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Box-In was actually my first game accepted for publication, in 1983, but Antic lost it and did not publish it until I resubmitted it later.  It was modeled on a game I saw on an Apple computer.

A Win! (notice spelling mistake?)

Antic ~ December 1985

Crazy Harold loves a thrill. So he puts himself into a room with a yucky green Harold-eating monster named Gruck.

Also in this room are 100 boxes. Not just any boxes, mind you. These are the large, solid, cube-shaped, yucky green Harold-eating monster-repellent type of box.

Harold attempts to trap Gruck with the boxes before Gruck turns him into monster mulch. Harold does this by pushing the boxes around Gruck until the monster cannot make a move (including diagonally). At the same time, Gruck-using more than his eyes, but less than his brain- ominously moves around searching for a quick Harold snack.


Who will help Harold survive his thrill? Enter our hero, J. Q. Public.

[SELECT] a difficulty level. The higher the difficulty the slower you go and the faster Gruck goes.

[START] the game and use the joystick to move Crazy Harold (remember diagonals).

Even if arcade games are the bane of your existence, I highly suggest you try this one out. I have found that many people who dislike arcade action games enjoy Box-In. Probably that's because even though Gruck may not be the fastest-moving monster around, you'll discover that you need to use plenty of strategy in order to protect Harold with the boxes.