentralized, no-one-receiver-critical, receiver equipment. Calibrate receivers with various "beacon" transmitted signals to assess accuracy weighting, and equipment lags (power, timing), etc. Defensive classified information protection numbers are adjusted based on current assessments-- looking like re-consructing basic tech to identify solutions that are held back in the current situation:: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tempest_%28codename%29

3) "Swearing out" (using computer-brain interfacing, speech to text, auto-text-analysis, etc.) -- increased accountability across the board: double agents, bad apples, etc. eliminated-- a tighter-knit intelligence community, that can be held more accountable by congress.

4) Agents not tortured (look at prior numbers on torture, bribes, kidnapped families, tricks, % of info lost, budgets for getting info (cost/benefit analysis -- budget trade-offs of adversaries)); agents can also have more expendable (misleading) information (decreased value to adversaries). With ~95% info loss expected for any one agent, they will probably not be killed unless they have not passed on new info (an internally switch-able brain phone -- the "wire" + a digital controller-- this could reduce that threat too-- although: "what questions were asked" could be a risk). Out-bound only implants-- abductrion is necessary. These could be pop-up (remotely)-- lock doors from the inside, trust sleeping partners, etc.

5) When info-types are compromised, go physical; e.g. from passwords to bio-metrics; from nuke-plans to plutonium monitoring-- hermetically "moat"sealed locations -- wtih "swearing out" detectors at entry/exits.

6) Information can be tracked by identifying "info cue clusters" that diverge form the norm statistically on a looked at communications channel (e.g. feed in a "mission brief," look for relevant echo constelations (no one data piece essential-- maybe some "data-connection" types added too (red links to maroon, etc.-- look at Cyc (AI hierarchical database), and see if there is "context overlap"-- is "what they are talking about" overly relevant to what we want to know?-- was there a leak?)) on relevant channels).

7) Legal and private intel: the same (think: military, FBI, poice, security gurards)-- swearing out reduces violations across the board, despite new ways to violat-- most corporate crime would go down with new legal tech toolse-- should look into lag between criminal use of "mind reading" and public legal use to counter such (e.g. the current situation).

(Remember-- the only new objective facts available with mind-reading are opinions and fantasies (and they can be gleaned by less risky outer observation too)-- then the cost/benefit of getting info through one agent or employee at a time (like an information drip compared to a hard-drive with numbers and blue-prints, etc.), becomes the relevant factor (see #4 above)).


Perparation (governmental agencies):

1) Nations are not at war-- not even close-- partner with the full UN-- get all governments on board for rapid press release assessment. Respect that governments are not the only powers, not the only victims, not the only set of resources.-- get other institutions and organizations on board to help too.

2) Life saving tech needs the most expedient deployment (criminals have it, legal needs it).

3) International intel needs to assess criminal private sector gains (a problem of scale: way beyond five eyes)-- current global security threats (looks this way to me): International Organized Crime (political terrorism, black market trade (weapons, drugs, etc.))-- much more unstable and dangerous than slower to grow, nation-state issues.  I think integrating with legal, to rapidly gain, at least, technological parity or superiority with criminal use of "mind reading" tech will help.

a) People need to know: help is on the way, etc. (immediate casualties, etc.)-- decades of rapes, abuse, etc.

b) You need psychological global democratic support-- this is too much responsibility for you-- power is legitimated by the broader global populace, by any real ethical metric ("divine and natural law" needs public recognition, utilitarianism: science as means to achieve long-debated public value trade-offs, etc.-- I point this out, as "leadership arrogance," and "we know better than history and the law,"  seems to have been a problem).


1) Implant signal network announcement:

a) Violations over-- jamming, tracking, recording (? privacy respectred-- I'd discuss with many: value of "government having" vs. "I need to know if I was manipulated"-- NB: other groups will probably already be recording 24/7).

b) Call legal authorites (give phone number-- many times) -- note-- call us, but we can find you anyway.

c) You will get $1 million as initiatial restituion on the spot, for "searing out" as to any classified information you know--a surgery scheduled to remove the implant-- further restitution negotiatons later.

d) I would add: we do not know who is recording and tracking you, so we will too-- you have full legal control over these recordings for your peace of mind.

2) Added value for public TV press release announcement:

a) Deterent to criminals and adversarial use (esp.-- NB some criminal groups using this may be off your map-- and that "in the head announcement" could tip them off):

i) We can and do transmit up and down frequencies with a temporal - frequency sliding beacon echo receiver (up frequencies with time shift, listen for echo-- x Hz, y time: /)

ii) We identify frequency pairs needed for I/O mind control-- easier than "signal signature" identification-- two-way transmissions needed for manipulation-- do 24/7 for pop-ups, or implants hidden in Faraday Cage bread-boxes or booster bags.

b) Approached hostages need to know the approach is legitimate. I'd have a hard time if the President drove up to say hi (seriously).

b) Hostages feel much more safe, and don't worry about "winners and losers" -- and a government that has slipped into insanity-- and may try to keep this secret (eg: does the real legal deal even know?

c) News will come out eventually.


Actual content ideas:

Prepare press release with focus groups (don't go out blind)-- start with those in the know, going to the clueless (see assessments above for confidence)

Press release makes the obsolete nature of the implants explicit: echo scan 24/7 -- recordable, trackable, jammable.

Bad news in the past, good news in the future (maybe use the low/high juxtaposition for rhetorical effect-- presentation, not deception-- many survivors-- emotional, etc.):

Bad News Over:

We've wrapped up a huge crime (the largest set of crimes of all time-- war-scale-- the government leaders: last to know they were hostages)

The threat is gone, we can triangulate track, record, and jam any located implants (implants now obsolete)

We will go out to "de-wire" folks, and debrief and assess medical needs, redress and restitution

Alternative (if (A) above is taking time-- an "in-the-head announcement"-- but this is risky, as many will suspect "winners and losers"-- due to many whose privacy should be kept, re: rape survivors, victim privacy rights, etc.-- the news will come out eventually.

(Later, the president, or others, may discuss and/or share survivor issues (the "life support group")).

Good News Soon:

(See my http://psych.technology) (maybe later-- assess preparedness, and needs to offset "bad shock" with hope (focus groups)).

Computer-brain interfacing, with a staggering number of medical devices (cure for the blind, etc.) + verified testimony (swearing out after a deposition-- exonerate or implicate, and the precision of justice is improved-- violations go down as repeat offenders are jailed the first time (+deterrent))-- and direct brain virtual reality (war-time economy stimulus with vast array of new manufactured tech and a new medium, etc.)

Demonstrations by scientists

You at least have these ideas to start and work with -- they've been developed with others.




I'd get these two for material witnesses, they will be murder targets:



NB:The "Skin Heads" that Russians (& I-- "post punk music interest") were "speculating about," re: 80s implanting in Europe-- an indirect pointing at local skin-heads?:



Does Gen. KUnzeker like to "tag?" (Clapper's baldness could be a tag too):


REM-- What's the Fequency Kenneth-- I've heard many public figures (100s)-- REM was there around 1994, 1995. I'd look into tastes (iTunes, Netflix lists)-- and cross-reference with any "collection"of public figures.

New tech may help: see NSA for decoder (inner voice on speaker)-- my signals: open for legal recording. To decode: connectionism-- two data streams-- signal, and talking-- the inner voice track should parallel vocal track when speaking out loud-- words, words,and more words. Hostages are allowed in this space if they have no choice. Others-- should listen only occasionally (understood: curious about the fate of you and your loved ones,etc.)-- don't talk if can-- NB: 1-- frequency of "button pushing"; repetition of content, negativity of content-- goading and fight-baiting: a survivor of 10,000+ rapes (tactile, anus-- sessions, not pokes, over 20 years)-- obvious: issues involving my dignity, pride, and arrogance-- trying to prove that I should be raped because of utiulitarian arguements (obvoius inverted libertariian lesson ethics-- BTW-- Don Levi,in class, intimated that he is communist, not libertarian-- could be anarchist related too: "autonomy"-- W. John Coletta-- another suspect, may be libertarian (with ecological causies)-- not sure about suspect Will Davie).

Appears to me that there are 100s of people, if not 1000s (from "Hollywood" to the "Buildenberg Group" demographic-- and others-- West Point and the Citadel may have been implant points)-- who are in a "rotating audience"-- some hearing me more often in their heads than others (NB: if you note"topics and vocabulary" that are relevant to my head space or this situation when folks are on the news, etc.-- they may be in this audience). Folks in small groups are brought in to talk to me (take shifts)-- they are not allowed to give me new info (demanded by the criminals: my simulated schizophrenia requires this aspect)-- but they engage me in questions that are relevant to solutions, and sometimes pass on info (and get punished for this: rapes, etc.) Most people appear isolated, but have a clue about what is going on-- do not seem so stressed-- so, probably hostages for years, or criminals.

Currently: looks to me like money is the root of this evil (potentially ITT-- alone, or as manipulated front organization (Excelis; EDO,etc.--- the implant contractor))-- potentially buying time via the White House, Pentagon, Leadership, etc. to try and implant everyone who knows about the implant, use murder and injuries to inimidate people, and, eliminate older "manipulator" hostages that present a threat (witnesses who can identify them)-- or "escaping," while handing over responsibility to front organizations (look at who is getting hurt-- e.g. Robin Williams (his phrase "habituated helplessness," only months into my getting through to US Intel (20 FEB 2013) indicates a long history). Verify with who you've seen get murdered and intimidated (Harry Reed? Bono?) NB: Your adversary obviously has Intel R&D capability -- military hot-dogs, (Some need to think: are these implants helping with your safety? Or your government missions?) What is the stereotypical motivation? Money-- the implant contractors could get an edge knowing others tech, bid ranges,etc-- maybe even manipulate sales (hence: a contractor of scale: ITT, Excelis,etc.: NB -- their geographic customer location-- are most signals in their customer range?)-- even 911 could have been manipulated (with an implanted Osama Bin Laden group (rectenna-- unlocatable at bottom of Ocean)-- look at the current situation-- what would be more difficult to pull off?-- and how evil?) The UO professors I've dealth with-- mentally ill, evil, abusive-- evil deeds are like stamp collecting to them-- may have been used in a "mafia silence threat tactic"-- probably every criminal element using every other.


1) A Press Release will end this situation most rapidly-- you enforce the law, and do not cover for treason (see above intel assement-- they were tricked and manipulated into treason, and psychological torture and rapes by a rape-cult running miltary contracting, as an acceptable method to buy time to sell classified information, and emit even more).

2) Arerest the criminals you can-- focus on those with "samplers" first (used to murder (dizzy falls, DUI, Suicide) and rape (tactile poking of anus, transmitting sex act to others-- other degrading, humiliating acts (a sampled decapitation has been transmitted, broken necks, a "death necklace" (maybe Robin Williams)).

3) Utilize contractors (Excelis, Harris, etc.) equipment and use it for "smart jamming" if military has not done the block jamming-- best: everyone, 2nd best, clear command space (the implant contractor, obviously not providing security for implanted folks & restricted for government use (water boarding, rendition, etc.))-- Harris, a government communications contractor, can probably jam with their current equipment. Implant contractor communications control equipment can be used to scrub signals recorded for tap use.

4) This is a war-level military issue too (property control may require military intervention (drug money or DUI cars are the only property US legal can take)). Might approach the contractor(s) (potentially with a tank parked by their offices if suspected of treason, etc.)-- and suggest they cooperate.

5) Military officers have a life-time commision. They can be called up for duty at any time (we are at war)-- I'd call up every relevent officer-- the US Air Force Space Commanders, NORAD commanders, all military in contractros that are relevant? With a problem of this scale-- you have to explain why you would see this as excessive.


1) UO professors and students (Don Levi, Ray Hyman-- Don Levi's foster children, Adam Levi (DC lawyer), potentially: Barack Obama -- a foster child with a stolen identity, going back to the late 80s.

2) Excelis (intellectual proprety trade sceret assett user (I reverse engineered the implants, I still own the rights until May 1st, 2015-- reverse enginered trade secrets -- they were negligent (or others-- I was implanted in my sleep decades ago-- I published my prior art-- also have prior art here: make sure my lost wages before multipliers are not in the billions.

3) Look into the chain of development-- Robert Malech (his family), Dorn & Margolin (on his pattent-- sold to: EDO (1992), ITT (2007), Exellis (2011), Harris (2015)-- might look into Vectrus. Also,inthe military-- I think General Kutyna (and his research team) took the Malech radio-brain-wave demodulator, developed this to radio base-lined measured singals adjusted by neurons firing, and saw how to "amplitude slice" stacked activations, to divide frequencies, and used one implant signal source bounced off the interior of the skull for the full brain measurement, and stimulation)-- probably hooked this up with prior "NASA grade recievers" for low-powered radio-- set up the Lowfer, Navigation signal camoflauge, fequencies, and may have been involved in what may be a self-described "bad idea + negligence": we planted seeds,they wired themselves,we had access-- in the Soviet Union. This may have been a MO in the late 70s, early 80s-- and it looks to me like "star tracking" started in the early 80s (look into when any Eugene group got this-- I think UO professors took an idea to DARPA and got a barrel of seeds" to experiment with, and Don Levi's childeren stole the imlants, just stuck them in ears or noses, and began crimes)-- but-- if there were criminal "celebrity" implants before the UO group-- then the UO group may be somewhat of an "unwitting" front. Not sure how US Air Force developed tech went from their use, to criminal use, and no use for US governemnt issues (waterboarding and rendition-- never needed to happen, etc.) I'm not sure who the evil folks are, and who the "willing" are-- but I'd expect cross over into the US military (current active duty)-- could be fronts, brain-washed, hostages, etc.-- but with knowledge of crimes-- look into those who had the power to go into a signal free zone, call the law and military proper, and did not do so. Why didn't they?

4) I realize this potential: Barack Obama is head of the UO criminals (seems clearly so, even if he assumed this within the last two years)... but be careful-- this could go back decades (from Obama being brain implant brain-washed since before he was elected (implanted = most likely a mark), to being Don S Levi's foster kid with a "(stolen) identity change" back in the 80s or 90s (check the two relevant mothers)). From my experience-- Don & Ray would have been giving any other element lip service to "we are at your service-- but the foster children (who have as yet to grow up) who could insert and remove implants were the exploiters of this advanced weaponry.


Thinking through issues (may be some repetition-- will clean up later):

Contractor motive: Money through competitive advantage. Potentially with an internal rationale that they want to fund their causes (ecological, etc.)-- as they may feel they are part of the security service sector that helps save lives, and by getting competitive advantage (by implanting the bureaucracy of buying tech) they get more money for their goals (which, with EDO, ITT, Excelis, maybe Vectrus-- looks like ecological concerns). (To them: you don't need more initial principle for long term broad objectives, where much more can be given later, as more is pulled out of the market, rather than more up front (minimum payout, harvest a small cap value window: French & Fama, Russel 2000, no need to "park it at Exxon," etc.-- my connectionist stock predictor may do better)-- I know there are many details (Eminent domain, bio-diversity hotspot regional governmental long term stability and economic needs, "social dividends" don't compound like Wall Street (or a penny given in the time of Jesus: problems solved); the rate of extinction doesn't accelerate that fast either (1 lost a day now, 1000 lost a day 100 years from now?-- and also-- maintaining what you already have, etc.)-- I covered them 100% in over a decade of argumentation with the Don S Levi-- see the emails to John Coletta). I'm reminded of the Westboro church, their internally consistent arguments with points of contact with the rest of the world, but they do not pan out in the full world reality (end up trying to saw down the trunk (of love) with an obviously questionable limb). Note the procucrement beauracracy vs military tech conflic over radio translation-- indicates manipulation over relevant issues:


Executive: dive into under WH bunker and hold yourselves hostage for DOD cover-- you: need to go to the DOJ now-- Obama (and potentially former CIA #2 Mike Morell-- see below)-- and/or others-- may be stalling (or manipulated to do this) to get past my property rights (do not: impact assessment-- 1000s dead daily despite lost wages and punitive & pain+suffering multipliers-- see above on contractor motives); or out of some statute of eliminations (2012 revised fed code, rape potentially = object & orifice)-- could be for using implants for campaign advantage (2008 campaign) or some other crime with a statute of limitations. They may know they have leaped into treason and international crimes, clinging to that "short term goal," and don't have the skill set to admit they were wrong (past malfeasance-- I'd hazard-- manipulated for further blackmail control)--I've seen frustrated investigators (100s in my neighborhoods, out of demographic), and heard many experts helping pass on info (imlanted experts not trusted by implanted leaders?), and furious that they have not been consulted-- with top-secret issues-- the top needs to connect the resources.

History: I see a root down: Excelis (ITT), EDO, Dorn & Margolin, Robert G. Malech (Hamptown, NY?) family (they have the implant trade secrets (I have the intellectual property rights, via my prior art publication). Implanted politicians, did not let US Air Force tech development be used to prevent water boarding, etc.-- probably used Don Levi's basement abduction rapes, potentially since1994 (or before, with others) as a threat to others implanted ("Hollywood," etc.)-- who were used to post on politicians (those hostages with voices similar to their marks)-- I don't think their political agenda got much (2012 patent code changed, etc.-- a "both for you and us" approach). I"d look hard at EDO-- looks like shit hit the fan when they got control of the implants, and used the in progress UO crimes as part of their arsenal.

Hearing folks trying to help, and only having a "microphone in a basement"-- seems to be my spot too-- but I'm a relay point as well for many points of view who take the stage in my voice.

Gen. Kutyna should be a material witness-- he may still be facing 24/7 feedback in his head-- and can't get to his garage to make a ham-radio-jammer.

A current lead for me: Phillip C. Widman. Path-- Excelis, Vectrus, Terex: Two white "utility vehicle" incidents outside my residence in Eugene-- 1st with VLF and LF measuring equipment-- two vehicles (white) + folks in black (saw when taking my nephew to a doctor for chronic barfing)-- later-- a "phone pole" inspector (not from EWEB), after two days of peace from manipulated domestic strife, after asking (on my old Facebook) for a head-space clearing jam for my mom and nephew (who do not know they are implanted)-- shows up in my backyard, and I suspect he plants a "booster"-- then-- I call the police when my nephew punches me the next day. I'd think: trying to help (identify and jam (i.e.-- dosen't have the frequency #s already... probably not to control situation?)-- may be a material witness-- may have a safe space, but protect him please. Not with Excelis now-- but worked there before-- this may be an indirect angle; as Excelis has not verified my report:

Vectrus had confirmed a "thorough investigation" had been initiated on behalf of my report to them on Monday, 02 FEB 2015 - and concluded by 05 FEB 2015:

"concerns are not appropriate for ECRB investigation and/or action"

(Vectrus ethics violation report site)

(Excelis ethics violation report web-form -- you can link to this site)





(NB: EDO buys Dorne & Margolin in 1992)


(NB: Malech & Dorn & Margolin -- 1974 patent)

Potential bad-culture psychology and institutionally motivated distortion of reality-- DOD contractor conflict of interest ("military industrial complex"), some CIA employees hyping secrecy value-- note implanted, and valuing their department morale over the morale of abduction victims who have been raped 1000s of times. Former CIA #2, Mike Morell: another potential material witness, and potentially manipulated by Excelis, etc. private sector interests (any connection with Excelis?)-- off the map CIA... potentially using CIA trained "weaponry" (skill set) to gain control of the executive? Note these diversion delay tactics: how many intel "resigned": FBI, NSA, etc. to make delays (see below-- statute of limitations)-- new AG, Defense Secretary-- will need time to "get up to speed"-- delays after delays)-- & also-- when I went to the local FBI office on 7 January 2014 (to report Don S Levi as being arrested, etc.)-- the FBI agent behind the glass raised a black cell phone diagonally-- with a corner to his left ear, the black back face perpendicular to his head (out Mickey Mouse ear-like-- note: "Mike M" (also microphone))-- also an Italian gesture for "stupid" (and the opposite: intelligence" (mob connections?))-- These FBI, etc. signs have been consistently polysemic (almost all interpretations pan out in some direction: c.p. the CIA and "pseudonyms")-- like "Disney Land" = dizzy falls implied by the Mickey Mouse ears-- the camera lens was pointed at me-- my first confirmation that I got through to US legal & intel was a "conspicuously inconspicuous" agent "filming" me with his cell phone at a Fred Meyer Starbucks (when I looked over at him, instead of lowering the camera-- he asked me questions in a loud voice-- ~March/April 2013)-- and also-- this was in the temporal context of me discussing connectionism decoding of the signal with the NSA via my emails (Helen Keller style-- as I have not had direct notification, but plenty (100s) of agents with some obvious signs-- and have heard plenty of identifiable government leader voices (hostages too)). Could be that Morell and president Obama think they are smarter than history and the constitution-- but they have no legitimating discourse (not the law, not utilitarianism, human rights, etc.) that justifies what has gone on here (difficult to underrstand how one could be raped to accept rape-- and not see that this is so serious that you'd hold yourself hostage in the situation room, for mobile cover); the president's closest CIA, etc. advisors could be seen as some president's secret police agency gone mad, when the CIA should be like the government's journalists (undercover reporters, subversive pr, etc.)-- the eyes, ears, and analysis that doesn't rely on the New York Times. Morell and Obama-- know how to sound smarter than they are (cp former NSA selected #1-- sounding less smart than he is, creating question marks)-- even tempered-- they ask questions to find the answers and sound like they already knew them-- they ARE smart-- and that is what they can use to bully people: authority, and skilled lawyer debating-- but they are not smarter than a constitution that includes the intelligence of millions of discussions and debates over how to adjudicate competing values (like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) over 1000s of years (back to the 10 commandments, etc.). With their actions in direct contradiction to their cool intelligent and well meaning appearances... Is Obama a puppet of Morell? (Literally?-- would explain any demands to keep his signal live, or at least usable). Maybe both have been severly manipulated. Think former CIA head George H W Bush and "The Great Communicator"-- although this looks like some informal "CIA" take over of the presidency using the mind-radio technology, with Morell involved, just an advisor, or an under duress manipulator.... any secrets disclosed to a ear-piece advisor with #2 CIA clearance-- the president's fault. How much of the agency would be on board with this, and wipe their assess with the US Constitution and flip the bird at democracy. too? There may be some psychopath calling card "pun" here though-- Morell is a very "white" guy (looks a bit like "John Boy" from the Waltons-- very moral-- some sort of art-contrast with Obama). Again Morell may be a material witness-- It is understood that the CIA is not monolithic in opinion, but some folks let water boarding slide, w/o wanting to expose non-use of implant tech; and some were not implanted, and may have wanted these current delays to collect more info that will be obsolete within a year (the terrain always changes: know facts change-- new tech is developed).

Again: delays-- top leadership replaced, one by one-- staffs have to get up to speed again and again. Top secret aspect of situation being used to avoid getting expert solutions (connecting investigators and problems with those who could help-- recall the 911 assessments that noted that intel agencies needed to inter-communicate more)... with the (stereo)typical exaggerations of Pentagon (whichpresidents already have a feel for (again, the "Military Industrial Complex" - Eisenhower), and must weigh against other governmental responsibilities: justice, etc.-- departmental and "issue" competition for "attention") may have been exploited. Could be the staff was kept in the confusion zone too-- again, causing delays.


SEE MY DAILY UPLOADED EMAILS BELOW FOR INVESTIGATION DETAILS ([email protected] - "situation folder"-- please respect my friends' privacy-- common sense,etc.)-- updated daily

Too much psychology, immaturity, and bad culture came to a head here-- people can only be manipulated to do what is in their predispostion range-- even a "heat of the moment transgression" shouild lead to guilty self-censoring, in trying not to do that again. Action can be diverted for awhile-- but look what I've done-- other hostages are different than the leadership-- they have NO options that look real. The governmental leadership have options to go into signal free zones, and demand coverage 24/7, which could be easily provided by the military (not an option for some criminal leadership)

Don't be intimidated-- they just used this weapons advantage-- we all respect me more than any criminal element in charge... (the "juvenal delinquents" see or will see: from intellectual martial arts expertise (mental: logic, poetry, philosophy, spirituality, etc.) to owning the intellectual property rights for this implant (material: law and  science), JD Casten with his "microphone from an abduction basement" (JD has two decades+ of "24/7 engagement air-time" and has, in a public mind-open space, while being psychologically tortured every waking hour (and some in sleep)),  has kicked these organizations' asses sooo hard-- they, as individuals, will suffer stomach sickening shame (having failed by their own standards and values (now self-consciously)), in their own brains and bodies until they die, without the aid of diversions and delusions, or becoming someone different-- recognize that they fear JD, see him as a threat to their evil, etc.-- common sense-- join the confidence of a history going back before human knowledge and through it too), ...our hearts should easily be aligned.






NB: Record all signals 24/7  -- respect privacy-- but keep records -- some may need to know: how was I manipulated? Realize-- there will be multiple global groups (legitimate and non-legitimate already doing this too).

Major blow-up with my nephew after Super Bowl, he held back suicide and punching me (implanted, does not know it-- again: please jam his signal-- multipole suicide attempts already):
When the SeaHawks lost, and I presented my 100% proof that going for more charity $ will not help-- the impact assessment is about time: I'd look at Washington and foundation promoter suspects.
(Discover they are a mass murderer of people and species, treasonous... and the Patriots win).


On executive culpability, NB-- manipulating a crime and using blackmail as a further manipulation tool is a tactic used by the rape-cult-- they also manipulate drug addictions compounded by gambling addictions (you don't always win = more addicted)-- they use science. See Biderman's Chart of Coersion (helps detangle from brain-washing tactics used-- exit counseling):


Informal local radio defence: --make a power-adjustable broadband noise generator (at least 10KHz to 190KHz) or ask ham radio friends (antenna desaign variables are complex) to make "jammers" (10KHz to 20KHz (ship navigation-- do not worry-- your jammer will not signal far) + 160KHz-190KHz (Lowfer zone-- used by hobbiests).

I think the president (or "Jude") told me that his outbound was measured at 162KHz-- I would not assume all frequencies are within the same ranges (translation issues)-- "remote listeners"-- if up the range-- would have more intense sensations (& motor)-- but why would they be implanted?-- they could get cover in a tunnel most likely (not VLF)--and... where would the "camouflauge cover signal" (like Russian NAVAID) be?-- the inbound would still be LOUD if a rectenna powered implant is used.

Due to the NAVAID camouflage cover being higher than 10.125KHz, and many loud signals being in the air, and the "divide by 2" helping keep peak to peak divisions clearer (for a louder signal)-- could be some are not in the "typical" range I'd expect (more like 190KHz and 11.875KHz):


Was the White House Radar jamming only the 190KHz and 11.875KHz ranges?-- the staff, free and clear-- others-- not? Has DOD and Pentagon notification been verified robustly? This is huge-- they would not blow this off.

These might be on separate bands-- spread out?  Identify their out-bounds, and do consecutive divide by 2 until you hit the relevant range-- or just "slide-whistle" through the entire radio spectrum with a signal you can identify while listening on the outbound for the quiet outbound signal (slide-whistle to identify an implant's paired in/out frequencies). Multiply the Lowfer x2 up the range if looking for "remote listener" frequencies. These folks-- a priority for jamming the inbound. Do this now, and listen (top secret security) if they are hostages.

(That WH drone incident-- off the Radar map-- due to being used for jamming already?)

1) Retake the command (VLF and LF barrage wideband jammers taken to the Pentagon and White House to clear leadership head space).

2) Portable jammers tuned to a specific person's frequencies (in and out)-- can taken on commercial planes (need to pass security-- in laptops?)

3) ITT / Excelis equipment (speculative contractor) can be used for "smart jamming" the inbound, once the criminal element is removed-- can scrub signals for "phone-tap" use too.

4) Levi-cult can be replaced by a "haunted house" radio show put on by military to buy time when Levi-cult are jammed, lose samplers, and are arrested-- at least stop rape and murder potential with "samplers."

An aid in seeing the brain-washed assessments, options, and choices:

Why provide cover for criminals to sell classified information while blocking good people from going to the FBI?

My computer-brain development-- just more  classified info at this point-- the above relates to that too.

And again: the implants are already obsolete in the US (as soon as leadership gets their heads out of their asses (or the rape-cults' asses)) and are obsolete globally with any press release (easy: identify, record, track, jam if desired).



The proper authority to contact would probably be the DOJ-- but I'd make as many attempts in as many directions as possible.

Self Defence-- there are strong radio signals comming in, week ones comming out-- an "aluminium foil faraday cage" should block -- outbound, but they can simulate your own thinking for awhile, with the inbound, to make you think it failed. Boxes with many layers of aluminum foil-- all seems sealed, no holes, or openings-- also, see:



Inromation can really help-- even a proper diagnosis of the rape-cult (malignant narcisissism, sadistic OCD molesting, drug abuse (meth-- long sadistic high, and masochistic crash)). I'd read this entire website.

Anchor link: brain-rapist coping tactics

You can send me an anonymous email: [email protected] -- I'd make up a phone address-- don't identify yourself, identify the situation -- the FBI will probably intercept this.

Post situation, I should be findable via the internet-- and accessible (I'm a marginal artist, interested in marginal art-forms and genres-- my "audience market share" will always be small)-- so go ahead and email me if you'd like-- anonymous or not. I intend to maintain my identity as a recovering schizophrenic artist-- but, as I have invented computer-brain interfacing, there may be other aspects to my life and personal security.

Those with some electronic expertise: Broadband RF Noise Generator (estimated: inbound - 10KHz-19KHz (rectenna powered by Russian NAVAID band-- "loud" inbound cover); outbound - 160KHz-190Khz ("Lowfer" experimental radio-- sparse competition for weak outbound signal). Might go 10KHz-190KHz, with power adjust for dome of cover.


(others-- play this mp3 often)


"SITUATION" emails


ftp://casten.info:[email protected]/mind-radio-emails/






(Corrected 11 DEC 2014 -- 2:53am Pacific)



(Look first in the "Situation" folder, and "Deleted" folder for invesitgator encoded cross-talk via junk-emails, etc.)

My contact

[email protected]
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(541) 513-7039

(nb: look at the "view source" on this page-- look at my page title-- Google seems to show my email contact as the title)

US legal and intelligence contacts
(email addresses and phone numbers)

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[email protected];

DOJ Directory of Department Officials:

Eric H. Holder, Jr.
(Attorney General - Department of Justice)
Office of Attorney General: (202) 514-2001

DOJ National Security Division
Main Switchboard: (202) 514-1057

John P Carlin
(Assistant Attorney General for National Security)
[email protected]


James Comey
(Federal Bureau of Investigation Director)
[email protected]

John Giacalone
(FBI: National Security Branch Executive Assistant Director) [email protected]
(202) 324-7045

Homeland Security Council: (202) 456-6317

Lisa Monaco
(Homeland Security Advisor - White House)
[email protected]

National Security Council: (202) 456-9491

Susan Rice
(National Security Advisor - White House)
[email protected]

Office of the Director of National Intelligence:
(703) 733-8600

James Clapper
(Director of National Intelligence)
[email protected]

Stephanie O'Sullivan
(Deputy Director of National Intelligence)
[email protected]

Other folks listed as email contacts can be identified:




Foreign_Intelligence_Surveillance_Court Judges (Wikipedia)




Other government contacts:

(leadership may change; phone #s should be the same):
Department of Justice:


Executive Branch:

Department of State:

Department of Homeland Security:

Department of Defense:



JD Casten's full records documenting this situation (428mb .zip) + the US legal and intelligence agencies having yet to "de-wire" or contact JD Casten:



Abuse coping tactics:

Panic attack coping tactics:

The brain-rape cult might use rapidly oscillating diaphragm muscle spasms if folks use the information provided on this website. This may seem like having a heart-attack, but is more like having a panic attack. This has been used on JD Casten a few times, and is not lethal. The perpetrators have to tap buttons rapidly to trigger each spasm sample, so it shouldn't last long. Some coping tactics:

1) Try to relax and control your breathing (esp. if hyperventilating)

2) Try to breathe from the belly (not the chest)

3) Breathe using 5-2-5 timing (five seconds to breathe in; hold for two seconds; breathe out for for 5 seconds)

4) Do not breathe into a paper bag... CO2 may be as much an issue as Oxygen

5) Take an aspirin to avert any heart attack potential


Recognize brain-washing methods:

(Detailed discussion of Biderman's Chart of Coercion)

Deprives victim of all social support (for the) ability to resist. Allows victim to be present at all times to keep home environment stable and non-threatening. Makes victim dependent upon abuser.

Control or Distortion or Perceptions:
Fixes attention upon immediate predicament; fosters introspection. Eliminates information that is not in agreement with the abuser’s message. Punishes actions or responses that demonstrate independence or resistance. Abuser manipulates by being charming, seductive, etc. to get what is wanted from victim and becomes hostile when demands are not met.

Humiliation or Degradation:
Weakens mental and physical ability to resist. Heightens feelings of incompetence. Induces mental and physical exhaustion.

Creates anxiety and despair. Outlines abuser’s expectations and consequences for noncompliance.

Demonstrating Omnipotence or Superiority of Power:
Demonstrates to victim that resistance is futile.

Enforcing Trivial Demands:
Demands are often trivial, contradictory and non-achievable. Reinforces who has power and control.

The abuser uses sleep deprivation to keep victim in a state of confusion.

Occasional Indulgences:
Provides positive motivation for conforming to abuser’s demands. Victim works to “earn” these indulgences in an effort to increase self-esteem.

Brain energy-wave communication idea:

When measuring the brain energy-"wave" ("pop-corn" actually) spectrum up beyond normal brainwave frequencies, into and beyond the auditory (using an oscilloscope or AM reciever, potentially with a AM transmitter base-line signal from the other ear canal (or, use the inbound signal as a base-line; as reflected via the interior of the skull); or an other sensing method: the inner monologue can be isolated from outer sounds--auditory, tactile, limited motor control, and suggestive visuals can be transferred head-to-head by blasting the signal signal into another person's brain energy-wave field-- could be just an AM transceiver which amplifies: inbound and outbound measurments-- two channels for each person-- probably very close frequencies, so "sample rate" translations would not be an issue.

See more on how brain-computer interfacing could work:



US Air Force Space Command (see above re-assessment-- looks like intel contractors using for competetive advantage, and using maffia-style threats-- torture victims to hush hostages used as "eyes and manipulators"-- potentially for charity money).

Potentially, Robert Malech, or his company Dorn & Morgolin, brought this tech to the US government in the early 70s (he has a public patent on a remote radio brain-wave demodulator-- this tech would be up to the ears (and into the skull))-- at a time when one of the originators of the US Air Force Space Command was a R&D planner in Washington DC (Donald J Kutyna)-- it looks like he may have educated himself in electronics after reviewing that tech, worked in the sensor and communcation control tech for NORAD-- and then helped start the US Air Force Space Command (NASA grade recievers helping with detecting the low-level rectenna powered signals)-- potentially, a "we plant seeds, they wire themselves, and we have access" strategy was devloped-- although it is hard to believe this would be official US use (think rendition, waterboarding, etc. used in the 2000s)-- and, of course, this would require more than one officer to impliment.

There may have been seeds planted in the Soviet Union-- and, potentially, a scientist who thought he developed this, was imprissoned by the KGB, and broken out by a gang leader friend-- they may have taken "intellectual property trophies" throughout Europe in the early 80s-- a rejection of the Communist restrictions on the credit and money he thought he deserved (going quite a bit further than Ayn Rand concerns-- and, with the gang leader-- potentially going into "neo-Nazi" survivial of the fitist poilitics (with "Romantic" extremism, and drug use being a factor-- indicated by potential "intellectual property targets": post-punk and neo-romantic music acts, like PIL ("Rise"), The Cure ("Bananafishbones," & "Lullaby"-- esp. the video; and Wire ("Eardrum Buzz")-- the artists referencing this in their work.

A sleeping person could be sedated, implanted, and never know this, as the transceiver can be implanted with out leaving scar-tissue-- once implanted, the interior monologue can be listened to remotely, and thoughts can be guided to reveal secrets (although folks would be less likely to actually act on suggested thoughts, unless they were part of their prior habits and life trajectories)-- for example-- Edward Snowden could have been wired by Russian intelligence (who may have suspected this technology would be off US intelligence's map for only so much longer)-- In such a case, Mr. Snowden most likely thought he was just gathering data for the privacy invasion whistle-blowing his libertarian ethics demanded-- but "somehow" ended up in Russia with ~100 times more data than that needed to blow the whistle on the "PRISM" phone record collection program.

The evidential probability of the KGB involvement with this device was enhanced when JD Casten sent US intelligence folks a link to this website in 2013 (z.casten.io)-- the website was not listed on search engines at that time, so only folks who could hear the signals from JD's or other wired folks' brains, or who could intercept US intelligence emails, would have known to look at the website. The website usually gets zero traffic-- but on Don Levi's birthday (May 20th, 2013-- UO logician Don Levi was the prominent abuser in this situation)-- there were dozens, of hits, with a concentration in Moscow, Russia (web traffic logs are in the data .zip linked to in the left column). Also look globally: when and where were LF and VLF receivers (NASA grade) and transcievers (LOUD) constructed?

University of Oregon independent development of tech

University of Oregon psychology professors (and possibly students) may have "reverse-engineered" the idea in the movie "Brainstorm" in reference to Synapse Software's head-band computer controller. Psychology professor Ray Hyman, may have taken this idea or prototype to his DARPA contacts, who may have already been wired by US government representatives; the US, the neo-Nazi group, or actual KGB agents (or others) may have then posed as US government representatives and wired Ray and his colleagues. They may have been "urged" to commit crimes, so as not to feel like they could approach US authorities... and Ray may have disabled his device ("squashed the bug")-- and shared this mind-reading tech with his friend, UO logician, Don Levi.

Crimes committed by Don Levi's rape-cult:

Don Levi, potentially suffering from a deficient Amygdala, and being a typical family abusive narcissist, may have used his foster children to steal the control equipment from Ray and his colleagues, to use for his fantasy crimes-- developing a "brain-rape-cult" with hostages held both in his home and with the wire.

The crimes began by violating a small group of colleagues and students that Don Levi wanted to rip-off and rape. Similar to the "Stanford Prison Experiment"-- Don brain-raped folks into drug addictions for further control, and forced them into sadistic policing and activity for years. After wiring his colleague, Cheyney Ryan (actor Robert Ryan's son, and a fellow UO philosophy professor), he operated a "Kevin Bacon game" (six-degrees of separation), with a perfected method of wiring the most prominent public figures in the world (wired by deception, and then: "too late"-- folks could not get out, and Don had access to all their contacts).

These wired public figures, some who may have actually paid for this, were always "targets" and "trophy victims" for the brain-rape cult-- set up to be brain-raped and ripped off: vicarious "lifestyles of the rich & famous." Some of these public figures found out that their "switchboards" for calling into friends' heads, were not "lock-protected" relays, and that their own head-spaces could be violated by the perpetrators at any time.

Potentially: another set of "victims" were those who were wired and then "tempted"-- tempted to use "operator switchboards" that could tune into the wired and targeted folks whose "brain phone number" they had, and could secretly listen in on. Some were offered cocaine-- freely at first, and then later offered for "vicarious crime gambling," where the dice would be rolled as they were required to risk hurting someone (e.g. via a "dizzy fall") for more cocaine-- thus compounding both drug and gambling addictions.

Beginning around 1990, a 24/7 violation of a core set of victims where, eventually, Don Levi, alone and in tandem with others and in shifts, violated JD Casten along with his friends --some of the public figures were brought in as members of an "audience" to hear the core victims being violated-- to both intimidate them (keep them in line) and for the brain-rape cult to "brag" about their crimes-- round-the-clock abuse of the core victims exploiting every potential use of the wire as torture weapon.

In 2013, JD Casten got through to official US government investigators, and in 2014 to 1000+ spies with a starting point to help. Due to world leadership being saturated with folks who "wire themselves"-- it looks as if the private KGB element began to try to hold it's ground using all the wired folks.

Again, the transceiver has limited tactile and motor control transmission capabilities-- if pin-pointed, the diaphragm can be made to spasm (as fast as a sewing machine, which requires attentive controlling of one's breathing on the part of the victims); vomiting can be induced by targeting the region beneath the diaphragm; also the sensation of rectal thermometers and metal wires being inserted in the rectum, feedback (slap-back delay amplification), and "white-noise" + "high-pitched ringing" headaches can be induced-- the device can not be used to kill immediately (due to the diffusion of the signal when trying to affect larger areas of the central nervous system)-- but folks have been killed indirectly via near-fainting while driving, and "dizzy falls" in precarious locations (also-- folks can be urged to do life-risking activities, after being urged to drink too much, or to OD on drugs-- potentially: unwitting "drunk-driver assassins").

JD Casten's approach to ending these crimes:

JD Casten was wired with the device shown in the CT scan above in the summer of 1993 (he awoke to being sedated)-- this was most likely a replacement of (or a deception ploy for others, or a check on) a prior device implanted at least going back to ~1990 (prior to the break-up of the Soviet Union--a "truth-out" may have loosened KGB discipline crack-downs, and accelerated the dissolution of the USSR-- not sure, there seems to be many parties involved)-- JD began to suspect his privacy was under surveillance due to his private information being "echoed" back to him by a few UO professors with "double-meaning" communication (as with innuendo and double entendres)-- setting up JD with paranoid "schizophrenic symptoms," as to discredit any approach by him to legal authorities.

In the summer of 1994, when on the verge of suicide, JD began to be psychologically tortured extensively-- while other fellow victims heard over the transceiver signal were threatened and punished if they even thought of trying to escape the abuse of the brain-rape cult-- JD was violated and abused regardless every waking hour. This lead to disability and a schizophrenia diagnosis, and 17+ years taking the maximum recommended doses of anti-psychotic medications (Risperdal, Zyprexia, and Abilify)-- tactile rapes, abuses, and molestations-- leading to convulsive fits and self-beatings, were elevated if JD tried to stop taking these medications.

JD, along with the other core victims wired in "tandem," are quite motivated to escape this torture, but have failed to get past the "figurative front desk" at the FBI-- JD requested and received a CT scan of his head in 2005-- this evidence (sent to US legal representatives at the time) failed too, as US legal and intelligence authorities either (1) did not recognize this technology, or (2) were not willing to help out victims of the crimes for their own perceived strategic advantage. Providing the reverse-engineered "key to the CT scan" above, by figuring out the technology required (the transmitting signal remains active even in tunnels) took years of research, research which was often diverted by incessant torture and harassment from the rape cult.

The solution is obvious: get US legal authorities (many who may be wired and manipulated remotely-- better yet, international legal authorities) to: use NASA grade receivers to hear the global LF signals; use NSA grade signal signature recognition systems to identify the relevant signals; and use NAVY maritime radio frequency transmitters to "jam all relevant signals (or ranges) with the most powerful dead-air;" "silence the violence" by over-powering the other signals; de-wire all the victims (disable implants-- e.g. go through the Eustachian tube and use a "pointy pincer" to "squash the bug") and legally pursue the brain-rape cult members as "hostage" abductors-- a scan, triangulate, recored, and smart jam system using existing antenna and satellite equipment for pop-ups could keep the coast clear until further measures could be made. (also, the remote device, developed by Malech-- already could be used by private parties-- paired with connectionist decoding-- folks could be heard on speakers-- this could be detected too: consider, two signals on the same frequency, miles apart-- how accurate can triangulation get; or-- can the NSA unburry the signal passed through a head, that would be loud enough for a receiver to de-modulate?-- auto scanning with questionable signals would auto-knock-up to more auto-anaylsis (recoreded, and with more intensive decoding)-- any "brain info signal signature" detected (or an un-decodable signal) would lead to human analysis of the recordings. In-bound frequencies can be found by holding open the outbound found (and listening), and simply "scan"-transmitting quiet "camoflauged" natural radio sounds through all relevant radio frequencies, that would be auto-detected when the frequency transmitted on provided an echo through the frequency listened to).

This could require robust contact from other wired folks-- short of global jamming, local ham-radio jammers can be made-- tunable transmitters with a silent signal (I'd focus on LF and VLF first)--there could be many folks wired and manipulated throughout governments and the private sector, providing obstacles to disclosure (non-disclosure of any tech relevant to the mind-reading tech would be priority #1 for the private-criminal groups); there are interceptions of all of JD's communications by 3rd, 4th, etc. parties. However, a significant demographic change occurred between April 2013 and April 2014-- a swell of "sharp, fit, professionals, age 50-60) swelled in and out of JD's neighborhood (composed mostly of old retirees, and young poor families)-- and two white utility vehicles with extensive radio equipment and a half dozen people dressed in black were seen outside JD's house, when his Dad died from a "dizzy fall," after JD related that the cult was trying to kill his family (his mom and nephew-- both having had hospital stays, from attempts to kill them too). The CIA's recent focus on pseudnyms indicates an increased awareness of agent abduction value (mind-reading would get more info from abductions)-- the investigators have not tried to be inconspicous-- quite the contrary.

Those "bolting for the exit": have "read-out-loud" reading material available; work on written statements (you can be de-railed), and be prepared to "meditate" or "take a swim"-- they may hit folks with diaphragm spasms, that require manual breathing, as to get a good CO2/O balance (panic attacks, etc.)-- and they may throw people in front of an "audience" to humiliate: read out loud at that point: even the phone book. It is expected that hostages that could end this sooner (government leadership, press, celebrities in groups, etc.)-- would do this first, as it could take much longer for other folks to get attention-- I'd hope for a domino effect, once one group got some media attention ("I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore"-- or, a group "press release" etc. (some may like to try the DOJ first (see my contact list at the left)-- but most would already be skeptical of that approach).

The brain-rape cult consists of malignant narcissists:

#1: Keep it light (ridicule them)
#2: Don't argue with someone who can only change YOUR mind
#3: Ask THEM questions-- personal (sexual)
#4: If "thrown in the zone" -- read out loud or recite a speech
#5: Humming, gum chewing, an ear-plug in one ear-- these can help
#6: "Sorting" items, or surfing the internet-- hand-mind-eye coordination activities-- harder to derail (write out thoughts)
#7: "Wait it out" when the abuse gets severe-- mediation/swimming/controlled breathing may be necessary: slower than you think

List of 20 Traits of Malignant Narcissism at womensaid.org.uk
(This list will help identify the personality dysfunctions
and tactics used by the brain-rape cult)

Don Levi already had narcissistic personality disorder prior to the the listening device used for "mind reading" was stolen, abusing his family with the incessant "look at me" behavior associated with that personality disorder. He and the other principle brain-rape cult leaders, some of their family members (Don Levi had many foster children) and protégés (2nd and 3rd generation brain-rape cult members, groomed to perpetuate these crimes) developed severe malignant narcissistic traits. They are addicted to attention-- not just any attention, but "loud" attention. I'm not sure if this group was used by the private-KGB group for decades as a "mafia-style" warning for others to keep silent.

Narcissism appears to develop from having dysfunctional emotional responses (either via a birth defect, childhood trauma, or when endorphins are depleted through excessive use of cocaine-- note the cocaine addiction techniques mentioned above). Without normal emotional experiences, and looking for a "quick-fix"-- narcissists, who seem to have "emotional ear-muffs" on ("everyone says I'm yelling... they all seem to be whispering")-- emotion is found by basically "strangling" their victims (emotion often being inter-personal)-- trying to induce terror or rage in their victims in order to amplify the attention they are getting to finally "feel emotionally alive." Narcissism may be the "extroverted" way of getting through emotional deadness, and is typically a problem for unfortunate "target-trophy-wives" or for families with an abusive parent-- a "secret" usually not exposed in public-- psychopaths may be the emotionally dead who are "introverted," and who "explode" and "go postal" after many years without proper emotional experience.

The two tactics used by the brain-rape cult are simple (they seek diversions from escape, and psychological turmoil ("rape and get away with it"))

Emotional goading through lies--

There are three basic types of lying used:

1) False ethical accusations (or false praise)-- a lie in the head that is personal, and meant to elicit a fight response and elevate emotional attention.

2) Denials of their crimes (or exaggerations of the crimes)-- again, the lie is personal and meant to start a fight.

3) Orchestrating conflict-- various victims are pitted against each other as their mental spaces are forced into each other-- conflicting values are exaggerated to induce fights, and "soap-opera" scenarios are facilitated by the brain-rape cult.

Tactile violations, molestations, and rapes--

Basically, the tactile and motor violations mentioned above (anal violations, severe headaches, diaphragm spasms, etc.)-- again, elevated attention through inducing terror and rage.

A few other tactics are used (like probing personal secrets, or recounting their "criminal exploits"-- often making mountains out of molehills, and molehills out of mountains, to distort reality and start fights)-- these tactics usually revolve around diverting folks from action (all the victims' fears and doubts being available for use by the cult members)-- with some folks not realizing that, while they have a figurative "knife in their head," the brain-rape cult members are basically just on "push-to-talk" phones, pressing emotional-goading buttons and trying to get their narcissistic attention fixes.